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RPG Ww3(violence)


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Welcome to the RPG of [b]World War III[/b]!


World News

The United Stated readies the new Hydrogen Bomb after just finding out that Russia had invaded Canada.
Japan's satellite has destroyed western Mexico.

My Entry!?A0B0C0TKT00?!
I will edit my post later with the entry.
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Valkalous sat at his laptop in a remote part of china. He start to hack into the Us computer system that monitors all of it's secret weapon and nukes, like he usally does once a week. going through a file code named "Hydra" he notice that there are blue prints for a new more destructive hydrogen bomb. "What a bunch of loser, can't come up with good names for files. It was praticly to easy to find it." He calls one of his contacts, "It's Nogard, Im sending you a file." Waiting a few minutes, "Transfer complete, set up a task force to get it, send blue prints of site in a latter date, out." he hangs up his phone. looking up at the sky time to go. He got up and headed to the base where RP3-12A sat while it was begin refueled and weapons got reload.
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