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Shikaku Kitoku

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Well, I got bored right now, and I just drew this custom avatar. Everything on it is from scratch, so yeah. The shading could be a whole deal better, as well as miniscule details like shading the body and head, adding eyes, nose, mouth, etc. I just chose not to at the moment...although I might in the future. Anyways, please, feel free to give me any type of criticism. I love them all...also, this is a Hip-Hop inspired avy...It says FREE YAYO in bright orange on the bottom of it...Yayo as in Tony Yayo of Guerrilla Unit a.k.a G-Unit. I know it was Banks that was put in jail, fo all of you hip-hop heads on the boards, but I just felt that it should say Free Yayo..it sounds good, and Yayo was in jail overnight a couple of times, LOL. Anyways, yeah, Here it is.

EDIT:[B]*coughs politely* GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rules won't let me upload da .png or .bmp version i have..so that's whyt he avatar itself looks crappy..but the attachment is .png..so enjoi...DAMN PANDA POOP RULES![/B]
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