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Gaming Competition.

I, Colossus

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[color=006699]I was watching Filter (one of the few programs on G4 I can stand) earlier today and they were doing a piece on competetive games. I didn't particularly agree with a majority of their choices, not so much what their choices were, but mainly the order. To me, what makes a great competetive game are the emotions that you feel. In a normal singleplayer adventure, when you die you might get frustrated, even a little angry. But if you're in a heated multiplayer battle and you lose a life, you'll go ballistic.

Anyway, what are you favorite competetive games. The games that have your palms sweating and ready to go? For me StarCraft is one. I really get caught up in that game. Probably the main reason is, you can't see how your enemy is doing (unless you send a scout). Unlike fighting games, FPSs, and pretty much every other genre, there is a bit more suspense when playing, since you are un-sure of what's happening outside of your view. Also...rushing is a factor. One person could be in the middle of building a huge base and the other person might have just gotten a few troops together as fast as possible and attacked.

I would post more but I'm strapped for time. I'll be sure to edit it though.

What are your opinions?[/color]
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I'd have to say that the most competitive game for me is Super Smash Bros. Melee.

My brother and I battle each other constantly; we're always trying to one up each other and whomever wins always makes sure the other remembers it...at least, until the next bout.

Also, Perfect Dark was really competitive when my brother and I rented it. Even my sister got involved, which is very rare (though, she does play games on occasion). It's always very fun to come up with new and original deathmatch conditions to see if we can make the game a living hell for whomever else is playing.

There are more but these are the most competitive games that I've played.
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