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  1. Yes. I'm not sure if any of us knew his family. I certainly didn't. I never met Des in person, and I don't know how much (if ever) he discussed his online activities with his family. The only way any of us knew what was happening was hearing it from Des himself. The only reason I found out about his death was because I knew a few basic facts about him and found an obituary that matched those facts and what I knew of his situation.
  2. There's no easy way for me to say this, so I will instead be straight with everyone: Last night I found out that Desbreko, a longtime member of and moderator at this message board, died a couple of months ago after spending much of the year battling cancer. Des didn't keep his fight against cancer a secret, but it was really known only to those of us who followed him on Twitter (as far as I know Twitter was the only form of social media he used). He would give regular updates, always remaining positive even when the news got worse. Updates stopped a couple of months ago, however; I suddenly th
  3. Wrote a big ol' tweet thing about most everything I beat last year if anyone is interested. Undertale ended up my favorite current game I beat, while Shadow of the Colossus was my favorite older game that I beat. Recently I played Tales from the Borderlands. I have zero interest in anything Borderlands, but Tales is a ton of fun -- very funny while not seeming like it's trying too hard for laughs (which is a failing of a lot of video game humor, I find), plays with the particular perspectives of its dual narrators in fun ways, and if you've played any Telltale games in the past, it riffs on th
  4. I listen to a lot of music, but tend to get stuck in my ways. Last year I tried to venture out and listen to a bunch of artists I never listened to before for whatever reason (the reason is I'm bad at trying new things). Bad Brains: This is mostly listening to their amazing first album again and again, but man is that a great album. The first five songs are my go to whenever I need a quick burst of music before going out. Kanye West: Yeah, that's basically how much of a shut-in I am -- I listened to all of Kanye's albums for the first time last year. They're all fantastic! Yeezus ended up bein
  5. Hi! I was going to hide in the shadows until everything started, but then John had to go and post about David Bowie. How am I supposed to resist that? Unfair. EDIT: Haha, lord, I forgot about all that junk in my signature. It really has been a while.
  6. Shinmaru

    David Bowie

    Aww. These are kind words. David Bowie always brings to mind riding to school in the mornings -- I wasn't a particularly adventurous kid, so much of the music I knew growing up came from the one radio station my mom listened to. I liked a lot of songs on that station, but the times I heard "Changes" or "Life On Mars?" were always extra special. I listen to, um, a lot more music now than I did then, but Bowie's always stuck with me. Just last month I ripped through a bunch of his albums for the hell of it. He made so many great ones, but the sheer, wild variety of Scary Monsters (And Super Cree
  7. Further in [b]Arkham City[/b]: just beat [spoiler]Penguin[/spoiler] and am on my way to see [spoiler]Ra's al Ghul[/spoiler]. The game has been plenty of fun. I'm finding the overall story much more engaging than in [b]Arkham Asylum[/b]; the power struggle among the supervillains is pretty cool, and I'm liking the intrigue built with Hugo Strange. Loving all the new options with combat, as well. I haven't even used every option available to me yet, haha. It's really crazy.
  8. Finally beat [b]Arkham Asylum[/b] today. Honestly, I got tired of the setting by the end, but that's counteracted by my love of the combat system. I slowly got better at it over the course of the game until by the end I routinely strung together 15x-20x combos and got in the high 30s against big groups. (Unfortunately, I'm not [i]quite[/i] good enough to get that 40x achievement yet ...) When everything clicks and you've got the combat system down, it feels pretty awesome. Probably took me a bit longer than most because I can play games only a couple of times per week, so I was rus
  9. Shinmaru

    Gaming E3 2012

    Aside from stuff that was already mentioned, I think [b]Dishonored[/b] looks pretty damn cool. The range of powers is cool, and it seems as if the developers are all about encouraging players to experiment and find crazy ways to deal with the missions. Also totally digging the style of the world. And I hope [b]Tomb Raider[/b] cribs as much from [b]Uncharted[/b] as possible while also improving on the formula. Should be pretty fun, even though I am lol'ing at the emphasis placed on Lara Croft's "vulnerability." I'm not even offended; it's an interesting angle to exp
  10. Shinmaru

    Gaming E3 2012

    [b]Assassin's Creed III[/b] is by far my most anticipated game, even though I'm just barely getting into the series right now. Maybe I'll have played them all by the time the game is released. :p
  11. Just beat two of Joker's Titan brutes, and now I'm on my way back to Arkham Mansion to get some clues to the whereabouts of Killer Croc's hideout. (Though I'll be shocked if he isn't hiding in the sewer somewhere. :p) The game's picked up much more now that I'm decent at the combat. I'm by no means an expert, but let's just say my Batman kicks a fair amount of ass. My only problem with the gameplay is that the detective sequences feel fillery. The combat and predator stuff is a lot of fun, but the detective work is so simplistic -- it's basically "s
  12. Beat [b]Uncharted 3[/b] a couple of weeks ago ... like it about as much as [b]Uncharted 2[/b], and I'd say its greatest set pieces are the best of the series, but parts of the ending rub me the wrong way. I'm not huge on the [spoiler]"It's all drug water!"[/spoiler] twist; however, it does lead to the awesome parts where [spoiler]Nate is tripping out and fighting (what he sees as) crazy fire monsters[/spoiler], which is pretty cool. Overall, though, the final area feels like a retread of [b]Uncharted 2[/b]'s finale. It also feels weird that [spoiler]Naughty Dog go
  13. A bit more than halfway through [b]Uncharted 3[/b] right now. So far it's about equal with [b]Uncharted 2[/b]. It's not as explosive as the prior game (the climax at the chateau and the chase through the city in Yemen are both awesome, but they aren't quite as wild as the biggest scenes in [b]Uncharted 2[/b]), but the basic gameplay is a step above [b]Uncharted 2[/b], in particular the melee combat. It's solid in [b]Uncharted 2[/b], but [b]3[/b] quickens the pace and adds enough options to make melee combat legitimately fun. I've actually beat more people up than I've s
  14. Finished [b]Uncharted 2[/b] and loved it the whole way through. There are more than a few parts that are tough and frustrating, but unlike the first game, it's a fair challenge. Even during parts where I die a lot -- like the part with the helicopter on the train, or the tank -- it never feels as if the enemies are able to kill me whenever they want. And the whole thing is a big, crazy experience from start to finish. If I have one complaint, it's that there's not enough Sully in the game! He's basically nowhere to be seen in the second half of the game, which sucks because
  15. Might as well share what I'm watching! [b]Eureka Seven: AO[/b]: Was highly skeptical at the start, but it's been good so far. Ao is a much more immediately sympathetic protagonist than Renton lol. [b]Fate/zero[/b] 2nd season: In the middle of big action, so it's been much more fun than the first season thus far (which wasn't too shabby, but there's way too much pontificating). Latest episode was brutal, in a good way. [b]Hyouka[/b]: Trying it out solely because of the KyoAni factor, but although the first episode is pretty, I found it quite dull. Will give it a
  16. [b]Uncharted 2[/b] is so god damn awesome. It's up there with [b]Saints Row: The Third[/b] in making me feel like I'm in a gonzo action movie, although [b]Saints Row[/b] is crazier than [b]Uncharted[/b]. The advantage [b]Uncharted[/b] has, though, is that it's more dramatic and intense because Naughty Dog is so good at making you feel like a relatively normal dude who is scraping through these impossible situations by the skin of his teeth. I'm through chapter 12 right now, and thus far I've [spoiler]climbed up through a broken train back onto a snowy mountain, committed a
  17. Well, [b]Uncharted 2[/b] is fun so far, even if, as always, I am terrible at stealth. I had to repeat that early stealth part of the tutorial level an embarrassing number of times . . .
  18. Got to chapter 18 of [b]Uncharted[/b] and am basically ragequitting right now. It's not at all fun fighting these artificially difficult [spoiler]zombie[/spoiler] enemies, and there are too many other games I'd rather play instead. Maybe I'll complete it one day, but I dunno. I hear [b]Uncharted 2[/b] is a vast improvement, so I'll probably start that tonight and wipe the stink of the first game away. I mean, I fully admit to not being the greatest gamer in the world, but I don't mind a fair challenge. I beat [b]VVVVVV[/b], and while many of the rooms in that game are to
  19. I'm through Chapter 15 of [b]Uncharted[/b]. Holy cow, those jet ski levels are [i]terrible[/i]! They make zero sense both logically (even in an action movie you wouldn't see exploding barrels floating down a river) and practically (they kill the flow of the game because the optimal way to play them is to methodically advance through the levels, which is the opposite of how a jet ski would be used, you know, anywhere), and in the second jet ski level you have to fight your way upstream . . . and it's seriously irritating. I'm at least glad they're relatively short like t
  20. After 45 minutes of Veni Vidi Vici, I feel like I am in VVVVVV-induced Nirvana.

    1. PWNED


      I was seriously considering buying that the other day. Worth picking up?

  21. Shinmaru

    Gaming Mass Effect

    I play it on Xbox 360, unfortunately. :( Seems like very few people I know share my console of choice for [b]Mass Effect[/b] ...
  22. Shinmaru

    Gaming Mass Effect

    Maybe I should actually play multiplayer now ...
  23. Been playing a bit of the first [b]Uncharted[/b]. Was frustrating at first because the pirates are utter bastards and take [i]way[/i] too much ammo to kill (especially taking into account how limited your ammo is), but I've got a better hang of the combat now, so it isn't as tough. I like the platforming stuff, even though it's pretty easy and fairly handholdy. Story and presentation are quite good, too. Kind of crazy how good the game looks considering it's five years old and Naughty Dog was basically getting a handle on the PlayStation 3 with this game. I can only imagine how
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