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After a few tries, Bass shouldn't be much of a problem, his attack pattern is pretty simple, so I don't really think you need help for him. Just make sure you don't have any Areagrabs/Metagel1-3s in your folder. Yes, they work great against Bass, but you can't Areagrab Alpha, so they're a waste of space.

As for Alpha...Sensor 3s and RndmMetrs work wonders against him.

When dodging his claws, I usually stay in the top left corner, moving 1 to the right to dodge the downwards claws, then 2 back and 1 down for the across. Immediately after, move 1 up, and the downwards claw should just be starting to come down again. Repeat process.

If he uses teh laser, make sure you're not in the front row, or the middle across line thingie. He'll probably use the claws again after that, then get out his machine gun. I find this a good opportunity to get down his barrier type thing, as you can just stay in the middle horizontal line, moving back and forth, shooting him while at the same time dodging the bullets.

When he's under 1000 (I think that's how it works), he uses a huge rocket, just get in the front row and the blast won't hit you.

The one attack I don't know how to perfectly evade is the zappy thingie. I usually just put up a barrier...I've heard the shocks move from the bottom up to the top, but I've had no luck trying that. When he gets that thing out, I just brace myself for alot of pain and hope for the best ^^;; Sorry.

Oh yeah, FolderBack is really useful against him too. *Laughs at the people with White version* Actually, White has better Giga chips than Blue. FolderBack, [SPOILER]Bass+[/SPOILER] and [SPOILER]Delta Ray Edge[/SPOILER] are the only better ones, in my opinion. Ah well. At least Bowlman V4 rocks. XD

Anyway, good luck. ^_^ The ending rocks. ^_^

[SIZE=1]Don't read this until you beat Alpha...[/SIZE]
[SPOILER]After the ending, go to the water bath place in Yoka where you got the crappy program that was SUPPOSED to kill Bass ("Look ma! I caught it with one hand! :D"), and press A infront of teh huge bowl thingie. If you have over 100 standard chips in your library, you can go in the Secret Area. This is where you'll be spending most of the rest of your time on the game. (I beat Alpha on about 40 hours, and I've got up to the maximum time of 99:59 just getting 3 more stars...o.O;; )[/SPOILER]
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Oh yes. There's ALOT of stuff to do after you beat Alpha. Beating him is only one out the Seven Stars. GameFAQs has a guide for getting the next 6 stars, so I won't bother telling it here.

I'm currently on 6 stars, I just gotta [SPOILER]Make all 32 Program Advances[/SPOILER] and then beat [SPOILER]Alpha SP[/SPOILER] and I'll have [B]FULLY[/b] completed Battle Network 3 Blue. ^_^
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragonballzman [/i]
[B](trying not to advertise here, but this applies to all you people needing help) [url]www.gamefaqs.com[/url] has alot of extensive BN3 guides. If you're really stuck, there's no point me explaining it when you can just go there. [/B][/QUOTE]

I totally agree. So does Mr T :mrt:
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Guest Rokumi
i know this is dumb but... I CAN"T BEAT BEASTMAN!!!! I'm a total newbie to megaman, and i got the game two days ago, and i'm totaly stumped with beastmans battle strtegy. I have a good idea, attack him when he comes to my side with elecsword, long sword, ect. But i can't stay alive. Maybe it's just me, you know, not good enough reflexes. I dunno. Any suggestions on battle chips for me? :wigout:
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