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[size=1]At any given moment there are a few dozen online petitions circulating throughout the web. For the most part they are unsuccessful and a waste of time, but there are rare instances when they have succeeded in whatever agenda the petition is attempting to push.

In order to appease those members who engage in this sort of thing, this thread has been set up to inform Anime Loung visitors of the anime-oriented petitions that are circulating at the moment. This is a place to describe the petitions, post a link and give some background information on what it is about.

A member may post a petition, or multiple petitions by filling out the form below for each one.

[b]Petition Title:[/b]


[b]Petition's Goal: (include a brief description, if neccessary)[/b]

[b]Comments, instructions, etc,:[/b]


[color=red][b]Petition Title:[/b] Cowboy Bebop's 2003 Oscar Consideration

[b]URL:[/b] [url]http://www.petitiononline.com/cbtmon/petition.html[/url]

[b]Petition's Goal:[/b] Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is not eligible for this year's Best Anime Feature of Best International Film awards. The film was released in 2002 in Japan, and as a result it cannot qualify for acceptance into this year's awards. Fans argue that the dubbing proccess took over a near to complete, and that this rule should be overlooked in cases such as this.

[b]Comments, inctructions, etc.:[/b] Sign the petition.[/QUOTE][/color]

OB is not responsible for anything that may happen to you as a result of signing these petitions. These are simply elective, and nobody should be pressured into signing something that they do not want to. If you have questions regarding a certain petition, PM the members who originally posted a link about it. If you have a question or concern about the thread in general, PM, IM or E-mail me and I will try to help you out as best as I can.

Love and peace,

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Petition Title: Fanfiction

URL: [url]http://www.petitiononline.com/writers/petition.html[/url]

Petition's Goal: I'm not sure if this one is true or not, but it's definitely one a lot of us here would be interested in. According to said petitition, ff.net is going to begin removing anime fics on the basis of a so-called "slash" pairing alone irregardless of intent or content, and irregardless of original author opposition or lack thereof. I'm also putting this petition link on my blog just so everyone can sign who wants to. :love: Don't let them take away our 1x2 and K/L! :bawl:

Comments, instructions, etc: Sign the petition. Full-scale boycott of ff.net to be called if they actually enforce this. Grr.
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Shy, I've been around a while, and have never crossed you. I plan never to do so, however, I ask that you take this with a grain of salt...

This is a bad idea.

Special interest groups...

Petition threads are just what you said, a waste. (the cowboy bebop one looks like a good one and could have an internet chance of being noticed.) [b]But Still[/b], I just have an odd feeling that this thread could lead to total inactivity or total spam.

Good luck.
[COLOR=red]Speaking from a less critical side, I do hope things work well and I consider it an excellent work of moderation to accomidate the growing demand for petitions.[/COLOR] Nice work :D
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