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Nine Inch Nails - "Bleedthrough"


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[size=1][color=crimson][center]And since there is no cover art available at this time feast your eyes upon another NIN pick from their album "The Fragile".


Why I picked this picture; because this next album will be the follow up to "The Fragile".
Anyways on to the article.[/center][/color]

[QUOTE][i]Originally Written By Alternative Press[/i]
[B]The forthcoming issue of Alternative Press featuring a list of next year's most anticipated albums contains a short paragraph on the upcoming NINE INCH NAILS album, which will reportedly carry the title "bleedthrough". In the article, NINE INCH NAILS mastermind Trent Reznor is quoted as saying that the follow-up to 1999's "The Fragile" "explores loss and possible discovery of self, along with alternate layers of reality and perception set inside a nightmare you can't seem to wake up from, with lots of feedback."

Reznor has reportedly enlisted Atticus Ross (12 ROUNDS, TAPEWORM), Jerome Dillon, Leo Herrera, mix engineer Rich Costey and Rick Rubin (SYSTEM OF A DOWN, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, AUDIOSLAVE) to help mold "bleedthrough", which will feature new songs such as "The Line Begins To Blur", "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" and "My Dead Friend". This time out, Reznor is introducing high-tech to low- life. "Computers, among other things, are ruining music these days," he said. "I hate the Pro Tooled sound of perfection and everything being 'fixed.' This record is most definitely 'un-fixed.'" And when it comes to touring behind the release, Reznor is planning on reinventing the wheel. "It won't be the last tour over again. That person isn't here anymore."

"bleedthrough" is tentatively due in early 2004 through Nothing/Interscope Records. [/quote][/b]

[color=crimson]At the moment this is the best information I can find on the CD anywhere since it all seems to say the same thing. Though I'm quite thrilled to see how this CD will turn out.

Also I like how Trent is going to keep this CD un-fixed, it may add some fresh taste to his music. I eagerly am awaiting this release, just hopefully it wont be pushed back. I have a whole bunch of questions I want to ask, but I would have to ask Trent himself. I wonder if his style might change somewhat. Not only that I'm interested in what the lyrics will be, I don't know I listen to the lyrics a lot in most of my music.

Though what is everyone else opinions on this CD right now that will hopefully be being released in early 2004?[/color][/size]
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This news has been out for a few weeks now. There's so little info that I don't know what to talk about though lol... All I can say is that I hope that those song titles are not right. I really, really hope.

I cannot begin to explain how lame the title "My Dead Friend" is. Especially because it simply doesn't sound like a NIN title in any respect. The Line Begins to Blur seems acceptable, though.

I'm just going to take this with a grain of salt. These magazines usually get false information on track names this far ahead of time. I remember before Manson's Golden Age was released places were claiming it had song titles like "Ghetto Vampire" and "Necrophiliac". Obviously that didn't pan out heh.

So yeah, I expect this next year... but I really hope the song titles are wrong. The LP title seems rather likely though, as nothing registered bleedthrough.com (or whatever) awhile back.
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[color=crimson][size=1] I really do hope the same thing. The moment I heard those song titles were just not something I expected from NIN and no there really isn't enough information to get any real conversation out on this yet. Just thought I might give a heads up to others who haven't heard about this new CD coming out... whenever it actually does[/color][/size]
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Well, reports are coming in from stores claiming that they now have the CD listed in their systems as coming out in Februrary/April. That seems way too early to me, but it's hard to say.

There have been recent (very minor, as always) changes to nin.com which usually suggest something will be happening soon. Here's hoping.

In the meantime, there is new tweaker material to look forward to heh. Assuming you like Vrenna, anyway.
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