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Art Samurai madness.


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[SIZE=1]I've been making alot of Last Samurai' graphics lately and since I haven't posted my work in awhile I thought I would. Here are two wallpapers, aswell as the banner in my sig and avatar. Please rate etc. ^_^[/SIZE]

[URL=http://www.deviantart.com/view/4180950/]The Last Samurai[/URL]
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Wow, you're very talented.

Protecting: The blending is smooth and effective, and you don't go overboard with the pixellation, which is good. It can be a little bit distracting in some areas of the image, but for the most part, it looks pretty darn neat. Blend away Tom Cruise's sleeve and hand (in order to fully reveal the young boy in the center of the wallpaper), and it'll be nearly perfect. The blurry, faded "protecting" in the upper left-hand corner is beautiful and suits the image perfectly. The other text, however, looks too stark. Try either reducing its opacity or changing it to a more natural color (rather than that harsh black).

The Last Samurai: Once again, I love the blending, but those plain gray areas leave something to be desired. Try spicing them up--by adding cherry blossoms, for example-- in order to make the wallpaper look more complete.

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