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Sign Up Persocon Rights: A Chobits Story(Rated R16 for language, violence and ongoing inuendo

Heartless Me

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In Japan there are robots known as Persocons, walking computers in the shape of humans which preform many mundane tasks. They seem to be incredibly expensive, if a student saved up enough money he might be able to buy a little one. This is a story off beat of the original chobits manga. Motosuwa Hideki Is not involved and neither are any other of the Canon characters. THis will be an entirely original story. Enough of the backdrop here is where the story is currently going.

With the emergence of the chobits(Persocoms who can and do act upon their own free will.) there have been many political and theological debates about persocon rights. The largest portion of the "persocon republic" as the chobits call themselve's as a whole have been trying to gain equal rights as japanese citizens due to the fact that they are self sustaining and intelligent. This puts them of a sentient creatures of free will and this is what they argue in court. Unfortunately the japanese government dissagrees. Though the majority of the chobits act on a political level, there are a select few that work on darker terms to achieve their goal of equality even going so far as to commit acts of terrrorism such as kidnapping, roberry, vandalism and even murder.

This is the story of man and persocon in a battle for rights, and possibly even supremecy.

Playing a persocon-

You may be either male or female appearance and even anatomically correct. you may be a basic, mass produced, custom built persocon or even a chobit. The possibilities are limited by your imagination but keep it feasable for a starting character. there is plenty of room to grow.





Serial #

Note: I will select 8 people for this rp. i prefer 4 humans and 4 persocon's but that is not required.
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Can I be a Persocon that thinks like a chobit but can't act upon their own will?

_Name: Shine14672398 [Shine for short (sheen-ay)]
_Serial #:14672398
_Purpose: To obey commmands. Even if they are to kill someone, but when given that command, her brain blacks out almost instantly so she won't know that she hurt someone. They put this feature in because they knew she would stop herself if she knew what she was doing.
_Appearance: Shine has long dark blue hair which she wears up in a pony tail most of the time. She also wears light blue capris and a black, no-sleeved shirt (not a spagetti strapped shirt, it just has no sleeves beyond her shoulders). She likes this outfit, but the family she works for can make her change her outfit to what they please. (She looks like a ten-year-old human).
_Personality: She's the quiet type, shadowy and expressionless most of the time. She tries to fight her programing to obey orders when she knows it will hurt someone. She's learned that when she suddenly blacks out, she hurt someone because that's the last thing she hears before she blacks out.
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Name- Todashi Hozuka
Appearance-Todashi is a tall charming young man wuth short spiked up brown hair and thick wonderful brown eyes. He is slightly pale but that's only from not going outside enough. He normally wears his school outfit because he never really has time to change from it between work, school and teaching his chobit that he's had for two days.
Personality-He's basically the equivilant of hideke almost right down tot he talking to himself.
Bio-Todashi grew up in a small town on the outskirts of okinawa. he got all a's in school and was pretty muich to himself even though those who got close to him became great friends and he was very loyal to them. however he got his hopes up too high when he applied for the biggest, best college in tokyo and failed. heartbroken he was determined to succeed so he moved to tokyo to start cram school. his third day in school on his way home one of the students finally convinced him to buy a lottery ticket. just off the top of his mind he used his grandparents birthday as his numbers. That night watching the lottery of 116million yen(approximatly 1million dollars) he nearly had a heart attack when the numbers came up and they were his. 3 weeks later he had a persocon of his own one that he'd always dreamed of that was able to do everything he wanted or at least had the capability of doing. He purchased her bare even without an OS but he didn't know that slight part. he just simply started teaching her. Which takes us to the present with him and his Persocon he named Rei.
Occupation-Student/movie theatre attendant.
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[color=teal][b]Name:[/b]Katsuyo Otohime (Khoryu, Kitsune, or Fox to his friends.)



[b]Eyes:[/b]Right one emerald, left one sapphire.

[b]Hair:[/b]White with two black treads that fall down to his chin, the rest falls down to the small of his back in a braid.

[b]Appearance:[/b]Tall and wiry, almost always wears his favorite emerald longsleeve shirt, blue jeans, and ankle-high leather boots, which he recieved at a Legend of Zelda/Ogre Battle convention in Tokyo, except when he's participating in his Combat Annuals, in which he wears black leather chest armor and gauntlets with said jeans and boots. Has a scar that runs vertically through his left eye.

[b]Personality:[/b]Serious when the situation calls for it, yet humorous and genial when it doesn't, he's a perfect balance of samurai honor, unmatched combat skill, and political capability. Except he hates politics and has serious issues when it comes to being a human being. Plus the fact that he's in Todashi's cram school, class, and even section for all the right reasons, he's somewhat of an outcast's outcast. He shows no knowledge of this, though he's a loner by choice, even if he has young women queueing up to him for dates. Part of his code of honor allows the first girl in line a day a date, even if Katsoyo has a previous engagement. And no, it isn't because he's stuck-up. He just likes making others happy. Even if it pisses his friend Todashi off that he won't settle down.

[b]Biography:[/b]Born in Kyoto, he was trained under his swordsman grandfather, Kagate Otohime, to be an honorable and unsurpassed swordsman. He grew up with his teachings firmly embedded in his open mind, and eventually bested every student and instructor of the Wolf's Tear School of Disciplined Jutsu....at the age of fifteen. Attaining the title took his entire store of energy and self-discipline, placing him in the hospital with a bloody gash through his left eye. Doctors offered to alter the color of his unusually-colored left eye, which he had earned by a genetic imbalance at birth. He declined, and the resulting appearance from the combination of the scar and his unusual eye gave him a very handsome and genial expression. Upon leaving the hospital, he began focusing even harder on his studies, but suffered a massive setback when he discovered that he had failed the Tokyo University entrance exams, placing him in cram school. Having no problem with money, he purchased a persocom, not understanding what a chobit was. For four years, he's been teaching Kaoru, his chobit, who's been helping him with his studies and felt equally unnerved when he failed his T.U. entrance exams. Katsuyo is intelligent and knows the boundary between human and chobit, and only engages in a platonic relationship with Kaoru, who understands Katsuyo's honor code involving the girls that ask him to go out with them. Although, she's very.....perturbed by the girls that try to monopolize the person she refers to as HER master and HERS, Katsuyo.

[b]Occupation:[/b]Participates in many forms of combat tournaments to earn money, but on the side, he works as a movie theatre attendant at Tokyo 2nd!, and also works as a skilled repairman. He's also a student at cram school.[/color]
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