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Slipknots New Album


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I am a huge Maggot of Slipknot! have their new Disasterpiece DVD and everything! Joey Jordison is my Role Model. I wanna be as good as him at drumming lol.

My favorite song would have to be either Surfacing or Wait and Bleed.

I like Surfacing because the lyrics are really cool:P I'd give a demonstration but... don't want to be banned lol.
I loved their Iowa CD.

Apparently their new album is going to be LESS heavy and MORE Melodic. Like Creig is going to play a PIANO.. lol Should be interesting to hear.

Do youthink this is their final album?? Because I have heard them say that after this album they are going to stop because the tours and and everything is just too much for them. They arent having fun with it,
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I think that slipkot first of all just rule. Everthing about the knot boys is incredible but its a shame that this is their last album. My fav song is The Herictic Anthem ( Actually im holdin the iowa cd in my hand write now.) As for my fav slipknot member its Mick. He is God Hence his name Molton Metal God. Im a guitarist and mick apart from kerry king is my hero and i also own a bc rich worlock like micks. If any maggot asked me a question i could answer it . In fact ill start the ball rollin

Q. What was the name of the band that mick was in with paul and craig (It was a death metal band)
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I am a huge fan of SlipKnot ever since the album Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. I can't wait for their new album, but I didn't hear that the album was going to be less heavy and more melodic, but as Joey Jordison (#1) as put it, it is going to be a "dark, dark record", where the band is going to use instruments and ideas that the band have never thought possible, including xylophones!

The latest news about the Knot is that they are back in the Houdini Mansion, finishing up the album. Not only that, they'll be touring with Metallica through Europe, which is cool!

I got two favorite songs. The first one is "I am Hated", the angriest 2 minutes of death metal since Slayer's "Angel of Death". I love the rythem and lyrics of the song. My other favorite would have be "Purity". If you know what its about then you'll know why its my favorite.

My favorite band member would have to be Mick Thomson (#7) becuase he my one of my favorite guitarists. i also have a electric guitar but I'm not as good as him.
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I have just recently bought a Pearl drum set. Pearl is my favorite druming company. It is the type of set Joey uses, just he has a more expensive and more professional one:P

I heard about the Slipknot news in last months Hit Parader or Metal Edge magazine.(forget which one) They said that Creig is going to play a classical piano instead of a keyboard and they are going to tone down a little bit.

From recent interviews Corey said that it was hard for him to scream that much. He never enjoyed being in Slipknot and that is a big reason why this is their last album.

Slipknot may be moving on but they will never actually disappear. I am going to keep the posters hanging up in my room. I am going to continue to listen to them. And maybe one day they will know that their maggots still bow down to them. They MIGHT come back:P

My friend in Grade 12 has a Custom built Warlock signatured by Mick Thompson himself. It even has HATE on the neck of it:P. He is learning to play Wait & Bleed and is doing a pretty good job at it! The custom guitar was only $600.00 and it came with a Signed Mick Thompson Poster(5-6ft), Signed letter by Mick himself, Signed guitar pics, and the same strings that he uses. Thats a really good deal for only $600.00.

Slipknot would probably continue to make albums if they found a new singer. Corey Taylor is the only one arguing. And he is ALWAYS arguing about it. Every Much Loud or Circus Magazine interview. None of the other members complain. I like Corey and all but if hes the reason the whole band is going to end, then say goodbye to him and find a new singer that has the talent to scream like Corey can.

My opinions:P
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I thought I would try to get this thread goin again by telling everybody that this months magazine "Hit Parader" has information about Slipknot and the making of their new album. I didnt buy the magazune but I took a fast glance through and saw pictures and articles about them. They are on the front page:P

Just thought I would let the news out!
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Thats pretty cool, cause over here we dont get any magazines or anything about music and stuff. Thats all down 1 hour away from where i live. Well anyway, I still cant wait for the next album, but i just got The new Korn Album, (thanks to The (Sic) Shape), but i wish i could take some peeks into what Slipknots up to that the moment.
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Guest young nasty man
[quote name='xxxGothChickxxx']I am a Slipknot fan I always will be! Yeah, all of their songs are my favorite, but one that appeals to me the most is People= Sh it and Left Behind. I actually know the drummer:D[/quote]

dude you know joey jordson that is so cool.i agree left behind is such a good song one of my favourites but wait and bleed is just the tiniest bit better both of the songs rule in fact all their songs rule

slipknot forever :devil:
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