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Art Mage of Asgard's Banners

Mage of Asgard

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Meh. I don't want to be mean. . . but I have to be. That banner is. . . . not as good as it could be. I realize that you are new to this. I am glad you wanted to get into making banners. So here goes. You stretched your image to far on a side-to-side basis. Even if you do it in paint make sure you do not stretch it so far. I don't care if it isn't 500 pixels wide. There are people here who make banners that aren't even 150 pixels wide.

The second thing is the image quality. I don't know why, but your image has some funky colors on it. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be like that.

The third is that little box around your text. If you did use paint, there is a way to make it where that box is not there.

Just work on your banners and I am sure that it will all turn out fine. Ok? I would just like to repeat how glad I am that you got into making banners. I love to see new people come around. ^__^ Come back now, ya hear? LOL!

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