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Pokemon The Next Generation takes place in the Region of Yaton and is known for the many types of pokemon you can find do to the many types of living environments there are. The Yaton Region has only 6 badges and has 3 different towns Lerktuc, Enertun, Sandom where trainers begin their own pokemon journey. In each town you can get different starter pokemon.

Lerktuc- Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
Enertun- Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile
Sandom- Treeco, Torchic, Mudkip

So choose the town based on the starter you want. You can start with another pokemon if you want but make up another town. If you want to be a gym leader create your own city and choose any 2-6 pokemon you want also make a name for your badge and while everyone is trying to get to you train your pokemon by battling with trainers in your towns.

Sign Up






Personality and/or Bio:

Trainer or Gym Leader

My Sign Up





Looks like May with long red hair.

Megan is a normal free spirited 14 year old girl who is very eager to get out and see the world. She really wants to become a Pokemon Master and really gets excited when she sees pokemon. Megan is a nice person who loves to meet new people. Megan can get a little impatient sometimes though.


Please don't make your pokemon too powerful and have fun!
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Name: John Komiyo

Age: 24

Town: Ameruta

Pokemon: Typhlosion, Poliwhirl, Chinchou, Crocanaw, Haunter, and Pidgeotto

Apperence: Lance without a cape, headband, and instead of a jump suit, he wears the Ash's clothing when he was in the Hoenn region except without the hat :P.

Bio: He was the champion from Kanto and Johto Region and he resides Yaton region for training. He is Lance's cousins. Even though the resemblance is very close. John battles people only with 5 badges. Any lower, he'll think that they're not ready for him. He always help people in need. John has many other pokemon but he keeps them in Oak's Lab.

Trainer or Gym Leader: Gym Leader

Badge: Spirit Badge.
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Guest Kanoske
Name: Kanoske

Age: 16

Town: Sandom

Pokemon: Mudkip

Apperence: 6'3", short black hair with sapphire streaks. Wears a sapphire cape.

Personality and/or Bio: Kanoske is a 16 year old boy who, for the greater part of his life, has been around Pokèmon. His parents both studied Pokèmon. He started his adventure when he was 15.

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[color=red]Sign Up





Apperence:Looks like Brendon but with black hair

Personality and/or Bio:He was the champon of the Hoenn Region for 2 years and the brother of Winona,fortree city's gym leader,but got tired of the hoenn region.He moved to Yaton to increase his pokemon and his own power in battle by starting a gym in a hard to reach area near Trentrix Crater that was made from a clapsed mounted people were mining for elament stones .He rarily stays in the gym and can be found searching the crater for many rare stones,plants,and pokemon that are drawen to the over flowing power of the crater.

Trainer or Gym Leader:Gym Leader

Badge:Wish Badge

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Name: Alita

Age: 13

Town: Enertun


Apperence:[img]http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/users/3fda49a6_acf8/bc/anime/__sr_/alita.jpg?phcxA3_ApAqu.HqH[/img] I didn't want to explain what she looked like. I hope you do not mind.

Personality and/or Bio: She is an outcast. Ever since she first stepped foot in a Pokemon School, she was always the one cast out for how much she knew about Pokemon. She attended a Pokemon School until she was 13. Her knowledge about Pokemon is widely known throughout the region.

Trainer or Gym Leader: Trainer

I don't get to watch the show anymore, but I love the games. Hope this RP rocks!
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Name:Sheshuri Minatoe



Pokemon:Charmeleon, Houndour, and Latios

Apperence: See bottom

Personality and/or Bio: very high strung and ignorant. She's a loner and enjoys it that way. Many things have happened in the past to her and she is very partial to being able to have her pokemon.

Trainer or Gym Leader: Trainer and breeder.

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G/S/B Master don't have so many fully evolved pokemon only that goes for you too (_)ltryneo. Please don't have any super powerful pokemon like Dragonite, and Latios (_)ltryneo and Anyu WhiteWolf. K.K.C. since dark_dragongirl choose first she gets Cyndaquil but you can catch on later if you want and (_)ltryneo what is Jinchi.
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[SIZE=1][color=darkred][b]Name:[/b] David Daru

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Town:[/b] Myrrsilth Isle

[b]Pokemon:[/b] Whismur, Skitty, Zangoose, Corphish

[b]Apperence:[/b] *attachment* My character is the guy on the far right. He wears the exact same things, except without the thongs (shoe-type thongs, not what you sick peeps were thinking of)

[b]Personality and/or Bio:[/b] As you can see from the Pokemon listed above, David is a normal-type Gym leader. With the exeption of his Corphish. He caught it when he was fishing as a young boy.
David had always wanted to be a Gym leader, following in his father and mother's footsteps. His parents were the partnered Gym leaders of Myrrsilth Isle.
When David succeded his parents, he fashioned the Gym to have no one particular type. Each Gym-trainer had one type of Pokemon, excluding normal.
When trainers had managed to defeat all obstacles and Gym-trainers, they were dissapointed to find that the Gym leader used normal-type Pokemon.
Yet they still were defeated by his first Pokemon in his lineup, Whismur.
David is a friendly person, generally. True, he is a great Gym leader, but has always wanted to go and battle other Gym leaders and the champion trainers of Yaton.

[b]Trainer or Gym Leader:[/b] Gym Leader

Is that ok? Also, would it be okay if David ended his career as a Gym leader and became a trainer again? Of course it would be later on in the RPG.[/color][/SIZE]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by (_)ltryneo [/i]
[B][color=red]Sorry I misspelled it its spose to be Jirachi and its number 201 on pokemon ruby/sapp its types are Steel/Psychc and is knowen as the Wish Pokemon.

~(_)ltryneo[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

first of all, you cannot use Jirachi as it is a legendary pokemon. And one super massively powerful one. Dragonite, you could use Dragonair and in the RPG level it up to Dragonite.

And Rei, hope my pokemon is weak enough lmao, I have to decresed it down a notch.
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[size=1]Sign Up-

Name: Kai Kormal

Age: 14

Town: Sandom

Pokemon: Treecko

Apperence: [url=http://ayokano.250free.com/getBACKERS.jpg] Here.[/url]

Personality: Kai doesn't like to have friends, and advoids people. He is quiet torwards others, and rarely battles. He loves his Pokemon, and takes care of them, but all of them have a distance relationship.

Bio: Kai was born and raised in Sandom. When he was toung, his father ran away to become the best Pokemon trainer. Austin never heard of him again, and he soon gave up on his hero. His hero failed, and a part of him died with that. He still wants to be a trainer, but nobody know why, but he wants to finish his father's dream.

Trainer or Gym Leader: Trainer[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by G/S/B Master [/i]
[B]first of all, you cannot use Jirachi as it is a legendary pokemon. And one super massively powerful one. Dragonite, you could use Dragonair and in the RPG level it up to Dragonite.

And Rei, hope my pokemon is weak enough lmao, I have to decresed it down a notch. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=red]Its not truely a leganary pokemon if you know how to get it in the wild,but it only happens after you get deoxys and get all the pokemon 1-200.and it doesnt eveolve
Its not powerful ether,I had it at level 50 and it got killed by one attack from a level3 zigzagoon.
Second of all its just there for the cute contrast and not real battle

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(_)ltryneo and Anyu WhiteWolf you can't own Latios and Jirachi but you can just be friends with them and have them around you from time to time. I dont know if you have seen it but on the show once they showed a few episodes where this boy was friends with a Lugia but he didn't own it so it can be like that.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][U]My Sign-up[/U]

[U]Name:[/U] Forest Shev

[U]Age:[/U] 19

[U]Town:[/U] Botanica City


Cacturne, Lv. 43
[U][I]Attacks:[/I][/U] Poison Sting, Ingrain, Spikes and Needle Arms

Shiftry, Lv. 40
[U][I]Attacks:[/I][/U] Nature Power, Razor Wind, Torment and Extrasensory

Crobat, Lv 42
[U][I]Attacks:[/I][/U] Wing Attack, Air Cutter, Ariel(sp) Ace and Poison Sting

Tropius, Lv. 48
[U][I]Attacks:[/I][/U] Razor Leaf, Whirlwind, Magical Leaf and Solar Beam

[U]Apperence:[/U] [IMG]http://www.gaming-media.com/rpg/atlc/Artwork/erik-1.jpg[/IMG]

[U]Personality:[/U] Forest is one of those people who seems to hear someting when others hear nothing, and see what others do not, he is in touch with nature. He is very kind and caring and loves to make things grow and this makes Grass type Pokemon his favoured type in battle and thus choose them to represent him in battle. He loves for things to grow but must protect his Gyms honour during a Gym Battle and defeat the trainer thus stopping their dreams of the champion ships growing further.

[U]Gym Leader[/U][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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