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Art Random Banner Contest


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Welcome to the Random Banner Contest! there are only a few rules, and requirments. the award to 1st place/best quility/most creative/best placed/runner-up is a banner made pesonaly by me. if you have any questions please pm me. also if you do win you may request three deitails you want on it, no more then that, because i will be very busy doing other's banners too.

Ruby, the expriened banner/avi maker, and a good critque
T-Man the good eye. (he looks more for mistakes, i'm not taking any junk)

5 entries max
anime themed
if you are a judge you may not enter
please include a quote/name, preferably quote
be nice
you are not permitted to make rude remarks, or compliments to other contestents, its so people can't hurt others feeling or boost others confidence
nothing 13 or over. (simple fact that i don't wanna get in trouble)

based on all factors 10 points, grainyness of image 5 points, positioning 5 points, color of font 10 points, font legibility 10 points, phrase 5 points, creativity 10 points, eye chatching 5 points, motion (does it have some sence of movemnt? like is the sword suspended in air, with flames from friction or is it at the side? rating depens on the style of every thing, so it is saying, "does it match?") 10 points, and size 10 points, and border/without boarder (this depends on whether it need one or not.) 5 points, obediance (did you follow the rules?) 5 points, in total should equal 90 points.

End time: December 24, is the last time you can put your banner in. no ecxeptions, unless you have pmd me a decent reason. like you need to fix something but you have to go to the hospital because your mom is sick. but i will only make a MAX of 2 exceptions.

thats pretty much it. and like i said any quesions pm, if you think i'm missing something pm too.

[B]Will a mod close this? i just made a very bad mistake. i thought it got deleted.. it just went down on the page.[/B]

and dragon girl the other REAl one is further down on the page, *sweatdrop* sorry for confusion. i honestly thought it got deleted. please don't ban me! i didn't mean it!
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