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I made a similiar thread on the Gundam section. I made a list of things I wanna buy in the future and here is my .hack section.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight Volume 1
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Volume 2
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Volume 3 *

.hack//SIGN Volume 1 - Login
.hack//SIGN Volume 2 ? Outcast
.hack//SIGN Volume 3 - Gestalt
.hack//SIGN Volume 4 - Omnipotence
.hack//SIGN Volume 5 - Uncovered
.hack//SIGN Volume 6 - Terminus

.hack//INFECTION $

$ = already owned
* = not yet released

are these full? is there manga I dont know about or videos I dont know about?
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[color=midnightblue]Well, there are also the upcoming .hack//Legend of Twilight anime DVDs, brought to us in 2004 by Bandai Entertainment, and there are two or three .hack novels (As in all text, no manga) in Japan, but there has been no sign of translation by anybody official. All I can find on the one novel that comes to mind, .hack//AI, is a translation of one of the chapters. It was basically about the history of Mac Anu, the water capital.

From what I have gathered, .hack//AI is more like an appendix to the .hack series.. It isn't as much of a seperate story as a miniature .hack encyclopedia that answers a lot of questions about The World. The Silmarillion is to The Lord of the Rings as .hack//AI is to the rest of .hack.

There is some form of plot with characters and such, and it takes place before anything else regarding .hack.

Oh, and the soundtracks are not on your list, though I don't know if you download music regularly and have the .hack tunes. And then there's wall scrolls, pencil boards, T-shirts and such. They really aren't important, though, and are basically there to milk some extra cash out of .hack.

Hope I helped.[/color]
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[size=1]Seeing as this will lead to commercial advertising of some kind, I'm going to close this and the other thread in Gundam. .hack//IZUAL, there are numerous stores and web sites that feature .hack//SIGN stuff, so it should be easy to find what you want with a simple Google search.

Thread closed.

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