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RPG Gundam Wing/Outlaw Star RPG


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This is rpg is both a Gundam Wing and Outlaw Star RPG.You can be a character from either one or you can make your own.But your char. must have either a Mobile Suit or Grappler etc.You can have both if you want.You can make up your own Gundam or your own Ship.Just post what it looks like and its weapons.Just post your profile like so:

Gundam Name-If you want a Mobile Suit.
Ship Name-If you want a Grappler Ship etc.
Your weapons-
Gundam Suit weapons-
Ship weapons-
Your description-(post a pic if you want to)
(post both your Mobile Suit's name and Your ship's name if your going to have both)
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I'll be jim with his new ship
Weapons:Grappler Arms, 2 Medium Laser,2 pay loads (20 each payload) Anti Missles, 3 pay loads (15 each pay load) Missles...
Ship Speed:Average to Kinda Fast... (weighted down with weapons)
Personal Weapons: Electro Shock gun (invented by jim)
fires a electric bolt at one person, takes 4 seconds to recharge...
and a normal blaster...
Apperance: come on its jim... everyone knows him
Gundum Weaps:none i dont watch gundum....
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I forgot to post my profile!
Name-Shiro Sougetsu
Gundam Name-Ultima Destroyer
Ship Name-[I]The Cloud[/I]
Weapon(s)-Caster,Desert Eagle.50
Gundam Suit Weapons-2x vulcan gun on each arm,50 missles,1x beam saber,twin buster rifle can split into separate buster rifles,beam cannon
Ship Weapons-Grappler arms,Lasers,20 missles,5 machine guns
Ship type-Grappler
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Count me in.

Name: Craig Kensindan.

Age: 14

Gundam name: Black Ice Gundam.

Ship name: Mecha Wind

My weapons: A gunblade, Pump action shotgun, Custom Pistol.

Gundam Weapons: 2 x Buster Cannons, 2 x Gatling guns, 1 x Laser Cannon (held in left arm), 2 x Grenade launchers, Sniper, scope and cooling pack, shield and lightsabre.

Ship weapons: Grappler arms, 2 small laser, 30 misslies, 4 Gattling gun.

Ship type: Grappler.
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[COLOR=purple]Hello, LaRue has joined the party....
Name: Laurel, but prefers LaRue.

Age: 15

Ship: Kray, a blue, jet like S type. Very quick and manuverable. It's built more for speed than battling, and that's what LaRue uses it for. Races. :D

Ship's Weapons: Rifles, plane

Description: Tall, black hair and I'll post more later...gotta go, bye.[/COLOR]
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OK, I'm in,
Gundam: Tomahawk Dunbine
Gundam Weapons: Aura Shot, Aura Sword
Personal Weapons: Tazer (50 Volts), Mega Tazer(200 Volts), Ultimate Tazer(when the others are dead, 500 Volts) , Sword, Lazergun, Fists (Yes, I'm that dangerous out of my mobile suit), Feet, and I think that's it....
Description: (If anyone has seen the Tod Dunbine, then this one is just green.)
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hey I'm in.....
name: Anima (means spirit in latin)
grappler ship name: Tomar Re
gundam name: Angelus
ship weapons: it has, grapler arms, canons, a nuclear war head cannon, macine guns, uh........that's pretty mutch it, I'm not very technical. oh, the ship it a dark glassy purple, so it can't be seen easyly.
Gundam weapons: anything a gundam can have, it's whitish.
description: Anima sortof looks like Yuri from the dirty pair(don't worry she HAS clothes), but she has a braid. Anima is a mechanic, and a bounty hunter, she realy doesn't know how to work a gundam since she recived it as an award for capturing a rouge pilot.
Weapons: an abnormaly lage wrench she carries everywhere, and a sawed off shot gun.
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Name: Kevin (nickname "Dragonfly: you know why)
Age: 17
Gundam: Zero(the one from the show)
Ship: Dragonfly
Weapons: Caster, Desert Eagle, and more to come
Gundam weapons: Twin Buster Rifle, 2x Shoulder Vulcan, Beam Saber, and Type missles
Ship weapons: Grappler Arms, Anti-missles(2 payload 30 each), Missles(4 payload 20 each), Laser 4x, and more upgrade to come
Description: 6'2" Dark hair quiet
Ship Speed: fast like the outlaw star
Side Note: I have a watch on my right arm that can change into gauntlet on both arm. I can store anything from ships to food.
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[COLOR=seagreen]Sorry, change my characters name to Valeigh please....thank you... she prefers being called Leigh, BTW.

And her Description:

Very tall, fast and strong. She is a Laporin/human. But she has been genetically manipulated to have the ability to rewrite anybodies D.N.A. This makes her one dangerous weapon within herself. Her right hand has two blue tubes that come out of it and trasmit new D.N.A. into the person.

Charming, isn't she? :D[/COLOR]
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