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Baldur's Gate 3:Reign of Bhaal

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well for those of you who played the game Baldur's Gate 2:Shadows of Amn, i hope youll like it.
Romances are allowed, mild gore is possible as well
Heres a recap of the story:

News about the actions of the Bhaal child have reached the council of the Cult of Bhaal

Head of Council: "Welcome brethrens, i trust you all know the reason of why we summon here today"

Cultist #1: "I heard the Bhaal child has defeated the mage John Irenicus!, is that true head of council??"

Head of Council: "Yes, yes it is"

Cultist #2: "He is getting too powerful!, he is a threat to all of us and he must be dealt with!"

There's a noise around the table as all the cultists express their agreement

Head of Council: "Silence!, I agree as well, the Bhaal child must be dealt with, the question is, how?.
Not only he has become powerful himself, he has powerul allies as well, we must consider the elves in this matter"

Cultist #5: "If may i make a suggestion your honor?"

Head of Council: "Go on"

Cultist #5: "What if we dont kill the Bhaal child, rather then that, somehow convince him to join us, with his great power he can become the new god of murder and we shall rule all of Faerun!"

Head of Council: "And how exacly do you suggest we do this?, the Bhaal Child has shown no tendencies(sp?) towards evil"

Cultist #5: "I have a plan that may work...."

....1 Year after
After their journys together the companions each went to his own way, not without first agreeing to meet back in Amn after 1 year for a reunion, this is where the story begins....

ok heres how you join:

Age: (consider youre race when you write it)
Spells: (only if available to your class, pick 2 level 1 spells,and 1 levels 2 and 3 spells, if you dont know what spells are available you can check here: Spells . (you will be able to get more spells as the story goes of course)
Equipment:you can have 1 special item from the game(weapon, peice of armor, misc item) or make up one(give us details about it)

you can either pick an NPC from the game or make up a character of your own
heres my form:

Name: Guerrand
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 150(about 20+ in human years)
Class: Mage
Spells:Magic Missile, Shield, Mirror Image, Fire Ball
Equipment: Staff of Magi

another thing i wanted to say is please, of you do not intend to finish this dont join, i dont want someone to stop writing in the middle of it all and ruin the game for everyone else
thats all, please join and have fun!
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