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Angels Thanatos


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the angels thanatos
in white snow
bleed down thou murther
thou dove lone
eat way my sadness
with contemplated prostrate.

thanatos thy weak
thanatos thy speak
thou canst not.
thou canst not.

destroy thine heart
thine bleeding thing
thine monsterous monster
thine innocent who breathes.

thou art the art
destroy thine heart.
thou art the art
destroy thine parts.

vena cava
veins of blood
thine own kisses
thine own love.

vena cava, the sweet.
that large, sweeping, beat.
thy own demise thy own bleat.

angels thanatos

the angels with scabbed wings.
itching themselves all thy times.
the wicked disease.
and above them their [i]Dominus[/i]
their Lord O Mighty.

O Mighty be so small
O dear the fall.
O death thine wall.

angels thanatos
up in absolute snow
down--down they go.

thine angels with scabbed wings
thine angels with the disease.

[i]Dominus[/i]--thy queen--
thy king.
the owner of the angels
with scabbed wings.

they fall
they leave
thine own creations
thine own things.

thanatos sings.
in the corner
from absolution
on his knees
the biting lover
that kisses
true lover's greed.

down they fall
in christmas
as snow breathes.

down they fall
covered in white
beatific beings.

the angels
with scabbed wings.
the mutiny
beautiful nothings.

O my [i]Dominus[/i]
O so fair
O my [i]Dominus[/i]
O so fair
thine own creations
break there.

in the sky
burning cries
in the sky
burning cries
in the sky
burning cries

in the sky
death's cry.

and the angels
with scabbed wings
fall as they fly.

from their demise.

mankind--the angels
with scabbed wings.
their tool of vise.


the thanatos eyes.
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That was beautiful. I could never in my life write something like that. Mitch, you are very talented. You have a great sense in poetry. It was quite confusing when I read it the first time, but then I read it over and over and I think that you should put that somewhere will it will be recongnized. If I were a poet who has made it to the top, I would certainly choose you to be one who does so too. Pure poetry.
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