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DigiBite- The Ultimate Game


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[center]CHAPTER 1[/center]

Or, at least that's what it said on the cover. Sometimes, they exaggerate the titles of computer games, you know? I didn't believe one bit. I decided to ask the Tech Head behind the counter if it was worth the $69.99 price tag. He said nothing, but merely shrugged. I laid it down on the stack of boxes and turned to walk off when I heard it.
"Buy the game...it is worth it...buy the game..." The voice said. I looked over my shoulder at the seat where the Tech Head was. Maybe he was coning me to get a sale. I mean, it did come from that direction. But, he wasn't there. But, the voice was. He..., she..., or it...was all I could hear. I stomped my feet, but I couldn't hear the sound. Just his voice. That wrecked voice telling me to buy it. I turned a full 900 degrees to the left and 900 degrees to the right, but nothing and nobody. I felt sweat coming on my forehead. Saw it hit the ground, but no splattering sound. I turned back to the propped open doors and took off in a run. I was about a yard from the open freedom of the parking lot when the doors slammed shut. I couldn't stop in time, and slammed square into it. I bounced off it like it was rubber. I cleared 5 feet and landed on my bottom, then bounced and slid again. A trail of blood came to me from where I landed; covering the area, I slid on. I looked at the glass. It was still there, not a scratch, or a dent, or anything. I was now covered with sweat. [u][b][i]BUT I COULSD STILL HEAR THAT WRECKED VOICE.[/u][/b][/i] That wrecked voice, haunting me. Suddenly, smoke came from several computers. I turned the monitor, and saw a ghostly head digitalized on the screen. It let out a booming laugh from the speakers on wither side of the room, blocking out his calling me. As soon as the sound left, the voice returned. That wrecked voice that was like nails on a chalkboard, only 10 times worse. The other computers in the room turned on, all showing the same ghostly digital image. I closed my eyes, hoping it was all a dream. The ghosted went away with all of my vision, but the voice did not.

I was scared.

What do you think so far??

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