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After looking at a whole bunch of Simba pics and the LK special additions DVD, I have decided to do my own Simba. The best part, i think, is the mane, everything else just fades out. And I dun like what jpg did to it. u_u
I'm seriously considering removing that beam of light. Looks awful!
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[size=1][color=chocolate]That is actually a very nice Simba. His head is very good, and I love how you did his mane. *claps* Though I like his body, but it is low making the picture weird. I love the background though, it matches him. This is very nice![/size][/color]
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Wow, nice work Mina ^_^.

The coloring is really nice. You got the color's perfect. Like you said, the mane was really well done. its so detailed, and looks a lot like fur.

I also like the choice of colors you used. Has more of a warm feeling, which fits Simba.

Again, really nicely done. Keep it up!


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