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Neopets: The Deserted Fairgound Strikes


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[size=1][color=seagreen][i]...Traker the Lupe and Kiandra the Acara rushed toward the old gates as they began to swing shut...
"No! The gates!" Kiandra cried weakly...
...the gates slammed in their faces again, and again they turned to live through another day inside the Deserted Fairground...waiting for someone else to free them from their imprisonment...or to join them...[/i][/color]
Kiandra the Acara and Traker the Lupe's souls have been trapped in the Deserted Fairground for over three years now...and the other poor souls of children who have wandered inside and not managing to escape by midnight. All crave for the company of others, but do not notice one another.
Jhudora has noticed this. She also noticed the recent fall of Darigan, and plans something horrible.
*2 months later*
Jhudora's plan was successful, she has revived Darigan.
Together, they seem almost indestructable. But they have no minions.
This is where the Deserted Fairground comes into play.
Jhudora and Darigan have used their combined dark powers to release the souls of the children trapped in the Fairground, on one condition.
The children have agreed to help Jhudora and Darigan, but don't know what is in store for them.
*15 seconds later*
All of the children have been terribly warped and changed, similar to Darigan's servants from last time, but also warped to the likings of Dr.Sloth's old transmogrified army.
This new army of twisted Neopet souls now threatens to overrun Neopia, with Jhudora and Darigan at their head, and the Deserted Fairground to back them all up.
As heroic Neopets of all kinds, even those backed by the Light Faeries, travel into the Deserted Fairground, they become as twisted and warped as Jhudora's new army. Even Faerie's themselves have tried entering the Fairground, but to no avail. All have been grossly transformed into freaks.


So there's the base of the story.
It's up to Neopets fans out there to save Neopia once more.
Here's what I need from you for a Sign Up:

Name: Your character's name

Age: Anywhere between 10 and 30

Sex: Male or Female

Appearance: What does your character look like?

Personality: What's your character like?

Brief Bio: A short description of your character's history.

Items: Any items you carry with you for your pets like books, food, toys, grooming items, etc. Max: 5

Pet Sign Up: You can have up to 4 Neopets

Name: Your pet can have any name.

Age: How old is your pet? How long has it been with you?

Species: You can have any kind of pet, even a rare one like a Krawk or a Draik.

Color: You can have a painted or mutant pet if you like.

Gender: Male or Female

Powers/Abilities: Your pet/s can have up to 5 abilities. Just make sure you include a short description of what they do. All abilities must be aligned with one of the following elements: Air, Light, Flame, Darkness, Water, or Earth.

Items/Weapons: You can have any item that could be equipped, basically any battledome items.


I'll post my character after three Sign Ups.
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