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Guest sixthcrusifix

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Guest sixthcrusifix
I killed you once, i killed you twice,
and then your heart was cold like ice.
I am not real, i lived a lie,
how can i live, how will i die?
My heart...it hurts, but i can not feel,
Ever paranoid, of what is real.
My pain lived short, at last it came,
Your power grew, from me you slane.
And yet...no. I was not satisfied.
If you had lived, and i had died,
would i be happy? I think so
but then....i am not me...
i am not real.... so what does it matter?
it doesn't.. and that, is why i go on.


check out my unfinished fan fic please check it out [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?threadid=35190&goto=newpost[/url]
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[size=1] It's nice, simple, rhymes. It works. Personally, I don't like the use of ellipsises [the "...," showing words that weren't typed), because I think it detracts from the overall flow of the poem, causing you to stop suddenly as you give the break in the words to get what an ellipsis does. It does this to me, anyway. It's just something I personally prefer--so don't worry.

Yeah. It works nicely.[/size]
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Guest EikoTheWolf
Very nice bro, I like how you portrayed his pain, though I should finish the game so I can apresiate it more, considering I don't really know what happen's to Cloud to make him so sad...
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