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Crimson Butterfly Banner


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Hello again all you art critics! Just wanted some feedback on this banner that I made. And of course, remember as usal Im just using MS paint. So much love to you all this holiday season! and thanks for letting me know on how i can make this go better :)[IMG]http://pic5.picturetrail.com/VOL77/1742112/3349579/41086750.jpg[/IMG]
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Hrm, creepy. The colours used are really ghostly and drab - almost monochromatic. Perhaps it would be fun to play with the contrast in that respect. The pixelation of the ghostly image is very disturbing compared to the smoothness of the two girls to the right - the fact that part of the door comes right across the ghost's face is strangely unsettling.

The one problem I have is the text. The red chroma used is a bit too drab to stand out from the image, so I'd brighten it up and soften the edges so that it isn't too sharp. It's a bit unfortunate that it overlaps grey and dark-brown - maybe if you made it smaller and changed the arrangement of the two words slightly, it'd fit completely onto one texture (i.e. the grey wall).

The other text problem is the black writing down the bottom, which is almost impossible to read - it definitely needs to be made lighter and maybe popped up in the dark area above the ghost's head.

Hope that helps, and the banner certainly has promise. ^^
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