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Alright here we go. Participants - you know who you are - and you are the only ones allowed to post here. Let's go. Remember the rules.

[u]Table of Contents[/u]:
Chapter 1- From Pallet to Pewter

[u]Chapter 1- From Pallet to Pewter[/u]

[color=green]"I can't believe it's finally happening," said Dominic as he picked up his Pokèball. "Finally, I get to go on my adventure, after a two year delay." He smiled. [i]Bulbasaur, I know you've been waiting as long as I have. I promise, we'll be together forever buddy.[/i]

He picked his backpack off of the floor and headed out. He still couldn't believe it was actually happening. He gripped his Pokèball and threw it into the air.

"Bulbasaur, let's go!" he yelled. The ball opened and a white light came out, revealing the grass type Pokèmon. Dominic bent down and pet his head.

"Bulba, Bulba. Saur."

"Dominic! Dominic!" yelled a blonde haired boy, running towards him. It was Matt, his best friend.

"Hey, Matt, you ready?" asked Dominic.

"Yeah, (pant) I thought (pant) you had left without (pant) me."

"No, I wouldn't do that to you and Pidgey. We're best buds, remember?" Matt smiled and nodded.

"Let's go. I wanna get to the gym to get my first badge!"

The two walked off in the direction of the Viridian Forest.[/color]

(OOC: Everyone else's characters will be introduced in this chapter. You can post and have them meet, but not join them just yet.)
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As the two pals walked side by side along the path, Matt's Pidgey was pirched apon Bulbasaur's bulb. It crowed once and flew up a bit higher, pirching on Matt's shoulder.

"Well aren't you happy today." he said, Pidgey cooed once as if to say "YES!".

"Hey.. whos that..?" asked Dominic. He was turned backwards and was looking into the distance of the path they had just walked. Finally upcame a young girl. About 13 years old.

"Oh hey Sis! Coming with us?" said Matt, teasingly. He knew she wasn't allowed to go untill her friend, Maria got her Pokemon which would be very soon.

"Argh. You know I can't. But mom said that when I can, I can follow you all I want. But I'm her--" she stopped looking at Dominic. Matt [i]and[/i] Dominic knew she had a huge crush on him. But Dominic didn't like her back so he tried to be nice. "Hi Dominic..." she said while blushing.

"Ehh.. hi, Maria. So what'd you come for?" he asked. Matt was holding back a laugh. Maria took a rolled up parchment out of her pocket and handed it to Matt.

"Mom says be carefull. Bye Matt. [i]Bye Dominic. *wink*[/i]" with that she ran back down the path. Matt unrolled the parchment to realize it was just a map of the region. They kept walking and we're finally in the forest.

"Woah, this is so cool!" exclaimed Matt. They kept walking when they heard a buzz. No.. more than one... more like a thousand. They looked around eachother to see millions of Kakuna hanging, stareing at them.

"Don't-make-any-sudden-moves..." said Dominic.[/color]

Hope that was okay. :D
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[i]Meowth: cat-type pokemon, normal, beggining stage. I have observed the meowth's odd fascination with shinny objects with little or no value, more documentation must be performed to come to a concl-[/i]

"Hey! Come back here with that!" Suko Shouted as her silver pen was snatched from her hand suddenly, "Meowth! That was my pen!"

Suko stood from her stone perch and glanced about the grass feild irritably. The high morning sun gave no clue to where her pest of a pokemon had dissapeared to, the knee high grass hid many things, including stolen possesions. Suko had been writting down facts about her Meowth earlyer in the feild, maybe to find his treasures hiding spot, skipping off from her morning chores, although, Chores looked pretty good about now. A curled Dusty colored tail sprang up above the grass and made a bee-line to where Suko stood, Within Moments a purring proud looking Mouth brushed lovingly against her legs, acting as if she ad no reason to be cross with him at all.

"you think you're pretty cute huh...?" She spoke to her feline friend sarcasticly gathering her book and bag, she was only met with a large yawning meow. "alright, I guess we have to go back to the house now, C'mon Meowth."

Suko held out her arms, letting her meowth leap up into them, tehn onto her shoulders where he collected a well deserved nap, Hiding things from your trainer was rather hard. By the time she had reached the path, a few familiar faces appeared furthur up the road.

I don't really like to controll other people's characters, but you can use Suko if you like, just keep true to the character.
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[B]OOC: Yeah!!

IC: [COLOR=red]Daniel walked along with his Charmander beside him.

"No a bloomin' trainer around..." Daniel mumbled. Charmander waved his arms up and down.

"Char! Char!" Charmander jumped up and down even more.

"There isn't even some bug Pokemon around, you'd like it if there where some, wouldn'd you? I can't wait until we get our first badge and things! Then we'll beat all the trainers in the world! Well... there's nothing wrong with trying, right Charmander?" Daniel said. Charmander seemed to nod. "I want to catch a Sandslash, or maybe a Gastly... but to win we need a time right?" Daniel looked down at his Charmander.

"Char! Char!!!" Charmander walked closer to his trainer.

"That's right! That's the kind of... Pokemon we need!" Daniel laughed. He walked on, trying hard not to trip over the sticks. [I]Maybe... Charmander would be really tough... and I could have the Pokemon I've always wanted... if only he would evolve into a Charizard, but first I have to train him, and get to know him more. My dream is to handle a Charizard... and I will![/I]

Daniel yawned. He was getting bored, so was Charmander.
"Don' worry Char... there's gotta be some Pokemon around here!" Daniel smiled.

"Char..." Charmander looked down at the ground quiet tried. Daniel shrugged.

"C'mon! Hey, we might even run into some Pokemon trainers! We could battle, and if it's a really skilled trainer with loads of badges, we could ask where to find different kinds of Pokemon! Hey, what's that sound?" Daniel stopped dead, and so did his Charmander.

"Char....?" Charmander looked up at his trainer, not sad or afraid, but excited.

"Hey... look who it is! Charmander, there's some Pokemon, and I think that looks like... Dominic... I don't know... Anyway," Daniel looked at the buzzing sound, or where it seemed to come from. Kakuna!
"Oh... err... Charmander, I think we better go around... I mean, we can battle those Kakuna some other time..." Charmander seemed to shake his head.

"Char-ar!!" Charmander looked up at Daniel again.

"You could try, but youo'll need help, no way! I know you wanna fight some Pokemon and things, but not yet, ok? C'mon! We'll go aro-" Charmander's flame on the end of his tail grew bigger. "Uhhh..." Daniel didn't know if he should try and fight some Pokemon, go around and ask for help from them, or just don't fight at all...[/B][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=green]"K-Kahuna. The Prue-evolved form of Beedrill." said Matt, trying not to move.

"Think we - we could take them?" asked Dominic.

"I don't think we'll have to. They're not very mobile in this form - they're cocoons."

"Let's go around them. Hopefully none of them will-"

Suddenly, a large flame surrounded two Kakuna. Dominic and Matt looked over to see a Charmander, with Daniel behind it.

"Charmander - no!" he yelled.

The two Kakuna started to glow, which was no surprise, as they evolved easily. Suddenly, they were no longer Kakuna - they were Beedrill. One went after Pidgey and Bulbasaur, the other went after Charmander.

"Bulbasaur, vine whip!" yelled Dominic. The Beedrill evaded the attack.

"Pidgey - gust!" yelled Matt.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=red]Daniel gulped. He suddenly remeber it was a great chance to train his Charmander in battle.

"Charmander, flame thrower quick!" Daniel yelled pointing at the Beedrill. Charmander pulled his head back, and unleshed a hot flame from his mouth. Beedrill dodged it. "Don't stop 'til you hit him!" Daniel shouted. Charmander sent another long flame at Beedrill, this time hitting it in the head. Beedrill fell back, then staggered up.

"Char, char!!" Charmander charged up another flame thrower, and sent it at Beedrill. Beedrill fell to the ground again, with smoke around it.

"Alright Charmander! Go Charmander! Go Charmander!" Daniel smiled a victory smile. Suddenly, the Beedrill got up.

"Ch-char?" Charmander looked up at Daniel.

"Finish it with a scratch attack!" Daniel ordered. Charmander ran at Beedrill, and Beedrill decided to use a tackle (Beedrill sometimes have that attack right?) , sending Charmander crashing too the ground. "Uh... err..." Daniel gulped. Dominic and Matt's Pokemon where hitting the other Beedrill with a vine whip and gust. Charmander jumped up, and slashed Beedrill with a scratch attack. Beedrill buzzed, and began to fly off.

Bulbasaur's attack knocked Beedrill to the floor, and Pidgey sent another Gust attack, blowing Beedrill back. Daniel watched them.

[I]Wow... they're pretty good, they're as good as me, maybe better![/I] Daniel's thoughts stopped as the Beedrill Dominic and Matt where fighting buzzed off too.

"Nice work... Who's that?" Daniel peered up the road, someone else was there.[/COLOR]
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Suko hurried along at a jog to see what was happening up the road, Her Meowth still slept idly on her shoulder as peacefull as it could be. Suko slowed down once she reached the skirts of the woods, where she could see three boys each with a pokemon. Suko recognised them as younger boys from the town, she never really talked to them much, mostly because she kept to herself a lot.

"Hey, what happened here?" She asked walking into the wooded clearing looking around, she grinned ambituouisly when she saw a few Kakuna hanging from trees, "Oh wow, Kakuna! I've gotta write this down!"

Suko hurriedly checked her pockets for something to write with when memory kicked in, "oh...." She looked at the boy she knew as Dominic, "you wouldn't happen to have a pen on you?"

OOC: Look this is really going to sound bad, but after today I won't be back on the OB untill Jan. 5, does someone want to controll my character untill then?
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OOC: I can't... I don't think... I'm busy with writing something and playing one RPG character is being tough enough, and two would make me slow down in what I'm doing, sorry... Maybe one of the others might ~_^

IC: [COLOR=red]Daniel looked around, and Suko asked if Dominic had a pen. Daniel smiled.

"I got one." He said. Daniel searched his jacket for a pen, then his trousser pocket. He pulled out a blue pen. "Here you go... don't ask what I'm doing with pens I just have them, I have alsorts in this jacket of mine, in my pockets and stuff!" Daniel handed the blue pen to Suko. Suko took it and began to write.

"Hey, look at that!" Dominic pointed upwards to a huge cloud of Pidgey flying above. Daniel looked up, along with everyone else.

"They must be flying somewhere..." Daniel said. Charmander seemed to roll his eyes at this comment, like he was saying "Duh!". Daniel looked at Suko who handed back his pen. Daniel put it in his jacket pocket and smiled.

"Cahr, char!" Charmader began to tug on Daniel's troussers.

"What?" Daniel asked looking down at his friend.[/COLOR]
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Suko watched the last of the pidgeys fly by, the fluttering of their wings seemed to wake up her meowth as well, who leapt down to the ground scrounging for something shinny to hold his attention. Suko looked at the others for a moment before remembering something.

"Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself." She placed a hand akwardly behind her head, "My name's Suko and that's my Meowth" She pointed at her feet where she thought Meowth would be, instead he was sniffing around Daniel's Charmaner, trying to swat at its firey tail.
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[b]OOC:[/b] I'll do my best to control Suko aswell. Leh could help too and even Katana if she ever gets around to posting herself. :p

[b]IC:[/b][color=teal]"Aww, he's adorable... I mean... cool." said Matt calmly. He had never seen this girl around. But she looked around his age, maybe a bit younger, guessing 15-16.

"I'm Matt," he put out his hand. She shook it. "This is my Pidgey, Opal." he pointed at a nearby tree branch where [url=http://pkmn.co.uk/pictures/anime_tv_213/212-188.jpg]Opal[/url] was pirched gazing at the cloud of Pidgey. Everyone else introduced themselves aswell and all was good.

The four kept walking along the path and had been for about 10 minutes.

"I think we saw this tree before. Dominic do you know where you're going!?" said Matt looking at the same tree Opal had pirched on.

"Of course I do.... ok we're lost." he replied. Everyone sighed and sat down.

"Isn't it like almost impossible to get lost in this forest?" said Daniel.

"Hey you be quiet." reacted Dominic. Then Suko jumped up. "There it is! The exit! The exit to the forest!"[/color]
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[COLOR=red]Daniel, Dominic and Matt followed Suko as she ran forward. Meowth chased after Charmander's tail.

"I hope we don't get even more lost!" Daniel laughed. They all stopped. Charmander scartched at Meowth as if he was telling it to get lost.

"See!" Suko pointed. It seemed like another bunch of trees, but sure enough there was a way out.

"Ah, now where not lost!" Daniel said with a smile looking over at Dominic. Daniel and Charmander both walked out onto what seemed like a roa outside a forest and a lake near a field across the other side of the road.

"Huh?" Matt came out of the forest along with Dominic and Suko.

"Well isn't this bizzare..." Daniel crossed his arms over his chest. "Wonder where we are... have any of you got a map?" Daniel asked. Meowth continued to swip at Charmander's tail.

"Char! Char!" Charmander growled quite madly.[/COLOR]
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[b]OOC:[/b] Wow, Leh, you barely ever post...


"Uhh.. YA! I have a map." said Matt taking off his pack. He scrummaged through it a bit and finally pulled out a rolled up Map. He handed it to Daniel.

"You can do the honours." he said with a small smile.

"You're just to lazy!" replied Daniel snatching the map out of his hands. Matt's smile grew into a small laughing tone, "Ya, I know." he said.

OK, enough already. Where are we?" said Dominic. He walked to the road. "We mine aswell cross. No harm done." he said.

"Wait. I'm not exactly sure but I think we might be back around Viridian City..." said Daniel. "Oh I think when we were in the middle of the forest we went west instead of north. That way we'd be right around the entrance to Indigo Plateu.. and that doesn't really help at all."

"I say we use my compass to go back in the forest travel for about 2 minutes then start going north. Sound good to you guys?" Matt asked.[/color]

[b]OOC:[/b] Dude, Vicky. I have no clue what you're talking about.
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OOC: Wow, Lrb, it's called the holidays - haven't been here.


[color=green]Dominic lead the pack as they made their way towards Viridian City. Bulbasaur was resting in his arms, barely awake. Matt, Daniel, and Suko sleepily followed.

"Can't we stop and rest?" asked Matt.

"No, we can't, not in the middle of the forest. There are theifs here." said Dominic sternly.

"Oh yeah.." said Matt. Dominic had trouble with theifs in the forest once, and his father suffered because of it. He lost his life.

"C'mon- can't we--" Suko was interrupted by a commotion in the bushes behind the group.[/color]
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[b]OOC:[/b] Gah! Your right, Leh. I forgot. (It's cuz I don't go anywhere until christmas) Sorry.
The bushes shook. Leaves flew off and floated to the ground. Matt wlaked over to it.

"Matt don't!" yelled Dominic quietly. But Matt kept going, he peered over the bushes to find an egg, rolling aorund the bushes. He picked it up.

"Well now. Who are you little guy?" asked Matt to the egg.

"Aww great. Now Matt has a baby." sighed Suko.

"A baby for a baby." shrugged Daniel.

"Hey shutup!" Matt laughed. He kept the baby egg in his arms but that's when the real commotion started. Two tall men crawled out with knife in each hand. They had black all over and they looked angry.

"Hey what's that ya got dere?" Theive 1 said, trying to take the egg from Matt. Matt backed off.

"Go away!" he yelled.

"Only if you beat us in a Pokemon battle. I got 2 he got 2. You eahc battle one with your strongest pokemon. If you have one!" they both laughed.

"Go! Farfetch'd! Go! Squirtle!" the first one yelled.

"Go! Pikachu! Go! Oddish!" yelled the second one.

"It's obvious who should take on who. But I'll say it anyways. I'll take Pikachu--" Matt was interupted by Suko.

"Because flying is good against electric. Charmander on Oddish, Bulbasaur on Squirtle and that leaves me with Farfetch'd which shouldn't be too hard cuz we're both normal." she finished.[/color]

Is it okay if I have an egg? :D
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OOC: I wouldn't mine

[COLOR=red]Daniel smiled.
"Alright then! Charmander! Go!" Daniel shouted pointing at the Oddish. "Don't waste any time, Scratch attack!" Daniel said. Charmander leaped forward at the Oddish with some sort of grin. Charmander jumped forward with a scratch attack, but missed Oddish.

"Oddish absorb!" The thief shouted, then telling his Pikachu to attack Matt's Pidgey in the air. Daniel grinned.

"Don't let it attack Charmander! Flame Thower!" Daniel yelled. Charmander charged up a flame in his mouth. Suddenly Charmander sent a long line of flames at Oddish, but once again Oddish jumped away. "Darn! It's to fast for that attack! Try another Scratch attack!" Daniel clenched his fist hard. Charmander's attack hit this time, knocking Oddish over. "Nice one!" Daniel said to Charmander.

"Char!" Charmander jumped up and down, and when he saw Oddish getting up he turned around ready to fight. The second theif smiled.

"Oddish, Sleep powder!" He shouted over. Daniel looked up to see Pidgey dodging Pikachu's attacks with ease. Then Daniel looked at Charmander, and before he could shout anything, Oddish unleashed golden powder from the top of its head.

"Charmander, mov-" Daniel couldn't even finish, because Charmander was already fast asleep on the ground. "Oh no! I've got no items to wake him!" Daniel growled to himself. "I'm not asking anyone for help... I don't need it... I should've known Oddish would use that, since Charmander can't do anything!" Daniel gulped. He looked over at the others fighting, almost without a problem. Chamander seemed to snore... then Daniel had an idea. "Charmander! C'mon, it's time to win a badge at the Gym! It's a chance to fight!" Daniel yelled over.

"Haha!" The second theif laughed.

"Uhh... OK... not working... Charmander! Time to go! Err..." Daniel shook his head, why hadn't he took some better items with him. "I know... Charmander, time to eat!" Daniel shouted with a smile. Charmander's eyes flicked open, and he straggered up looking around.

"Oddish, absorb, Pikachu, tackle that bird!" The 2nd theif yelled.

"Now Charmander, flame thower!" Daniel pointed at Oddish. Charmander charged up a huge flame in his mouth, and seemed to have a look of pride and victory. Suddenly, the flame hit Oddish, sending it flying and burning it. Oddish didn't get up. "I think we won!" Daniel shouted to Charmander.[/COLOR]
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Matt glanced over to Daniel and Charmander dancing around.
"Great now this guy is only concentrating on his Pikachu. All we've been doing is dodging it's attacks! GO IN FOR THE STRIKE, OPAL!" yelled Matt "Sand Attack, then fly back and do a Gust Tackle!" he told his Pidgey.

He dived for the shot and stopped in front of it to flap it's wings at the ground and blinded it. Opal flew up further then gusted a strong tornado. It then dived right after the tornado but it was surrounded by a slight, white light. It was a Quick Attack. BAM! The Pikachu was out cold.

"We won! Opal! We won!" yelled Matt as he swung his Pidgey around by his wings. "You were great." he smiled. Opal cooed.

The other's had just completed their fights aswell. The good guys had won the war.

"Stupid Kids! We'll be back, remember our names." Theive 1 took of his face mask and hat to reveil his face. He had short blue wavy hair.

"Ya." Theive 2 took of the mask and hat to reviel long (to her waist) green hair that looked almost like big palm leaves.

"The Pikachu and Farfetch'd aren't ours. They're our friend's.." Two more theives came out. One, a girl, with spikey yellow hair (in a pony tail) and another, a boy, with brown hair (like a Farfetch'd's).

"I'm Cassie." said the one with yellow hair.
"I'm David." said the one with brown hair.
"I'm Sara." said the one with green hair.
"and I'm Max." finished the one with blue hair.

"We will be back stronger to take your money and pokemon! Maybe even your lives." with that they left.[/color]
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OOC: Whne's Lady K. going to post?

IC: [COLOR=red]Daniel rolled his eyes as they left.
"With our Pokemon against their's, we would win easily. I mean, you guys have to admit they wheren't the toughest guys around, right?" Daniel laughed Matt nodded.

"Charmander! Char!" Charmander chanted. Daniel smiled at looked at the egg Matt had.

"What kind of Pokemon do you think it is?" Daniel aksed Matt.

"You can only tell when it hatches." Suko imformed. "It looks close to hatching... I think..." Suko added.

"Are you keeping it?" Dominic asked. Matt nodded.

"What else will I do with it? I can't leave it here! Opal will help me out to take care of it until it hatches." Matt replied. Daniel smiled and looked down at his Charmander.

"What did they want the egg for anyway?" Daniel asked.

"They're thieves, so they'd want it for anything, money maybe." Suko replied. Daniel nodded. Charmander jumped up and down again. Charmander was playful, but a great battler. Daniel wondered if he would still be this playful when he becomes a Charizard, or if. Charmander's a great Pokemon, and having a Charizard for you best Pokemon was Daniel's dream, since it was the Pokemon his dad travelled with for years and years.

"So, let's go on now..." Suko said to them. Daniel snapped himself out of a daydream and nodded.

"Yeah, let's." He mumbled staring at his Charmander.[/COLOR]
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[b]OOC:[/b] I sure hope Lady K. and Angelus start posting soon!

They kept walking for not too long when they came to a fork in the path. There was a sign.

"Viridian City -->
<-- Indigo Plateu"

"Alright!" shuoted Matt as they all started running along the path to Viridian City. They finally came to the entrance and walked into the small city.

"OK, let's split and meet back here in an hour and we can all get something to eat!" said Dominic.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I'm going to go to the Poke Center. Any comers?" asked Matt.[/color]
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OOC: I'm posting now... I couldn't reist! I should wait.... nah...

IC: [COLOR=red]Daniel shook his head slightly.
"Me and Charmander might go to find some Pokemon, or atleast look around." Daniel mumbled. Charmander jumped up and down. "I'll meet you guys after!" Daniel ran off with Charmander tailing behind.

Daniel sighed, and looked down at his Charmander. Daniel was sat down, thinking to himself.
"I know one day, I'll train the strongest Pokemon in the world... all I have to do is find Pokemon that would and can be happy, but also strong..." Daniel muttered to himself. People ran past him over and over, really, really annoying Daniel. Charmander say beside him, looking straight ahead. Daniel suddenly stood up, startling Charmander a little. "Charmander, C'mon! Let's go and look around! Maybe... we could find something!" Daniel said to his Charmander.

"Char!" Charmander jumped up after him and followed his trainer. Daniel gave him a wink.

"Maybe we could find some trainers to fight, or even Pokemon! But... I doubt it..." Daniel sighed heavily.

"Char....?" Charmander looked up at Daniel with a worried look.

"I'm ok buddy..." Daniel mumbled. "I am... really..." Daniel sighed.[/COLOR]
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[b]OOC:[/b] I feel like Vicky and I are the only ones in this Adventure. v_v
"Well I'm gonna go to the PokeCenter now so if anyone's coming then you better come now!" said Matt.

"Well I dunno what to do..." said Dominic.

"Matt! Wait up!" yelled Suko, running after him. "I need to heal my Meowth. That Farfetch'd was the same type as it so it was harder." she said. Meowth purred in agreement.

They kept walking in silence. Finally, they came to the PokeCenter and entered. Suko raced Matt to the counter before he could get a chance to start.

"Begginners Luck." was his only reply. The nurse took the Meowth and brought him in with Opal. She then came out holding a Rattata. She handed it to a young boy.

"Hey mister. Are you going to the Pewter City Gym?" the young boy was talking to Matt, who didn't realize at first.

"Huh? Oh! Yes, yes I am." he said.

"Well be careful. That Geodude gave my Fang a big hurt!" the kid wandered off again and outside the PokeCenter. Matt chuckled, [i]big hurt[/i]. Heh heh.

"Ok, Matt and Suko? Your Pokemon are fine." said the nurse. She came back out with Opal and Meowth, playing. matt walked over and Pidgey pirched on his shoulder. Meowth sorta followed Suko around a bit and swatted her shoelace. He looked at his watch to see they still had 15 more minutes until the rest were gonna meet for lunch.

"Hey Suko, we have 15 more minutes. I'm gonna go to the Forest and try to catch a Weedle." with that he left.

"Ok! I'm gonna go to the PokeMart, cya!" she ran off to the Mart and entered.

As Matt walked to the entrance of the forest he heard something in the bushes.

"Opal. Fly above the bushes and use sand attack." he whispered. His Pidgey did just that but it had to get close to the ground to do a sand attack. It crept up behind the pokemon and BOOM! Opal went flying.

The pokemon flew out from the bushes. "SPEAROW!" it screeched. Matt was so excited. This was even better then a weezly Weedle.

"Opal! Use Quick Attack!" he yelled. Pidgey, with all it's regained energy, flew at the Spearow head on. It jumped to the side and Pidgey hit the ground.

"Spearow! Use Peck!" Yelled a boy. It was that young boy. "A battle eh? YOUR ON!"

The battle commenced. Though it didn't last long. Opal used one Gust and a Tackle. All that made Spearow faint. The boy was a new trainer.

Matt's watch beeped. 5 minutes till they meet up. He headed off to the meeting spot.[/color]
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OOC: *Groans* Ok... one... last...time... then... I'll... let... others... post...

IC[COLOR=red]Daniel and Charmander walked alongside the forest, making sure they didn't get lost.
"Uh... I forgot! I don't have a watch!" Daniel looked at his arms and sighed. "I think we better get back then, huh?" Daniel sighed and began to walk off, but Charmander stayed. Daniel looked back. "What's up?" Daniel asked Charmander. Charmander's glared at the forest trees. "There's nothin' there. Let's go!" Daniel said with a smile.

"Char! Charmander!" Charmander pointed at the forest. Daniel blinked in confusion.

"There is nothing there! C'mon Char!" Daniel laughed Charmander continued to stare. Daniel walked up to see what he was looking at. As he crouched down, he noticed a long pink ear, and a groan. "Oh wow! It's a Nidoran (Male)!" Daniel exclaimed. He bent down more to see it, and noticed it was hurt. "Oh god! It's hurt..." Daniel's Charmander walked closer, and lookd sadly at it.

"...Char...?" Charmander looked up at Daniel in confusion. Daniel picked up the pink Pokemon, and looked down at it. It had cuts all over it, and looked pretty torn up.

"No Pokemon could have done this... it must have been abandoned. I have nothing to give it! We better get back to the other guys!" Daniel said to Charmander. The Nidoran shifted in his arms.

It looked like Daniel wasn't late to meet his friends, he was there when Matt came.
"Look! Look! I found a Nidoran and it's hurt!" Daniel shouted to them. Matt and Dominic turned around.

"Where did you find it?" Matt asked.

"Near the forest. I hate to say it, but it looks like it was abandoned..." Daniel told them. Charmander came running up behind. "I not sure about taking it to a PokeCenter, I don't know why, it just doesn't seem right. I think it's gonna be really scared." Daniel looked down at it.

"It was abandoned? Yeah, I can tell now." Suko said.

"D'you guys have anything to treat it? I mean..." Daniel started. Charmander jumped up and down behind him. "Have you?" Daniel asked again.

"It would be better to take it to a Centre..." Suko explained. Daniel smiled.

"Well, we could, but I'm not really sure... I just hope he's ok... if it is, I might train it." Daniel replied. The ears on the Nidoran stiffened. Daniel gulped. "Now it's afraid. It things it can sense danger, which means us!" Daniel explained. The Nidoran did not move, nor open its eyes.[/COLOR]
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I'm back from my lovely christmas holiday!!! and looks like it's just in time too! Thanks so much for keeping me in!

"just set it Down" Suko said calmly tucking her book underneith her arm.

"well, what for?" Daniel asked with chalenge, "What are you getting at anyway?"

"Just put it down and I'll explain." Suko spoke again with the same calmness, smiling as Daniel obeyed.

The Nidoran lifted its eyelids quite cautiously, and shifted its gaze to each person with care. It trembled a bit on th spot, as if it were afraid of the band of trainers.

"Now" Suko began Silently moving torwards Daniel, "Hold this out to it, give it a reason to trust you."

She pressed a pokemon Healing potion into his hand and motoned for the others to back away. Daniel Croutched down to the ground, holding the potion at arms length, so that the Nidoran could get a good look at it, along with its peculiar scent. The Nidoran's gaze was now intently on Daniel, a change going through teh emotions in its eyes, Daniel smiled at the small pokemin kindly.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I want to help" he cooed quietly. The others watched patiently for the reaction of the Nidoran.

Slowly, one step at a time, The tiny pink Pokemon inched its way torwards Daniel, untill its snout was pressed firmly into his palm, a good distance to aply the formula. After the potion took full efect, teh nidoran collapsed into Daniel's hand quite exhausted. Daniel Smiled brilliantly as he held his new pokemon in his arms.

"Well done my boy." Suko mused as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I should thank you, how did you know that it would do that?" Daniel smiled.

"I didn't"

"what?!" A bemused Dominic quirped from behind her, "what if it ran off? What then?"

"well" Suko paused dramaticaly in thought "It was never meant to be."

A collective sigh and plenty of eye rolling left Suko's theory in the dust, but left Daniel with a new friend.
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[b]OOC:[/b] Ya! 'Bout time [i]someone[/i] besides Vicky and I posted. :p

"Congratulations, Daniel. It's a baby boy." said Matt, sarcastically.

"Well now that this is over. We can go get something to eat?" said Dominic. His stomach rumbled, and so did Matt's.

"Yes! Eat." Matt said, this time with much impatience. So every finally got to walking and were all now hungry.

"Where are we going to eat?" asked Suko.

"I don't know. How abooout... here!" said Matt, pointing at a resteraunt the size of a Mini Mall. "It's called; Viridian's Finest."

"Well everyone coming out seems to be very satisfied. Let's go!" yelled Dominic. He looked around a realized everyone was already inside.

As they walked in they came to a great white hall with red carpet on the ground. A waiter came and sat them down at a table with two booths. Everyone sat down. Matt went in and Dominic after him. On the other side, Suko went in and Daniel after her. The waiter then gave them a menu. He asked for drinks and left.[/color]
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