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The Downfall of Scooby-Doo(Mature)


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Hi all, it is I, Radaghast, with another RP for you. This is one is also based somewhat on a TV show.

The Downfall of Scooby-Doo:

[i]Today's mystery started out as every other, the van got a flat in front of a spooky mansion while we were trying to take a short-cut. So, the gang went inside to see if there was anyone there to help us with our flat. There were, and they told us about strange happenings going on in the town. We decided to help them. We found out what happened, and were thanked gratiously. The owners were so happy that they asked us to stay another. That's when the real mystery began. That when the real monsters came out.[/i]

There's the foundation for what will turn into a fight for Scooby and the gang's sanity, and their lives.

The RP will start out as every innocent episode of Scooby-Doo does. All of the wacky occurances of the show will occur. Only when the first mystery is over and they stay another night will things get dark and scary.

So here is what I need from you:

Bio: (I know there aren't set bios on the show, so you can make something up)

The characters you can be are:
Fred: KnightoftheRose

Given the limited characters, I will only accept serious RPers. When there is only one vacancy left, I will take the spot.

If you sign up, you are not guaranteed the spot.

PM me if you have not seen the show and want to be filled in about all of the details(all the shows are the same thing, only with different people), or you are confused about something else.
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Guest phattmasterdj
Hey, I don't know if I am good enough, but here you go.

Name: Shaggy
Age: 20
Bio: Shaggy grew up in a hippy home. His parents smoked so much pot that he has an everlasting case of the munchies. He left his house living in his van down by a river. That is wear he met Scooby-Do when he was just a small puppy. They lived together and made money as chief?s. One night, when they were working Shaggy met the rest of the gang after they had worked on a case. They got to talking and Shaggy offered his van to them. That is how Shaggy and Scooby got into the gang.
Appearance: He wears a green t-shirt and bellbottom kakis. He has shaggy hair and a light goatee.
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[color=003333][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Fred
[b]Age:[/b] 21?
[b]Bio:[/b] Fred grew up in a home with a lot of money. He always went to the 'best' schools. He always had the 'best' clothing. When he went to college for two year after highschool, he struggled with his sexuality for a while. He was never one to openly come out of the closet, but never exactly stayed in. After he bought his van he began a roadtrip of the country, wanting to get away from his parents and his life. He met up with a lot of interesting people and, for the hell of it, began solving really obvious mysteries. He never really was confused with the mysteries at hand, but played along for the sake of the stoner, the whore, the nerd, and the wierd talking dogs.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Blond hair. Blue eyes. Blue silk pants. A white sweater. And a neckercheif.[/size][/color]
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First, phattmaster: Please proof-read your posts. I have no idea how someone can make money as a 'chief'. I believe the word you're looking for is 'chef'. I know I'm being picky, but too bad.

Second, KOTR: WONDERFUL. That posts pretty much guarantees you a spot. I doubt that anyone can beat that. I love how you obviously showed what the characters truly are. And I like the whole "struggling with his sexuality". I always thought he was kind of a homosexual. I think it was the neckerchief. It's nice to know that other people think like that too. And yes, I think he would be 21.
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Name: Daphne

Age: 21 (right?)

Bio: Daphne was the daughter of rich, corporate parents that were never home. She spent her childhood days dressing up in her mothers' clothes and makeup. When she started school, she of course became one of the popular kids because of her rich status, and rose up in the ranks of popular girl cliques. In middle school, she tried a few drugs, and lost her virginity at some weird party with severly spiked punch. Then she hit high school and banged almost every jock in sight. Her money kept her in the "in-crowd," but her sexually promiscious reputation was well-known. Most of her "friends" avoided her, and guys dated her just for her body. After high school, her parents' money once again saved her, and got her into a half-decent college. There, she completly let loose. Drugs, sex, disco. Not wearing a bra. At one of the wild parties downtown, she met Shaggy, and joined him and Scooby Doo, and hey, we're all one big happy family now. Whee. Not like she had anything better to do with her time.

Appearance: The purple dress. The green scarf thing. The red hair. Come on, you're telling me you've never watched Scooby Doo?
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Guest Under_An_Alias
[Color=green]Name: Norville (Shaggy) Rodgers

Age: 20

Bio: Shaggy lived in peaceful subburban home. His parents both worked but always found time for him. And when he turned about seven or so his parents even bought him a Great Dane puppy which he named Scooby-Doo after one of his favorite shows. He grew so close to Scooby-Doo and he taught him to talk. As they got older they came to grew in not only body types but also appitites.
After high school Shaggy and Scooby-Doo went to the local state college where Shaggy began to smoke woth his so called friends. He began going out and not coming back. His grades dropped and as he began to not only sleep around, but star in elaborate porno he knew he had hit rock bottom.
As he walked around the local downtown he met up with what he thought as a regular joe. As he and Scooby and the guy started solving mysteries he began to realise that along with the two girls who Shaggy had no intrest in and the other guy they were some kinda team. He began to get attached but now his thoughts lie elsewhere.

Appearance: Brown Hair, Green shirt, and brown bellbottoms.[/COLOR]
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