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Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun / Blue Moon


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Um. Yeah. Got released in Japan about a week ago. Megaman Network say it's gonna be out on May 5th in America which means it'll be out in England in a few years. XD

Anyway, I downloaded a -teh naughty thing I can't say here- of it, and it's great. The new overworld graphical style takes a bit of getting used to, but you eventually get used to it, and it's nice to see everyone looking different and with new mugshots. The battle system is just about exactly the same, besides a little mugshot of Megaman under your HP, showing his status (Soul, Full Synchro, Normal, Low HP), and less chips in the custom window. You now only get 7 chip spaces, and the former 3 missing are now Dark Chips. At least I think they are. I haven't got very far (RPGs are murder in japanese XD), so no Dark Chips for me.

What I've heard is that every time you use a Dark Chip, Megaman loses 1hp off his max HP, and you can never get it back. I guess that means they're only to be used as a last resort. It also makes him darker, and disables Soul Unision, but using Navi chips restores him back to normal and makes it avaliable again.

Sprites Inc ripped all the Soul Styles, and they look pretty cool. A few guides on GameFAQs tell you all about them.

Although there's of course some bad news too. There's less battle chips now, but most of them are new, so I guess it's ok. Sprites Inc have ripped these too.

I'm personally really looking forward to this coming out in England. The one major gripe I have with it though, is that both versions have 6 completely different Souls. And they all look amazing! >_< Damn you, Capcom! DAMN YOUUUUU! Not even the amazingness of Viewtiful Joe is enough to make me forgive you for this! >_<

So...Anyone else looking forward to this?
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Hmmm.....When I first heard about them, I immediately dubbed them evil and sacriligious for not following the traditional megaman style. Also, it did not have Zero in it. :bawl: But after convincing my friend to let me play it, (and believe me, it took some convincing) I decided that it was actually pretty cool. I think that I'll get one of them.[/COLOR]
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I think that the new Megaman games for the GBA are pretty good. Obviously they

based the titles on the Pokemon series. Still though if you cant find these games try

the nearest Wal Mart or the nearest ETC software store. The games should be

there but if they aren't I dont what to tell you. That all I know of these new GBA

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