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Spicy Wind


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I made this up after reading a book on a erson named Sage so it's kind of herb/spices based, in odd ways.

[b]The Story[/b]

[i]In the Realm of BaraMori, strong winds blow. The winds caused great alarm in the Northern Wood because the Frost Pixie were dying out. One day it was reported by an apprentice to the Great Mage of The North, that the last frost pixie had died that morning. He sighed and crossed out frost pixies in his book, ?Creatures of The Realm?. Several other names were crossed out too, the Tibits, the Frolens, the Chibinotos, and the Friendly Maker Pixan, were all crossed out. The apprentice look worried, then he gathered his mind and spoke, ?Sir, why do you cross them out? Why do you not make more with your magik? Why do-? he was cut off my his Master?s waving hand. ?Not now Soto. This is no time to ask something, it is time to find out why all the few magical creatures we have are dying due to some ?natural? cause.? Soto looked up at his master, and saw deep worry lines. He became afraid, ?Master why is this happening?? there was a pause then Master replied, ?I don?t know, it?s got to be the apocalypse??


The voices faded, and Sage sighed, she hated those memories that flooded her sleep, but tonight?s was different, she had a feeling that it was not just a memory. She had had premotions like this before, but none of which she heard the words. She heard some giggling to her left, she pauses and heard it again, she glanced over to see to lumps on the bed next to her, she sighed then grinned, ?Nutmeg, Clover. Why do you always giggle like that in the dead of night?? she then realized she had just spoke using her old accent, the smiled slipped off her face in an instant, ?oh no! If the Mistress heard me I?m so dead!? she saw two little heads pop out of the sheets still giggling, they saw her frown and realized what Sage was thinking, ?Oh don?t worry! We won?t tell.? ?Thank you.? Sage mumbled, ?Please go to sleep, remember we?re running tomorrow.? ?Ok, don?t get snappy.? They said it with a tone of voice that said we?re about to. Nutmeg, slid off the bed and moved to the one on the right of Clover. ?Ga?night!? Nutmeg clasped her hand over her mouth, she did it, she started talking like that again. She cursed mentally. ?Well good night?? she waited a moment ?Please don?t tell on me either.?

In the morning?

Clover and Nutmeg awoke at 3.54 with Sage hovering over their clothe chests, ?Come on! We have to hurry! We have to leave before anyone wakes up!? she heard stirring in the back area of the room, to see Juniper and Ginger looking at her. ?You can come if you want, I know you?ve wanted to escape for a while. Come on lets pack.? She quickly want back to her packing, a moment later Nutmeg and Clover were out of bed and getting their own stuff ready. Sage looked at the other beds, all empty, the others escaped already and we need to meet them at Harvest River, by next week. She sighed deep in thought the realizing her canvas bag was packed and she had all she needed. The others were ready too. She sat down to slip on her walking boots and the others did the same, in moments there was a group of five young girls ready to run away from the noble school. Sage's knee length red dress stood out in all the sad mournful blues and grays, she looks around flung open the window and leaped out.

People needed:

Sage (Taken by Ryu_Sakura)
Clover (Taken by Noelle)
Nutmeg (Taken by sunnybunny7 )
Ginger (open)
Juniper (open)


Name: one of the above
Age: all are 13-14
Gender: all are girls unless you pm me to fit a boy into the plot.
Skills: (max 2) Nutmeg must have invisability, and Clover must have potion making.
weapon: max 3, (ex: wand, staff, stick, sword, dagger, or mage map) and please be sensable like no staff sword AND wand, now thats just stupid to have three large weapons, where are you going to keep them?
Description: (all girls are tall or a bit above average height, and LOOK frail)

(I'll add more but thats all for now)

[i]My Sign-up[/i]




Tresspasser; the ability to walk thru walls, physical, magikal, and metal, Psychic energy; all types reading minds, moving objetcs with out hands, extrem mental strength and Mage Staff Magik; the type of magik a Mage uses thru/by using a staff.

Wind Staff, Wind Sword and East Mage Map.

Sage is a really quiet girl, she likes books and maps, she always dreamed of becoming a mage master, but due to her royal heratidge, like all her friends, are forbidden to do so. sh dosn't know her father, acording to her mother the noble school mistriss he left her with Sage, the youngest daughter, Maple, the second oldest and Silvya the third oldest, he had taken the oldest daughter one night and never came back.

Sage is a tall, frail looking young girl, she has pionted ears like an elf, but a little smaller, shetends to wear knee lengh dresses or baggy pands and shirts, she usally wears a knee length blood red dress. her eyes are a deep purple and her hiar is a very light blue.


The only thing is it's THIRD person, meaning you say She, not I, ect...

if you have any questions pm or e-mail me, i don't want ANYONE spamming this thread.
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[i][color=lightpink]Well this is a change in the types of RP's I have seen lately. I like it!

[b]Name:[/b] Clover

[b]Age:[/b] 13

[b]Skills:[/b] Potion Making and Telepathy

[b]Weapons:[/b] Water Dagger & Water Staff

[b]Bio:[/b] Clover grew up in a good family to start out with. They seemed perfect, while living in a mansion. They were related to a royal family. But her father was a drunk and her mother wasn't able to take good care of Clover. Her mother couldn't even take care of herself. Clover was sad and upset when her parents did argue and fight. One night her father died of OD on something that she didn't know and her mother gave her up to the noble school, seeing it as the right thing to do for her.

[b]Description:[/b] Clover has long curly red hair that flows down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were green with silver flecks in them. She had a few freckles on her nose. She normally wore a black dress that went down to right above her knees, her heeled black boots went up to the middle of her shin. She was very frail and tall looking.

If you have a problem with the bio or description please talk to me.[/color][/i]
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i remember you! the bell rpg never got started ::sigh:: it would have been really good.

You have nothing wrong with your post (except look below), and Yay for knee length dresses! Sorry I just woke up and I'm too sick ::coughing fit:: to do anything else...

OK OK my sister was bugging me last night about the frailness, it because they all are in one way or another "royal". Thats why its a noble school. since the are royal, you can't expect them to be strong/musclular looking. And noelle at this point you don't have to change your post, just add somthing like she lived in a mansion or something *dead* I donno...
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Guest sunnybunny7
Name: Nutmeg

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Skills: invisibility; looks like she dissolves in air and if she is holding something it also turns invisible but she has to hold it with her bear hands to make it invisible.
Shape-shifting; ability to look like any thing, even items, and change any of her possession to look like anything she wants it to look like.

Weapon: Fire Wand, Fire Dagger, and Sword

Bio: Nutmeg is a very energetic girl. She likes sweets, arts and crafts, inventions and inventing items, and games. Her favorite things to do were to explore when possible or she?d practice shape-shifting. She never really knew her parents because they died in an ?accident? which Nutmeg doesn?t know much about when she was 3. She grew up with her friends in the noble school as long ago as she can remember. She doesn?t know if she has siblings, cousins or any other type of relatives.

Description: Red knee-length dress and black walking boots. Her eyes are a deep purple color. Her hair is wavy, a light purple color, shoulder length and she likes to put it in a high pony tail or have it in two pony tails on both sides of her head. Two things she never takes of is a bracelet and a necklace.

any problems? PM me.
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ok, both of you are in. Do you think I should add a bit more to the story? Like more of a hook? my friend *bops* megan said its stupid, and there is really nothing going on... I'll add a bit more. cause I have the next 5 hours to do so. (I'm still ill) I'm so happy, sunnybunny, my bff actually came on... and signed up! *bounces*

oh and Noelle please look at my privios post, you need to fix one little thing. or just below.

[quote][B]OK OK my sister was bugging me last night about the frailness, it because they all are in one way or another "royal". Thats why its a noble school. since the are royal, you can't expect them to be strong/musclular looking. And noelle at this point you don't have to change your post, just add somthing like she lived in a mansion or something *dead* I donno...[/B][/quote]
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