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Mars Android War

Megumi momo

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In the year 2029 earth inhabited Mars.
Mars and earth were a unified nation until Androids started to be made. Earth felt threatened by mars success and declared war on the planet. mars tried negotiating but earth denied mars's request. earth and mars had a 2 year war with a peace treaty being signed in the end.In the year 2031 androids began taking over colines one by one. earth and mars tried to defend their planets but what they had created was more than a handful. in the year 2035 not even a million humans were left. earth had been completly destroyed and now the androids were coming to mars.

i hope people find this interesting!!!

pick your race
android or human or you could be a third(android and human combined)
pick which side you are on human or android
give a breif discription about your character and join the war
i'm looking for about 20 people
Name-Tasi daloo

Her father was an engineer on the androids. When Tasi was 17 she was in a tragic accident. Her father replaced most of her body with artifical limbs and gave her some inhuman ablilties
the androids found this disturbing and murdered her family she wanders mars alone looking for others like her and tries to find rouge robots to destroy. she is living on revenge but she is slowly learning that she will die if her sloe purose is revenge

please keep it alive!!!
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