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What happens when your a highly dangerous inuyasha lover!


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Tsukana-chan: I am the highly dangerous Inuyasha lover!!!
Inuyasha: Where the heck am I Why does my butt hurt?
Sango: Take a look...
Inuyasha: *looks at butt* How the heck did that get there?! *pulls out dart*
Sango: Why cant I sit down...?
Miroku: Take a look at your butt.
Sango: Miroku!! HENTAI!!!! *smacks Miroku*
Miroku: No, your boomerang is in your butt.
Sango: oh
Tsukana-chan: We have a speacial person!
Jaken: Who is it?
Tsukana-chan: My best friend Maron!
Maron: Hello
Sesshoumaru:She is your friend?!
Maron: Oh Sesshy!!!!
Sesshoumaru: uhhh...
Maron: * Chases Sesshoumaru around, foaming at the mouth*
Shippo: Wheres my tail?
Tsukana-chan: On my wall
Shippo: *looks up at wall and sees tail on a plate that says "Tail of Shippo"*
Jaken: Can I have a coulple of smokes?
Naraku: NO!!! Wheres my cooking spoon?
Tsukana-chan: In your butt.
Naraku: AHHHH!!! Get it out! Get it out!!!
Tsukana-chan: No
Maron: * catches Sesshoumaru and huggles him*
Sesshoumaru: Uhhhhggg
Shippo: My butt hurts!
Inuyasha: Get this tranquilizer dart outta my butt!!!
Sango: Why did you do this to us!
Tsukana-chan: I already collected every Inuyasha thing in the world, but I need the real thing...
Maron: Yeah! And I finally get Sesshoumaru!!
Seshsoumaru: Help.......me......

Tsukana-chan: Shoving things up other peoples butts is fun!
Maron: Yeah...I know...
Tsukana-chan: Wanna do that again?
Maron: Heck yeah! I thought you would never ask!!!
Tsukana-chan:*Takes Tetsusuiga and shoves it up Inuyashas butt*.
Tsukana-chan: :D
Maron: :D
Sango: *pulls boomerang outta her butt* ouch that hurt!
Maron: *shoots Sqango in the butt with tranquilizer dart*
Miroku: Wheres my staff? Why cant I sit down?
Tsukana-chan: Take a look at your butt...
Miroku: Oh! there it is!!
*Rurouni Kenshin appears*
Miroku: ...you see, I have this curse on my hand, and if I dont get rid of it, I will be devoured, so will you bear my child?
Kenshin:....? Im a MAN YOU IDIOT!
Miroku: ......AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Tsukana-chan: ...Hey Maron, you thinking what im thinking?
Maron: Yep! Ill distract him
Kenshin: Can I go back now?
Maron: That you will
Kenshin: Dont steal my phrases
Maron: That I wont..
Kenshin: ????
Maron: ????
Tsukana-chan: *slowly takes out Kenshins sword and shoves it up his butt*
Kenshin:.....ooohhhheeeeeppp..... *faints*
Tsukana-chan and Maron: *takes Kenshins body and puts it in glass case*
Tsukana-chan: There! out Rurouni Kenshin collection is complete!
Maron: Yep!... can I shove something up Sesshoumarus butt?
Tsukana-chan:...why not?! ^_^
Maron: Yay! .....Oh Sesshy!
Sesshoumaru: not again!!!!
Maron: *takes Tensuiga and shoves it up his butt*
Sesshoumaru: OOhhheeeee..... *faints*
Maron: I didnt mean to make him faint...
Tsukana-chan: Nice going!
Inuyasha: Why are we here?
Miroku: Dont ask questions, just answer them
Tsukana-chan: Hey hes answering questions! okay, Inuyasha, whats an Icosoliese Triangle?
Inuyasha: Icosoliese triangle....hmm....grr....FEH!
Everyone: *laughs*
Inuyasha: why do I hafta answer questions?
Tsukana-chan: cuz.
Inuyasha: cuz what?
Tsukana-chan: cuz cuz
Inuyasha: Cuz cuz cuz?
Tsukana-chan: Cuz x4
Inuyasha: Cuz x5
Tsukana-chan: Cuz x6
Inuyasha: *faints*
Tsukana-chan:I love shovig thigs up other peoples butts!
Maron: me too!
Tsukana-chan: Come back next time where the Inuyasha cast and us take a road trip!!!
Maron: Bye!!!! OH Sesshoumaru!!!!
Sesshoumaru: Oh great....*runs away*

Next Time: Kagome appears, road trip, shipwreck, and a surprise!

Tsukana-chan: Welcome back to...
Tsukana-chan: Sorry, thats my cell phone...*answers* Hello?
Inuyasha: Who is that?
Tsukana-chan: That was Kagome, she said shes on her way...
Maron: Kagomes coming! Yay!!!!
Shippo: Thats my line!
Maron: No its not!
Shippo: Yes it is!
*fight outbreaks*
*Maron wins*
Shippo: Can I atleast have my tail back?
Maron: No
Sango: Ill get it... Hey! Ka..go....m..e...?
Person at door:Did anyone order a dead rat pizza with extra tails?
Jaken: That would be me!!! Did you bring my smokes too?
Pizza Dude: Yeah
Jaken: Alwright!!
Tsukana-chan: Anyone who wants Jaken to go with us on the road trip, raise your hand
Tsukana-chan: Anyone who wants him to stay here...?
Everyone but Jaken: *hands raise*
Jaken: Hmmmppphhh...!!!
*Pizza dude leaves*
Sango: Listen here, we dont want you stinklin...pi...zza....?
Kagome: Ahem?
Sango: Sorry
*everyone but jaken goes into the car*
Maron: Can I drive, Tsukana-chan?
Tsukana-chan: I guess, what harm could you do?
Maron: *drives*
Tsukana-chan: What was that?
Maron: I think I just ran over Courage the Cowardly Dog, either that or it was Scooby Doo
Tsukana-chan: let me drive! *hops into drivers seat*
Miroku: So, where are we going?
Tsukana-chan: That?s the surprise
Sesshoumaru: are we going to the mall?
Tsukana-chan: No
Naraku: Are we going to the studio for "Ready, Set, Cook!"?
Tsukana-chan: Ew! No
Inuyasha: Are we going to parts unknown?
Tsukana-chan: T_T yes, we are going to parts unknown...
Miroku: Whats that ahead?
Tsukana-chan: I dont know, it looks like....A GIANT CHEESE WEDGE!!!
*drives right through giant cheese wedge*
Tsukana-chan: Everyone OK?
Everyone but Sesshoumaru: Yes!
Sesshoumaru: No! My new clothes are covered in nacho cheese!
Everyone but Sesshoumaru: T_T
Kagome: Can I drive now?
Tsukana-chan: ....why not? ^_^
Tsukana-chan: Where are we?
Kagome: Oopsie
*water starts to go into car*
Tsukana-chan: Kagome!!! Where are we?!?!?!
Kagome: ....mmhhhpppphhhh....
Kagome: ???.
Miroku: We are still going, arent we?
Tsukana-chan: What was....omigosh.....
Sango: Oh great...
Shippo: Whats that?
Tsukana-chan: Kagome, you now drove us into a WATER BARGE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Kagome: .........
Maron: Everyone get aboard so we can apologize!
*everyone climbs on board*
*boats starts to tip*
Tsukana-chan: Tell me why, Maron, THAT WE JUST CLIMBED ABOARD A SINKING SHIP?!?!?!
Maron: ......
Naraku: We should get back into the car!
*everyone climbs back into car*
Tsukara-chan: Why don?t we just get to the surprise?
Everyone: Yeah!!!
Tsukara-chan:We are going to go...
Sesshoumaru: Shopping?
Tsukara-chan: No... we are....
Miroku: Going to look for women to bear my child?
Tsukana-chan: NO!!!! Let me finish!!!
Everyone: .......
Tsukana-chan: We are going to a grenade factory.
Tsukana-chan: You can talk now...
Everyone: GRENADE FACTORY?!?!?!
Tsukana-chan: Yes! Be careful not to get hit with one.
Inuyasha: What will happen? Will ramen come out?
Sango: Yes, where you?ll be going, there will LOTS of ramen!
Inuyasha: Allright!!!!!
*driving to grenade factory*
Naraku: Tell me why we are going to this gray nerd factory
Maron: Grenade!
Kagome: Dont ask me...I wasn?t to one who wrote this fanfiction....
Tsukana-chan: Im the one! I was bored and I wanted to see Miroku get blown up again...
Miroku: Hey! That was not funny! I thought it was a lime...
Miroku: Man, Im hungry. Hey Tsukana-chan! Do you have any food?
Tsukana-chan: Yeah, search around the kitchen
Miroku: Alright, ill search around the engine...hey! A lime!
Everyone but miroku: *Laughs*
*arrives at grenade factory*
Tsukana-chan: If we got caught, they will put us in jail and/or throw grenades at us
Tsukana-chan: Sesshoumaru, you idiot, be quiet!
Maron: Great job Sesshy
Tsukana-chan: Put these on!!! *hands everyone blastfree jakets*
Inuyasha: Hit me!!!! I WANT RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Tsukana-chan: No Inuyasha! You wont get ramen!!!!!!
*one hour later*
Tsukana-chan: Phew, we made it out without getting hit with a grenade...!
Miroku: What about me?!?!?!?!?
~~~~~~~~~~One hour ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Miroku: Hey! They are throwing limes at us!!!
Maron: Lets go back home...
*drives home*
Tsukana-chan: Well, come back next time for some more pointless stuff!
Maron: Oh Sesshy!!!
Sesshoumaru: Do you ever leave me alone??!?!?

Next:Wheres Shippo?, holidays in one week, and the show is accepting dares!! tune in next time!
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(Oh whattya You know wiccansamurai! I like it and if u don't well tough! And the whole point is pretty much speaking, and another thing I CAN DOUBLE POST IF I WANNA! So shove off! It's not 'ICK'!!!!.....by the way, this is only my mild anger, if u want a full blast of it, u can jus' keep dissin' my work!!!)

Tsukana-chan: Welcome back! Due to technical errors, we couldnt finish yesterdays show, so in order to make up for it, WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING DARES!
Inuyasha: Uhhh...dares?
Tsukana-chan: Yes! We have one from KenshinCrazy21, here is the dare:

i dare inuyasha to................deal with everyone petting,huging,playing with his ears and he cant lay a finger on anyone for 10.min .........^^ this`ll be funny!!

Inuyasha: I didnt agree with this!!!!!
Kagome: Yay!!!!! Gimme those ears!!!*stretches out Inuyashas ears*
Inuyasha: YYYEeeaaaarrrrggg!
Sango: Awwww!! Hes so cute!! *pats him on the head*
Inuyasha: grrrrr......
Miroku: Aw!!! Cuddlecuddle!!!*huggles Inuyasha*
Inuyasha:....im gonna kill this Kenshin Crazy....
Sesshoumaru: Why would I wanna do any of that lame stuff for, Im still gonna kill him...or maybe not...hmm
Tsukana-chan: Hey! Wheres Shippo? *hugs Inuyahsa*
Kagome: I dont know *tugs Inuyashas ears*
Sango: Havent seen him all day...*pats Inuyashas head*
Miroku:Yeah, me niether*Pulls Inuyashas hair*
Inuyasha: Hey!!! That wasnt in the dare!!!
Miroku: so?I wanted to do this all my life!
~~~~~~~~~~Quick Change into Christmas mode~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Inuyasha: Is the dare over yet?
Tsukana-chan: Hold on...10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1...okay!
Everyone: Lets go of Inuyasha
Maron: What did I miss?
Tsukana-chan: A dare, have you seen Shippo?
Maron: No...
Tsukaka-chan: Hey its Christmas! Lets invite some more people so we can have a party!
Maron: Okay!
*Kikyou, Rin, Kaede, Kagomes grandfather, Yura, Kohaku, Kouga,and Jaken appear*
Kikyou: *bumps into Inuyasha in a doorway*
Inuyasha: uh oh...*looks up* MISTLE TOE!!!
Kikyou: hehe...*leans forward and kicks Inuaysha in the shin*
Inuyasha: What heck was that for?!?!?!?!?!?!?!*hops on one leg*
Kikyou: I thought you were suppose to kick someone under the mistle toe...
Inuyasha: No you idiot! You are suppose to KISS them!
Kikyou: Well in that case.....bye! *walks away*
Kagome: Who put the mistle toe here anyway?
Rin: Seeschomakkku!
Sesshoumaru: My little Rin!
Naraku: ...then Barbie is suppose to ask Ken for his hand in marrage...
Yura: Where should I put the presents I brought?
Tsukana-chan: Under the tree, my hairy friend.
Maron: Is any of them for me?! *shakes boxes*
Kagomes grandfather: Thats not the way to figure out if what is in those boxes! You have to open them carefully and look inside!
Maron: Why would I wanna do that?!
Tsukana-chan: *brings out giant sheet cake*
Naraku: OOhhh!! Home cooking!!!
Maron: CAKE!!!!
Everyone: *rushes towards Tsukana-chan*
Tsukana-chan: *cuts cake and gives out plates of it*
Sesshoumaru: *munchmunch* you know Tsukana-chan, I know that this is a sheet cake...but is there suppose to be REAL sheet in it?
Everyone: *spits out pieces of sheet*
Inuyasha: This is good! *gulp*^_^*munchmunch*
Maron: *walks under mistle toe* Oh Sesshoumaru!!!!!
Sesshoumaru: Oh great *runs*
Maron: *chases Sesshoumaru around, foaming at the mouth....
Tsukana-chan: Its time to open presents!
Everyone: *rushes toward Christmas tree*
Everyone but Inuyasha: *gets more that 3 gifts*
Inuyasha: all I got was this small box....
Tsukana-chan: Inuyasha, I have something special for you...*pulls out HUGE box!*
Inuyasha: wow....*opens big box* WOW!!!! A do it yourself Sword care kit! Thank you!!!!
Tsukana-chan: Your welcome! Open the small box now
Inuyasha: *opens small box* I-Its a mini figure of me! From...Yura?!
Yura: I was thoughtful this year, wasn?t I?
Everyone: Yes!
Naraku: *gasp!* A Barbie bungalow with a new Ken, Kelly, and Barbie! Thnk you! And..."Naked Chef Wonders! Cooking in only an apron!" Cool!
Sesshoumaru: *prys Maron off him* I got...Luvs Baby Soft Makeup and Perfume!! Wow!
Tsukana-chan: Heres one for Shippo....and one for Jaken....and one for...
Kagome: Aww! Look at this! I got a portrait of all of us together! And a Make-it yourself Pillow kit! Great!....one more....aww!!! New Sunglassess with little blue stones in it!
Tsukana-chan: Why dont we do an other dare?
Everyone: Okay!
Tsukana-chan: Heres one from...PoopheadMcCoy7251???!!!

I dare Miroku to....um.....group all the women in here, then have all the women grope all the men!

Men: Alwright!
Tsukana-chan: somethings not right here....Miorku...?!
Miroku: ........................yes........................?

Tsukana-chan: Did you write this?
Tsukana-chan: Okay.....
Miroku: *gropes all the women*
Women: GROSS!!!!!
Women: *gropes all the men* erg??
Miorku: Hah! Fooled ya!
Maron: You did write that dare!!!!
Miroku: .....................yes......................
Sango: *opens last present* *gasp* A new boomerang that can change sizes! neat!
Tsukana-chan: Carol time!
Everyone: Jinglebells, Batman smell, Robin laid an eeg, batmobile lost its wheel.....
*TTTTHHHHHOOOOMMMMMMPPP* *coughcoughhackgack*
Kohaku: what....was....that....?
Kaede: It kinda sounds like Santa coming down the chimeny
Inuyasha: Whats a santa?
Kaede: *explains to Inuyasha what sant is*...and he has white, silvery hair, and wears red....
Kagome: What was THAT?
Kaede: That mistle toe is gone!
Shippo: SANTA!!!! *runs into Inuyasha*
Inuyasha: Im not Santa you shrimp!
Tsukana-chan: Shippo, were you that mistle toe?
Shippo:.......................uhh.......bye! *rushes out of the house*
*HoHocoughHo! Merry cough Christmas!!!!!
Kagome: Grandpa?!?!?!
KG: Yes....cough....Its me...cough
Tsukana-chan: Uhhh......yeeeeaaahhhh....well day one of holiday week is now over! See ya next time!
Kouga: You forgot about me and Jaken!
Jaken: Yeah!
Tsukana-chan: Bye!
Maron: I wish you a merry Christmas , Sesshy!
Sesshoumaru: See what I have to deal with?! *runs*

Next time: More Kouga and Jaken footage: Who will eat the most easter eggs? Inuyashas hair turns PINK?!
See Ya next Time!
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Guest sixthcrusifix
Actually hun, It is against the rules to double post, Unless whatever you are writing os to big for one post then it is okay. He is stupid, He expects way to much out of people. I didn't perticularly like it, But i just didn't feel like reading. The butt thing was discusting, but funny.
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[color=blue][size=1]It might be just me, but I'm a little lost about this. I haven't even read the posts all the way through, and I'm totally bored.

Plus, why is there a poll about Yu Yu Hakasho when this is a fan-fic (maybe not even that) about Inuyasha?!?!

I'm lost, but then again, I'm always lost. Tell if I'm not the only one!!!

~Dazed And Confused~[/color][/size]
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[QUOTE]He is stupid, He expects way to much out of people.[/QUOTE]

Who [I]are[/I] you talking about?

[QUOTE]I'm lost, but then again, I'm always lost. Tell if I'm not the only one!!![/QUOTE]

You aren't the only one....

I like humor and all, but this is for critiquing. And it needs some kind of form. I'm so tired of fan fictions that are all dialogue. It makes it bland and so boring, its painful to read.

[QUOTE]and another thing I CAN DOUBLE POST IF I WANNA! So shove off! [/QUOTE]

Well, yeah, if you want to be banned.

[QUOTE]It's not 'ICK'!!!!.....by the way, this is only my mild anger, if u want a full blast of it, u can jus' keep dissin' my work!!![/QUOTE]

Don't tempt me. Ick is an opinion.
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*dosen't feel much like typin' today* Well how am I suppose 2 finish this thing if I'm not allowed 2 double post I mean....I don't wanna spend hours typing it, jus' so that it can fit on one post...it's a very annoying rule if u ask me.........
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Oh okay, Hey, I won't be posting for a few days, like possibly 4 or 5, I'v been havin' some family problems with both my parents fighting and all. along with that my brother R (name won't be reviealed) keeps coming in and out of his coma, he seems 2 be getting worse, so we are going 2 go visit him....And then because of this my brother C (R's twin brother, I'v got 3) thinks he's not going 2 make it, so he keeps tryin 2 commit suicided and all that junk...S0 yea, that's pretty much y, be back in a few days. Later.
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i hope you know what you posted are not fanfics, they are bloopers. just so you know.

sorry about your family and all, my family is going through stuff like that.

really good bloopers, very funny. *blows up Miroku* die pervert! and well the butt thing was gross yet totaly funny. *shoves a poison dart up Miroku's butt with a 100ft. pole* mwahahahaha...
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I can't think anymore...everythings jus' a big swirling mess in my brain.
But as for my family, R's still not out of the coma, C's havin' troble coping with this, and mom and dad act like nothin' ever happend they jus' keep screaming at each other like they always do, it's driving me insane! >.<
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hey i'm really sorry to hear about your family and your family problems :( i can relate to the problem with the rent thing...my mom and step-dad kicked me out of our house so i have t live with friends now but hey anything to get out of the house lol keep on livin' its what we were ment for!
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