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The Chronicles of the Ascendant


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[B]0510 hours, October 7, 3052\the bridge of the Ascendant, patrol route through Horiig system[/B]

"Anomoly detected." a voice sounded through the bridge.
"Send a probe to investigate." a powerful voice commanded.
"Aye, sir."
"Sir, we have a priority one message directly from High Com." a comms. officer stated.
"Send It over to my data screen." the powerful voice commanded.
He opene up the message file.

[B]Priority One
Urgent all U.E.F. ships report to Earth system defence ring immediatetly, Large force heading for Mars. Prepare for battle.[/B]
"Change course and prepare for hyperspace transit to Earth system"the powerful voice commanded.
A voice sounded over the intercom "all units prepare for hyperspace, start the cryotube process."

I request that your posts in the adventure are at least a paragraph long.
Age: (18 to 45)
Position: (we need communications, navigations, weopons, and status officers as part of the crew and some marines to command the marine force)
Appearance: (there is a uniform)
Weapons: (crew start with handguns but can pick up heavier weopons later on and marines have access to heavy weopons)
My sign up

Name:Captain L. Herbert



Position:Captain of the Ascendant

Appearance:About 6 feet 2 inches tall. Short brown hair and dark brown eyes. Has a moderate tan.

Personality:Is calm and collected no matter what the situation. Will risk his own life to save those under his command. Can easily rally his forces to give a battle 110%

Weapons:two handuns

Bio: see above story(powerful voice
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