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The (Sic) Shape

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First of all, some of you may remember this and I must be crazy for trying to bring this back but oh well. There have been several changes, but all in all its the same. Second, If you got any questions about the Metal Gear series PM me and I?ll answer them as soon as possible.

?Snake? You there??

?Don?t worry, Otacon. I?m fine. Everything?s okay. I have just arrived on the shore,? Snake answered.

?That?s good. I just want to make sure. This is very important you know. I don?t want anything to screw up like last time,? Otacon said calmly.

?I know. I know. So do you mind briefing me in on this takeover?? Snake asked.

?Of course. Well, first off you remember that after Outer Heaven was destroyed the entire area was bombed by the US government, where several black projects were integrated such as the Out-of-Earth Environmental Special Forces and the Genome Army??

?How could I ever forget that??

?Anyways, after the bombings were over the government decided to rebuild the entire fortress and it?s now used as a training facility for the military, due to its jungle-forest and desert enviroments and the fortress has been used for several counter-terrorist operations,? Otacon explained.

?And why am I here??

?I was hacking in the Pentagon for to find more information on Metal Gear clones and I came up with a top secret file. About eighteen hours ago there was a call directly to the President stating that a terrorist group calling themselves FOXHOUND have taken over the entire fortress of Outer Heaven and have taken hostages from every soldier and worker, counting to at least one hundred.?

?But why call themselves FOXHOUND? It was disbanded about five years ago,? Snake said, confused.

?It?s not the group name that?s interesting. It?s the leader of the group that is. The person who called claimed to be Revolver Ocelot.?

?Ocelot!?! We haven?t seen him since that Big Shell incident, and that was about a year ago.?

?I know, but I matched the voice from the call to a previous voice recording and it matches,? Otacon said.

?So do you think Metal Gear?s involved??

?That?s what I?m getting to. They say that if their demands aren?t meant, they?ll launch a nuke and they plan to use Metal Gear to fire it.?

?Could it possibly be RAY?? Snake asked.

?There?s no other way. After a whole year only RAY has the capability to launch a nuke.?

?What are they?re demands??

?Only two. They want to transport 30 billion dollars to a bank account in Salzburg. Only two hundred kilometers away from Outer Heaven. I?ve already set up everything here and if you can?t stop them before the money is transferred I?ll hack in during the transfer and stop it,? Otacon explained.

?And the other??

?This one is really strange. They want the entire evacuation of the Manhattan city area.?

?What?? Snake asked, ?Why??

?How should I know? That?s one of the few things we?re going to find out.?

?Alright. Does the public know anything about this??

?No. You know the government prefers to keep things under wraps. Besides, if the public knew there would be a high chance of panic. But all the government has done so far is dispatch a team of the best soldiers they got,? Otacon said.

?Anyone we know??

?Just one, Meryl Silverburgh.?

?Meryl!?!? Snake exclaimed, ?What?s she doing here??

?Well, after the Shadow Moses incident she remained in the military. Since then she?s been involved in a lot a counter-terrorist operations. She?s one of the best soldiers in the military.

?Has there been any recent status on them??

?No,? Otacon answered, ?The government lost contact with them six hours after they were sent in.?

?Okay. So what are my objectives??

?The objectives is to infiltrate Outer Heaven, of course, find Metal Gear and confirm if it is RAY, rescue the hostages, and as always, disarm all the terrorists. Also if there are any of the soldiers from the first dispatch found help them. What you want to do first is up to you. Good luck.?

?I?ll call you when I need you.?

Alright. Here is pretty much how the story is going to go. The story starts a year after MGS2 and the person who assumes the role of Snake will make his way through the jungle-forest, into Outer Heaven and must complete the objectives mentioned above.

Along the way Snake will be ambushed by the terrorists and will have to go through traps that were set, such as

Now FOXHOUND aren?t the only terrorists. They also have the Gurlukovich Private Army with them. Also, Solid Snake will not be the only good guy. We?ll also need some people to play as the survivors of the first group of soldiers sent in, including Meryl.

Before this starts and you need the information for general layout of the area PM me and I?ll respond as soon as I can.
Now for the characters. Next to some of the characters? names is the weapon they start off with, and possibly their only weapon:

People that have to be in this:
1) Solid Snake (M9 Tranquilizer Gun)
2) Meryl (Deagle Handgun)
2) Revolver Ocelot ( Two Colt .45 Single-Action Army Revolvers) [B](ONLY) Taken[/B]
3) Vamp (Yes, he?s alive. He is also Second-in-Command) (A knife) [B](ONLY)[/B]

4) At least three to six FOXHOUND members. Only one special power/ability. No regeneration, invincibility or anything else like that. Your name has to be a codename that consists of two parts. The first part is part is something personal, and the second is the animal that you identify with. Vamp is the only exception for he has multiple abilities.

5) At least three to six surviving soldiers from first deployment

6) Cyborg Ninja (High Frequency Blade) [B](ONLY)[/B] PM me if you want to be him.

People that can be played but don?t have to be:
1) Soldiers of Gurlukovich Private Army
2) Otacon. You will call Snake from time to time or vice versa and give information, make small talk or give advice and provide comic relief.
Okay. Now for the sign ups:

Age: (If possible)
Appearance: (Provide a picture for existing characters)
Weapon: (Some characters already have a starting weapon) (Maximum of four)
Special Skill: (Only for FOXHOUND members)
Organization: (Philanthropy, First Government Deployment, or FOXHOUND)
Bio: (Short or long)

Since I?m the only one who knows the whole terrorist plot, I?ll be Ocelot.

Name: Revolver Ocelot
Gender: Male
Age: ????
Weapon: Two Colt .45 Single-Action Army Revolvers
Nationality: Russian
Special Skill: Torture
Organization: FOXHOUND
Bio: He took part in the Shadow Moses takeover and lost his right arm in the incident. After stealing the specs to Metal Gear REX he sold them in the black market. Now every group, organization and dot com have their own version of Metal Gear. His arm was replaced with Liquid Snake?s and he is somehow able to take over Ocelot?s body when Snake is nearby. He hijacked Metal Gear RAY from a Tanker, killing his old friend Sergei Gurlukovich in the process. He was involved during the Big Shell takeover and revealed that he was a spy to The Patriots and that the takeover was simply to create a training simulation so that ?anybody can be shaped into Snake.? After escaping with RAY he went to kill The Patriots only to be given a fake location. For a year he looked for mercenaries to help him and re-recruited the Gurlukovich Private Army. Without a leader, Ocelot became the new leader of the private army. His true agenda for starting this take over is unknown...
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