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I remember this that one of my friends did some time over the summer. (One of the few I have that like anime) It was a pretty cool poem and I kinda liked it. I had a copy sitting around the house and I was bored again like always so I just added some more onto it and it came out ok I guess. I don't know how she does it though. She told me it was published somwhere in a book but I can't remember which one. Anyway, the first two verses was what she had on it. The rest I did. That's why that sounds better than the rest of the crappy stuff that I did.

[I]~Crying Flowers~[/I]

Flowers that cry
All through the night
Hold in their pain
Til no one's in sight

The tears will flow
And no one can say
That flowers don't cry
During the day

No matter how far
No matter how wide
The dozens of roses
Will be there on the hillside

To rest and be sure
Not a soul to devour
Their ever growing pain
That expands every hour

Oh the roses, they weep
And the tulips, they wail
All through the night
With little eyes so frail

Shoved by the breeze
And pulled by the wind
Hoping one day
They will never cry again
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