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The Legend of Zelda: Awakening of a New Evil


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[color=green]"Where am I," Link's voice echo through his mind. He opened his eyes to discover that he was surrounded by water. A shining female figure appeared before Link.

"A new evil has awakened," the figure said, "it is like none you have seen before. You alone will not be enough. You must seek help or Hyrule as we know it will be destroyed." Link blinked as the shining figure disappeared. Could this be a dream or is this reality?

?Link wake up,? a familiar sounding voice said. Link?s eyes fluttered up to see Navi flying around his head. Link figured the warning was only a dream, but he cant ignore it. Link slowly sat up.

?What is it,? Link said as he yawned. Navi started flying faster as she got nearer to the door. Link looked toward the door as a blonde haired girl appeared in it. He didn?t recognize her. How did she get into the forest?

?Hello,? the little girl said, ?I?m Lilly and I?m your twin sister Link.? Link?s eyes flashed with confusing. He never knew that he had a sister, let alone a twin. Lilly walked into Link?s little tree house. She was followed by a white wolf pup.

?Who told you that I was your twin brother,? Link asked as he eyed Lilly, ?and what?s with the wolf.? The wolf started to growl as Lilly picked it up. Lilly looked upset as she petted her wolf.

?Our mother told my step-parents,? Lilly said as her eyes started to water, ?and my step-parents thought I was old enough to know.? Link put his head down. He knew Lilly wasn?t lying.

?Ok, I believe that,? Link said as he stood up, ?but what about the wolf.? Lilly looked down at her wolf pup. It was happily wagging its tail as it looked up at her. She smiled slightly.

?This guy is like Navi,? Lilly said with a slight smile, ?and his name is Tee-Tee.? Link nodded his head. He never heard of a wolf having a wolf as a guardian. Lilly sat Tee-Tee down and looked at Link?s little sword. She drew her sword and looked at it.

?You?re a warrior too,? Link said as he peeked around Lilly. Lilly nodded as she took her shield out. The little shield was made of wood, had pink designs in the corners, and a pink heart in the middle with the triforce in the middle of it. Link rubbed his head as he looked at Lilly?s shield.

?I know something?s bugging you,? Lilly said as she put her sword and shield away. Link shook his head. He looked at Lilly and let out a sigh.

?Yeah,? Link said as he picked up his sword and shield, ?I just had a dream about a new evil.? Lilly looked shocked as Link spoke. Link put his weapons away and looked at Lilly. As their blue eyes met, a vision flashed before them.

?It was destiny that you two met,? the shining female figure said as she appeared before Link and Lilly. Link and Lilly looked confused as they looked at their grown up bodies.

?What??..what do you mean,? Lilly said as she took a step forward. The water of the room rippled beneath Lilly?s feet. Link had gone through this once before, now he?s going through it again. He hadn?t picked up the Master Sword though.

?You two must share the power of the weapon of time,? the figure said with an echoing voice, ?Please hurry to the Temple of Time. Split the Master Sword. Share it?s mighty power.? Link and Lilly watched on as the figure disappeared and them and the room went back to normal.

?The Temple of Time,? Link said as he took out his ocarina. Lilly took out a pink ocarina. Link wondered if she knew the same songs as he did.

?I think we should take the long way,? Lilly said as she put her ocarina away. Link nodded and put his ocarina away. He liked the idea of going through Hyrule Field. He rushed over to his door.

Moments later, Link and Lilly were standing on the edge of Hyrule Field and Koriki Forest. Link took a deep breath and started walking down the path. Navi, Lilly, and Tee-Tee followed closely. A new adventure was about to begin, but how will it end.

OOC: Aright guys, take it from here. I'll be back later! :D[/color]
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Zeo walked through the forest whle playing his flute. Playing the flute had calmed his nerves after fighting a monster who had eaten some of his stuff. He didn't realy know where he was going and figured he'd find a town sooner or later. As he walked he saw people walking on the path.

"I wonder where they're going" zeo asked him self.

He stopped playing his flute as he watched the people walk by. As he started walking behind them he put his flute away so he wouldn't be distracted by making sure he had to hold onto it. He wasn't sure who they were but he'd figure he'd find out sooner or later.
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Lilly stopped dead in her tracks. Link turned and looked at Lilly. Tee-Tee also looked at Lilly.

"What's with you," Link said as he put his hand on her shoulder. Lilly shook her head. She had a strange feeling.

"I feel like someone is following us," Lilly said as she quickly turned around. Zeo was caught and he knew it. He walked up to Link and Lillly.

"The name's Zeo," Zeo said as he put his hand, "and sorry about following you like that." Lilly nodded as she shook Zeo's hand. Link still looked a little unsure.

"I'm Lilly," Lilly said as she put a hand toward Link, "and this is my brother Link." Zeo nodded his head. Lilly turned back toward Link and started walking agian. Link started following her and Zeo started following them agian.

OOC: Sorry, 'bout the short post, but I really don't know what to type. :sweat: and jro13 please give my brother a profile on your character.
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James turned to lily and link.
JAMes:hello link, we met again.
Lily:who are you?
James: I'm james, link's older brother.
Lily: Is that true?
Link: I'm afraid so:anyways why did you leave Zelda alone in that tower.You are such a jerk
James got mad and ran toward LInk and Punches him in his face. Link fell down, he was about to hit him back. But James disappeared.
Link: your'e gonna pay for that
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"What was that about," Lilly asked as she helped Link up. Link wiped the blood from his face and stormed toward the town. Lilly looked at Zeo. Zeo shrugged his shoulders. Link stopped and turned around.

"Well," Link said in a angered tone, "are you two coming." Lilly and Zeo ran to catch up with Link. They all headed toward the town.

Moment's later, the three were standing in front of the town, but the drawbridge was drawn up. Link crossed his arms and tapped his foot.

"Now what," Lilly asked as she picked Tee-Yee up. Link looked angry as he faced Lilly. Lilly gave Link a icy cold stare. Link backed down and sat down.

"All we can do is wait for the drawbridge to open," Link said with a sigh. Lilly shrugged her shoulders and sat down. Zeo sat down and seemed to slip into a deep state of thought.
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Zeo was on a rock going through his memorys of the spells he knew. Most of the spells he knew were for fighting or for healing. Any other spell he knew would have to be played on his flute. He got up and took out his flute. He walked over to the water as he started to play. Stone from the water started rising to the surface and formed a path. The draw bridge came off of it's hinges and started floating.

"I'm not even going to ask how you did that" link said getting up.

Lilly walked over to the stone path to see if it was solid. When she stepped on it the path didn't breake apart. They started going across the path as zeo stopped playing. As they walked the stones behins them started sinking back into the water. Once they were in the town the bridge reset it's self.

"So now that we're in what should we do" zeo asked as he put his flute away.
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James stood on a hill, wacthing link's every move because he wanted him be safe.
Flashblack- Little Link was crying by a river, suddenly James appeared "What's wrong Link, why are crying?'' James asked. Link whiped the tears from his face " I miss mommy, will she ever come back", said link. " I.. Um she's... dead",saind James"It's okay you got me, i never let anyone hurt you".
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[color=green]Link looked around and sighed and started walking toward the center of town. Lilly and Zeo quickly followed.

"We have to go to the Temple of Time," Link said as he entered the center of town. The center was empty except for a few stray dogs. Link turned to his left. The Temple of Time was only a few steps away. He started running toward it. Lilly and Zeo followed.

A few seconds later, the three were standing inside the temple. Link started walking toward the back. Lilly admired the three shineing gems as she walked by them. Link quickly ran up to the Master Sword and singled to Lilly.

"What do we have to do," Lilly asked as she walked up to Link. Zeo walked up steps, but not up to the sword. Suddenly the shineing figure appered again. The roon turned to water and they were all in their adult forms.

"Good," the shineing figure said, "now both of you pull the Master Sword out." Link went to say something, but the figure disappeared. Everything went back to normal once agian. Link took a deep breath and placed his hand on the Master Sword. Lilly placed her hand on it as well. They pulled the sword out together. The whole room glowed and Link blacked out.[/color]
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Lilly felt a wet tongue licking her face. She slowly opened her eyes. Tee-Tee was standing above her licking her face. Tee-Tee was full grown and so was Lilly. Lilly looked down at her right hand. She holding her half of the Master Sword. Navi was crazily flying around Link's head. Lilly walked over to Zeo and started shakeing him.

"Huh..........What happened," Zeo said as he sat up. Lilly shrugged her shoulders and looked over at Link. Link sat up and shook his head. He had half of the Master Sword as well, but it was in his left.

"We went seven years into the future," Link said as he stood up. He slashed his sword in front of him and put it away. Lilly put her sword away and helped Zeo up. Link looked at Lilly's new shield. The only difference in it was that it was bigger, it was made of metal, and the heart had wings.

"So now what," Lilly said as she put her hair behind her ear. As Lilly said that, the shining figure appered again.

"You must find the seven elemental Sages again," the shining figure said, "but this time it's going to be harder then you think." The shining figured disappeared again. Lilly shook her head and looked at Link. Link walked ahead and toward the doors.
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Aerin landed hard on her bottom. "FINE! I DON'T NEED YOU!" She yelled angrily at the valley behind her, shaking her fist. She got up and looked around. She had never been in Hyrule field alone before. "What am I worried about? I am a Gerodu (sp?)...or was one. I can take anything. But maybe I should go to the castle....just to be cautious." She said to herself quietly as she started to run. The closer she got to the castle, the lower the drawbridge went. [I] Cock-A-Doodle-Doo[/I]. Morning came and she crossed the bridge. She looked around. [I]So many people...So many loud people![/I] She thought to herself as she pushed herself throuhg the crowd. It seemed that no one noticed the 13 year old gerudo. She made her way to the Temple of Time, where it seemed quiet and deserted. She walked inside and saw 3 figures. "Oh, hello. I'm Aerin." She said as she neared them. "Hi there. I'm Link, that's Lilly, and this is Zeo." Link replied to her, as Lilly waved and Zeo nodded. "Whoa! Link?! The Hero of Time Link?" Aerin said in amazement. Link gave somewhat of a grin as he noded his head.
OOC: The strange yet funny thing is that Zeo is actually how you pronounce my name irl! My name is actually Xiomara, but ppl came me Xio for short. If you don't believe me ask Dark_Dragongirl! We go to school together!
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Miriki woke with a loud sound outside her window. She looked out into the vast ocean ouside, but saw nothing. Miriki lookes at her clock, it was almost 2:50 am. She didn't think she could go back to sleep. She never could after she woke up. Suddenly she heard a large sound booming from the ocean behind her (if you haven't guessed, she lives on an small island in the middle of the ocean) Miriki jumped out into the sand as the rain began to fall. She ran out into the barn and to her tack room. She pulled out a big, red horse blanket and rushed down to her horse's stall. She ran the blanket over her back and petted her horse's nose. In gratatude...she bit Miriki playfully on her head fin. "OW!, God damn it, Sakai!" Miriki yelled, "NOT THAT HARD!!"
The rain was falling harder on the mettle roof. It was spooking Sakai and making Miriki uneasy. Miriki loved the water...but not the ten thousand volts of lightning...owchie!
Miriki fell back from the bench she was sitting on into a huge pile of hay.
"Kiah--Ki--ki!!" Came a small voice from inside the hay. Miriki reached her hands in and pulled out a small wolf/ horse kin. "Oh, Kiah, i'm sorry." Kiah was a wolf hybred of a horse. She was bassicly an extreamly poofy wolf kin with blue fur, huge horse ears, and horse hooves. They also have the ability to swim under water (gills) and walk on land (lungs...confusing huh?)
Miriki pucked up the kin and petted its blue fur. A large boom of thunder came from somewhere close by. Kiah hid her face in Miriki's lap. Miriki covered the kin with her fins.
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I'm now the ruler of this RPG. Sorry, my brother bailed and left me his screen name. I'll have control of both Link and Lilly now.

Link, Lilly, Zeo, and Aerin were walking through Hyrule Field fo no odd reason other then the fact that link was thinking. Lilly was getting board. She took her sword out and started looking at it.

"What are you thinking about Link," Lilly asked as she stared at herself in her sword. Link stopped and turned around. Her stared at Lilly and let out a sigh.

"I was just wondering how we were going to get the Light Medallion," Link said with a worried sigh, "It was given to me last time." Lilly shrugged her shoulders. Link let out another sigh and looked toward Lon-Lon Ranch. A smirk crossed his face and he started running toward the ranch. Lilly, Zeo, and Aerin quickly followed.

A few sconds later, the four were walking up a path that lead to the ranch. Lily looked around and then looked at Link.

"What are we doing here Link," Lilly asked as she finally put her sword away. Link kept walking until he got to an archway. The ranch looked desearted. Link pulled out his ocarina.

"Let's she if I remember this," Link said as he started to play a song. As Link played, the group heard a horse hoofs hit the ground and they were getting closer.

A few seconds later, a big bay horse was standing in front of Link. Link started petting her. He then turned turned toward the group.

"This is my horse," Link said with a smile, "I could of called her in the field, but I want to see the other horses here and give you each one." The group nodded and followed Link into a stable.
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Tara stood on a hill bored she was looking at the Flame Gloves on her hands she wondered what they could do.SHe extened her hand and foused energy on the gloves a fire ball formed Tara threw it down at a feild.She heard horses nigh and run around scared for the fireball had started a feild fie.Tara looked aroound hopping no one had seen her;she walked down to the feild and saw people running toward the firey feild with bukets.
"Oh poo they're going to put the fire out".Tara sat down on the grass and watched them run around trying to put the fire out.Tara could fell the heat from the fire raging inside of her she disconted herself from the fire and it started to die down.She then felt someone watching her she looked towards the people and one of them had their eyes on her.Tara got up and stood their she would not answer any of their questions truthfully if they approted her.
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Zeo walked around the stable. He was looking for a horse that would be able to run fast if needed to. As he walked he smelled smoke. He looked out of a window to see some of the field was on fire. He took out his flute and was about to play it but the fire died down. He looked out and saw a girl near the fields as he put the flute away. She seemed like she didn't really mind there was a fire.

"I wonder who she is" zeo asked him self.

He dicided that he would find out later. He went back to looking at the group of horses. He found one that seemed pretty strong. He looked around and found some riens.

"I guess i'll go with this one" zeo said as he put the riens on.

Once they were on the horse he left the stable and waited for the others.
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Tara smiled at the power of the gloves she sat down on the hill and thought back to the day that her village was killed by the lava she frowned but smiled at her new skill.
"The Flame Master" Tara spoke out loud smiling.She stood up and walked down to were the feild she had set on fire and looked at the ground not burn.She stuided her gloved hands wondering if the fire was brought back into her body she was so wrapped up in to looking at the gloves that she didn't notice Zeo walking up to her.
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Zeo walked up to the girl he saw from the stable. She didn't seem like she'd be a good fighter but zeo had learned not to think like that. He noticed that the girl was wearing some gloves. Zeo was pretty sure he had seen then before.

"Can I help you" the girl asked looking at him.

"You started the fire didn't you" zeo said.

"How would you know that" the girl asked.

"You didn't react to the fire and it you seemed to enjoy haveing it around" zeo said.

"And what if i'm a pyro" the girl asked.

"I've seen those gloves before. They're rare but they can creat great fires depending on the person" zeo said as he turned around and started for the stables.
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Miriki walked out into the open air of the sea. She quickly took a deep breath and plunged into the cool waters. Miriki swam slow. her wolf kin could swim fast, but not as fast as her. They soon reached the pathway that would take them directly under and into Hyrule field.
As Miriki popped her head up by the edge of a tall wall that probobly led to Kakariko village, she smelled the harsh smell of smoke. "Oi, that's not a plesent smell. But, water defeats fire right??" Her water wolf surfaced and chirped "Kiiii-Kiah!". Miriki smiled, "Yup, knew I was right." All of a sudden Miriki heard a loud, shrill neigh of a horse. "Oh my god! Seconds into hyrule, and I hear horses already! Hope Sakai-sama is at the gates of my cousin's Domain (Zora's domain)" Miriki ran in the direction of Zora's Domain and could already hear Sakai neighing for her.
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