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~Broken Lands~


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[B] Something stirred in the void? a blackness awoke. A scream ripped through reality, tearing at the hearts and minds of all. The gods died.

There was a world before the cataclysm. Nobody remembers it. Before the cataclysm there ruled many a mighty, golden empire. People conquered and built in the name of the gods. The world prospered; the good slew the evil; the definitions of right and wrong where clear, defined.

The cataclysm destroyed the world, killing all but the most protected creatures. The sky was tarnished with an eternal fog, casting the world in an unending half-light. Rains of acid and blood fall from the infinite dark clouds. Where there were once great forests, only foetid swamps lie, alive with the dead. Fields became living pits of insects. All but the mightiest mountain ranges toppled, spreading rubble over vast areas of land. Great rifts appeared in the landscape, swallowing towns and villages. The seas turned black and became inhabited by great monsters, alive and dead.

The energies that remain in this world from the dead gods halve started to seek new vessels. Eight creatures have gained the potential to become gods.

They fell a pull towards 'The Crater'', rumoured to be the sight of the cataclysm few have seen the place and lived, even fewer have maintained their sanity.

They now feel the call of adventure apon them, none know why. Their powers are undeveloped; their minds may not be ready. They may become allies or bitter enemies. The future of this world belongs to them?[/B]

Daro pulled his cloak around him to protect himself from the encroaching cold. He inched himself closer to the small fire that he had constructed with the bones of the Karatch that he had killed earlier for meat. Wood was valuable and hard to find. Its bones smouldered and gave off very little warmth. But it would have to do.

Daro scanned the barren vista around him, surveying the jagged field of rocks outside his cave, hoping that nothing out there was hungry. He'd been travellingfor weeks since he had escaped the torture chambers of those wretched goblins. He had felt an unknown force slowly pulling him in a direction that held no significance to him.

He reached out to poke the fire with a bone and caught sight of his deformed hand. He scowled, self-loathing rushing through him. [I]I used to be perfect. What's wrong with me? What's happening to me?!?[/I]. He clenched his teeth and pulled his malformed hand inside his cloak. [I]Every time it happens I loose more of me. How can I stop it from happening.[/I]

He heard a noise at the mouth of the shallow cave. He span around suddenly and saw a figure shilueted in the entrance?
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[size=1]Daro kept staring at the figure. It moved closer to him every time he blinked. When it was so close, he could almost hear its breath, he finally realized what it looked like. It was a shadow elf. Tall and black skinned, it wore a pair of gloves on its hands and nothing else.
"Hello," it said, its voice was graceful. "May I share this cave with you?"
Daro was hesitant, as many people that hadn't gone crazy were. But, after a minute of studying it, he slowly shook his head yes.
It sat down, and from its figure, Daro guessed it was a woman. He could not stop staring at her, for he had never seen a shadow elf before.
The shadow elf could not stop staring at him either, for it was the first time she had met a decent minded human and although it didn't show, she was excplicitly afraid of them.
"My name is Noire," she said, making the first introduction.
"Daro," he replied.
"Well Daro, I'm glad to see that some of us have not lost our sense of hospitality with all else."
She took off a backpack she had been wearing and pulled out three objects. The first was a small square of wood, only as big as her hand. Daro gazed at it longingly. The second was a smaller bag. She set this on the floor, close to herself. The last object was simply a tattered and torn, thin blanket.
"Do you mind if I use your...fire?" She said, holding up the piece of wood and looking at the small flame.
"No, no! That would be fine."
She placed the wood next to one of the smoldering Karatch bones and it soon caught one fire, although it was not much bigger than that of which Daro had already started. Daro looked up at her.
"It will catch flame soon."
She took the smaller bag from the side of her and pulled out two ribs of a small creature. She put these directly on top of the flame, paying close attention to them.
"So, where have you come from?" Daro asked.
"Far away," she answered.
"From Mersia obviously, right?"
"If it was that obvious, would you have to ask?" she replied.
Daro kept silent.
In a couple of painfully long minutes, Noire pulled the ribs out from the flame. She handed one to Daro and hungrily bit into the other one.
"For me?" Daro asked.
"No, I just want you to hold it. Yes, you may eat it," she said.
Daro wasn't so sure he liked this girl. She always seemed to have something sarcastic to say. But, then again, at least she was better company than what else he could imagine.
Noire curled up against a rock alongside the wall of the cave and remained still. Daro put out the tiny fire, took the neglected blanket and did the same on the other side of the wall. As they both slept, they had the same thought race through their heads. What would the future hold for tomorrow?[/size]
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Daro pulled his cloak around him, his thoughts slowly slipping away into darkness.His mind lingered on the strange Elf that he had just met.She was overconfident, foolish. The blackness enclosed him?

?Daro was standing in the torture chamber again, battering the Goblins with his malformed fists. pain and rage coursed through his bulging flesh; he felt the bony protrusions erupting from his back?

?He stood upright. He was somewhere else. The sky glowed a faint red through the ever present the grey-black clouds reached further than the eye could see. He looked around. He was standing on an unbelievably wide, flat plain. The ground was smooth and black like obsidian.

In the distance stood jagged mountains. He turned around. The mountains forming a ring around the flat plain. No, the plain wasn't quite flat; it sloped slightly. It was lower in the middle?

For the first time, he noticed others on the plain. Most of them where just silhouettes. One of them was filled in. Noier. That blasted Shadow elf was here.

Daro bolted awake. Something had happened. A noise. inside the cave?

OOC:someone else can enter now?
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Pulling the collar of his long black coat up about his neck, Callum trudged his way silently across the great wasteland that now covered the earth. Large, broken rocks lay scattered upon the fetid and soiled ground. A dark rumbling rolled across the grey sky, it's clouds a sickly yellow and brown blocking the purest rays of light that sought to give life to the barren land. It stank of death and pain this world. It spoke of broken dreams and shattered hearts, of lives devoid of hope and faith that sought nothing more than survival in this unforgiving plain of existance.

Clutching a tattered book of self made inscriptions and salvaged pages to his chest Callum bowed his head against the raging wind intent on seeking shelter in the maddening storm. Flying debris tore at his face, his long blonde hair flying wildly behind him, whipping about his neck and shoulders. The earth was mutating in this violent time, and so was he. He could feel the churning inside him, like a demon intent on his downfall. Roaring against the wind he pushed forward. Peering through the mist he caught sight of a darkened cave, a place of rest and solitude against the storm. Struggling onward he reached the gave, his chest heaving great gasps of poisoned air as he clutched at the scarred rocks, clambering towards the cave.

Reaching inside he fell to his knees, the strain from the great winds gone and his strength failing. Cowered on the floor he gulped in air, shaking slightly at the energy it required. Stilling for a moment he sniffed at the stilling winds, the distincitve odour of humanity reaching his senses. Looking up from the gravelled floor he sought out a shadowed form in the darkness, his grey eyes wide and bloodshot.

"Who..who resides here..?"
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[size=1] Noire's eyes slowly opened. She saw Daro, wide awake and another figure at the mouth of the cave. Behind this figure, a raging storm. She flinched. The thought of three creatures in this cave upset her for some reason. Daro was the first to reply to the stranger's query.
"I do," he said. "Daro. Along with a Shadow Elf by the name of Noire."
"I am Callum," came the strange man's reply. He stepped forth deeper into the cave and his face became more visible. His most noticable features were his eyes; catlike. He had longer than average canine teeth and long, blonde hair that had been tied back. "I have been traveling for a few days, looking for shelter. May I stay here?"
Noire looked at Daro. He seemed to be in a deep thought about it. "Yes," he finally uttered. "You may."
Noire looked back at Callum. He looked exausted and ready to collapse. She walked over to him and helped him onto a flat rock to sit on. He opened his mouth as if he were about to say something and then passed out right there and then. Noire gasped. Daro got up and walked over to the rock, said nothing and went back to where he was sitting.
Noire looked first at him, back at Callum, then back to Daro.
"Are you not going to help him?" she asked.
"What would you propose we do? We're in the middle of nowhere in a cave with no supplies!"
Noire was silent. "Don't...you think that...we should be going off then?"
Daro took a deep breath. He knew they would eventually have to leave the sanctity of the cave, but he felt that everytime he moved, he became more and more mutated. Finally he said: "Yes, we should. But there is a storm raging and Callum is tired. We should rest up and wait until the storm is over."
Noire nodded her head slightly and walked back to where she had been lying, thought better of it, then sat down next to Callum's passed out body.
"I'll sleep here for the rest of the night...incase he should awaken and need care."
Daro shrugged and flopped onto the ground, also feeling exausted. This adventure was getting to be too much for him already and his mind weakened at the thought of going on, but he knew he had to do it...that tugging sensation was too much...
He decided not to think much more about it until morning and he drifted off into sleep. Unpleasant dreams followed...[/size]
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OOC:thank you for posting Doukeshi. Thank you very much.

IC:Dawn broke; not the sweet sunrise of our world but a reddening of the clouds that seemed to cast poolds of fresh blood accross the landscape.

Daro slowly pulled himself to his feet, looking arround him. The elf was sleeping lightly and the man from last night was gone. Daro stood up and stepped outside the shalow cave. The man emerged from around a bend in the clif face. What was his name...Callum.They made breif eye contact and each went on their own way.

Daro clambered on top of a rock to get a better view of his surroundings. Where there had been flat ground yesterday there was now a large dank pool, the neadle-like spines poking through it looked like patches of swamp grass. A fen beast. They mooved along lika a giant ooze, entraping it's prey and coroding through it's skin and bones. In efect it was a giant stomach. And it was slowly coming this way.

Daro hopped off his rock, cursing. It was a big one, it encompased most of the plain that their small cave faced. They would have to scale the Clif to escape it. Daro ran inside to warn the others...

OOC:sorry about the length and the quality. I'll check it later, I'm reely straped for time at the moment.
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Callum sat upon the edge of the cliff face that looked out across the plains. The storm that had raged so violently the night before had ceased, leaving only a faint trace of cooling mist lingering in the air. Clasping his hands before him Callum bowed his head, several locks of dirty blonde hair falling loose to frame his face. Murmering softly he looked out towards the rising sun, his words echoing lines of prayer long forgotten by society but seared upon his memory like a fiery brand.

[i]" May the kingdom of justice prevail!
May the believers be united in love!
May the hearts of the believers be humble, high their wisdom,
and may they be guided in their wisdom by the Lord.

O Khalsa, say "Wahiguru, Glory be to God!" . . .
Entrust unto the Lord what thou wishest to be accomplished.
The Lord will bring all matters to fulfilment:
Know this as truth evidenced by Himself. from the Sanhedrin."[/i]

Finishing his soft whispers he made the sign against evil across his chest and raised himself to his feet. Bowing respectfully to the sun he made his way down from the outcrop on which he stood.

Turning a bend just outside the mouth of the cave he came across the man he had found residing in the cave the previous night. Raising an eyebrow he could now see his full form. Daro, he recalled, was horribly mutated he could see now, a victim of these fetid wastes. A wave of pity went out to this man but he concealed his expression for fear of upsetting Daro's pride. Nodding lightly he walked past, entering the cave and seating himself next to the shadow elf.

Looking across at her he feels a familiar sensation boil up within him. He could smell the blood coursing through her veins, even see it upon her face and he was hard pressed to contain the violent images that raised their heads. There were outward signs of this failing, his teeth and eyes primarily, like those of a wild cat. Shifting slightly he surpressed the urges that the gods had saw fit to curse him with and attempted to make small conversation with the woman.

"Since we did not receive a formal introduction when I arrived I do believe it is necessary here." Extending his hand he clasped it with hers. "My name is Callum, and I thankyou for your care."
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[size=1] When Noire had woken, she had found that no body was in the cave. She sat for a moment, fully waking up when Callum walked into the cave and sat down next to her.
"Since we did not recieve a formal introduction when I arrived, I do believe it is necessary here," he said. Extending his hand, he clasped it with hers. "My name is Callum and I thank-you for your care."
Noire shook hands with Callum. "My name is Noire. I am not sure if you're aware of this, but when you entered this cave, you passed out."
"Yes, I figured that's what happened," he replied, letting go of Noire's hand.
At that moment, Daro walked into the cave.
"Well," he said, directing his words towards Noire and clapping his mutant hands together. "I guess since the storm stopped earlier than I thought it would and since Callum is better, we should probably rid ourselves of this dark cave and head on into the city to get some...uh, stuff."
Noire's head jerked up. She nodded. "Yes, that sounds reasonable." She turned to Callum. "Are you well enough to walk to the nearest city?" she asked him.
Callum nodded. "I am."
Noire walked over to the fire and started packing up her things from the night before. She left the half-burnt piece of wood there, stating to Daro's disbelieved face that 'the next person who should come looking for shelter can use it'.
She hitched her backpack upon her shoulders and followed Daro out of the cave. Callum trailed shortly after them.

Far out into the distance, the city of Nikaron stood high over the flat plains they were walking on. They were side by side now and getting more acquainted with eachother.
Callum, who was in the middle, spoke first.
"So, Daro. What are we to buy in the city?"
"Basic supplies," he replied. "We'll need more food, maybe a weapon for Noire..." his voice trailed off as he looked across Callum to Noire.
Noire stared straight ahead. "I'll be fine without one," she said.
Callum and Daro glanced at eachother. How was she to defend herself without a weapon?
"Anyway..." Daro continued. "We'll also need-"
"Wait," Callum interrupted. He sniffed at the air. He could smell something.
"What is it?" Noire and Daro chorused.
"It's...it's..." he couldn't quite figure it out. He looked in all directions across the plain and he saw something coming from the north. Smuged glowing figures were coming closer to them every second and they were, for the moment, unrecognizable.
"What are those?" Daro wondered aloud.
Callum sniffed the air once more, then took from his side, a long, thin rapier. He held it at the ready. Daro followed in step, taking out his sword. He looked unsure about fighting, though.
Callum could see them perfectly now even though they were a good mile away.
"They're...a pack of Ghost Elves..." he said.
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[color=royalblue]Ryean was traveling with her former tribe of elves to the city of Nikaron. Though she had long since been tribeless, her family had pleaded with her to help them make a trip for supplies. She couldn't refuse her family, this was important and blood must stick together...
"Fia," she called to her mother, "something is not right, I can feel it on the wind. There is danger in Nikaron!"
"That is why we have you, my dear child. You will protect us from harm," Fia told Ryean with forced confidence.
Sensing her mother's act, she tightened the grip on her staff and pulled up her long black cloak that hid her glow from others.
"Here me, my tribe," she called out to the other elves. "There is danger in Nikaron. I beg you to stay here while I take care of any danger in the city. I shall try to be back by nightfall."
"We trust you with our lives, young warrior," the old tribal leader told her, patting her shoulder. "You will make us proud, so go and watch out for shadows!" He said with a final pat, referring to their long-time rivals, the shadow elves.
Giving her tribe one last smile, she headed off, making the last part of the trip to the city alone. She walked quickly, pushing her fear to the back of her mind.

Noire growled and made a deep gutteral sound, which clearly showed her hate for that specific race of elf. "I should have known I would see the likes of them again," she told herself, them turning around to the rest of the group said ,"When the battle starts, stay out of the way, things will get extremely violent."
Daro seemed a bit alarmed, "We should help you, you don't have to fight all of them alone."
"I will only be battling with one. Can't you see that they sent a warrior ahead to check for danger. That means they're weaklings, kill the warrior, kill them all!" Noire replied with a gleam in her eyes, then as an afterthought, "Just stay away, I know how to handle their kind."
Daro and Callum nodded in mutual understanding and walked off to leave their newfound friend to battle...

Ryean finally got into the city limits of the city. Worry filled her silver eyes, she knew there would be a battle here. Her ears pricked up, staining to hear any sign of a follower with the means to attack. She froze, right there in the open was a shadow elf, crouched and ready for battle.
"I have been waiting for you, scum!" Noire called to the stranger elf.
"It's no matter, you will never lay a claw on me," Ryean told the shadow elf, seeming to be bored with this exchange.
"Sure, whatever you say,"Noire replied in a sinister sarcastic voice, then jumped, her hands aiming for Ryean's throat. The rush of battle turned into confusion as Noire went through Ryean as if she was a ghost.
"What?!? No elf can go transparent that fast!"[/color]
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[size=1] OOC: Ugh! I just posted! Okay...whatever...

Noire was in shock. She could have sworn a dirty ghost elf was just standing right there in front of her, chalenging her to a fight. Maybe it was just the mutations getting to her head, but, no. Hadn't Daro and Callum seen their group too? She looked around again. No sight of the elf anywhere. She knew all elves could slip in between realms...but...but not that fast.
She turned her back to return to her new friends and suddenly, felt two hands go around her shoulders. The ghost elf had returned.
"What?!" Noire cried.
She picked up the nearest rock with her telepacy powers and hauled it behind her, hoping to hit the elf. She was released from the elf's grasp and had turned around just in time to see the rock going straight towards the ghost elf. She smirked, ready for it to hit her, but it didn't. As soon as it had touched the highest hair on her head, she had vanished.
Noire's arms unfolded. Her mouth gaped open. She turned back around and ran as fast as she could back to Callum and Daro.
"Go! Hurry! To Nikaron!" she screamed.
Daro and Callum did not question right then, but followed her hurriedly towards the city.
"I thought you said you could handle her!" called Daro, breathing heavily. This mutant thing wasn't getting on the best side of his athletic ability.
Noire frowned and ran faster, but skidded sharply to a halt. Daro crashed into her and Callum the same into Daro.
Two inches from Noire's face was the ghost elf. The same one she had been fighting. She backed up. She never wanted to be that close to one ever again.
The elf stared at her.
"What did I do to you, eh? What gave you the feeling that you had to attack me? I even told you that you'd never be able to! But, noooo!"
Noire's face grew hot. She turned her head.
"I was just on my way to the city because I felt a danger! I was trying to protect my former-" she paused. "My tribe. And you just randomly attack! Oh, that's a good one!"
Noire pushed past her and led her two confused companions past the first couple of buildings in Nikaron. The ghost elf followed.
"Well...?" she asked, expectantly.
"Well what?" Noire snapped.
The ghost elf was taken aback. She followed them a little longer.
Daro caught up with Noire, while Callum stayed behind a bit to talk with the ghost elf.
"What's with you and Noire?" he asked. "If, I may."
The ghost elf gave him a look like he had lost his mind. "She's a shadow elf!" she exclaimed. "A dirty, no good, evil shadow elf!"
Callum looked ahead at Noire.
"Uh..." he hesitated.
"Shadow elf..." she pointed to Noire. "Ghost elf..." she pointed to herself. "Not a good mix, if you know what I mean."

"So, what's with you and that Ghost Elf?" Daro asked Noire.
She sighed. "It's a long historical aspect, really. But, if you must know... Shadow Elves and Ghost Elves were part of the same clan once...When the cataclysm erupted, we all fled across the Gulf of Existence. But, an argument broke out, and half of us, the Shadow Elves, went to the lands of Mersia while the other half, the Ghost Elves, went to the misty plains of Algar."
"Oh," said Daro. "I remember that. I heard it in a tale once."
They both went silent.
"Ah! Here we are!" Daro said, breaking the akwardness. They stopped infront of a bright cement shop. Although it looked nicer than most on the outside, Noire figured it was just as filthy and shady on the inside as everything else those days.
Callum and the Elf soon caught up with them.
"Guys, uh...Daro, this is Ryean. She's a uh...Ghost Elf, obviously," he said, feeling a bit out of place.
"Hello," Daro said. "Nice to meet you. I'm Daro. This is...Noire," he finished.
Noire and Ryean merely nodded at eachother.
"So, is this the place?" Callum asked.
"Yes, it is. Let's go inside, shall we?"
The group of four filed away their arguments and entered the shop, none of them expecting the best.[/size]
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[color=royalblue]After entering the store, the group split up, Ryean and Callum went to see the shopkeeper, Noire and Daro started to browse.
"I need foodstuffs, enough for 30. Can I get it?" Ryean asked the shopkeeper. He nodded and left, leaving her and Callum by theirselves.
"Would you mind if I asked you a question?' Callum asked Ryean a little reluctantly.
"No not at all," she replied with a hint of amusement.
"I saw that you really spooked Noire, I was wondering what you did?"
"I dunno," Ryean said with confidence.
Callum's ears pricked up as if he was hearing something really interesting. Seeming satisfied, he looked at her intensly for 20 seconds before Ryean broke the silence.
"Stop, you're making me uncomfortable with your stare."
"You lied," he said with a smile.
"About what?"
"About you not knowing. Your heartbeat sped up and you started to sweat more. You were lying." Callum informed the elf
"You caught me. I don't think it's wise to tell all your secrets." she said, on guard.
"That is true, but I'd still like to know." he told her, trying to loosen her up.
"Sorry, not until you tell me how you sensed I lied. I don't trade for nothing," she teased, playing a game with him.
"Nor do I. I suppose I will have to find out the hard way," he said, now as amused as she was.
"And I guess I will have to wait too,"
The shopkeeper came up to the counter with a big, bulging sack. "Here you go, how will you be paying?"

A while later, the four walked out of the store, supplies in hand.
"I'd best get back with these supplies. I don't want the tribe to worry," Ryean announced," Maybe I will see you all again soon."
"Do you need help carrying the supplies?" Daro asked.
"I should be fine," Ryean answered, but just then a package slipped out of her grasp.
"Your lying again," Callum said with a smile, refering to a new-found private joke. "I will help you," then turned around to look at his companions. "You go ahead, I will catch up."
"No, we will all go," Noire said with forced politeness. "I will have to hide before we get there, mind you."
Ryean smiled at everyone with genuine graditude (even Noire), and set off, Callum holding half of her things, and the other two walking behind her.

The group, minus Noire, arrived at the camp of ghost elves, and had handed over the last of the supplies.
"We thank you so much, we haven't had good supplies in years. Now we can return home, and maybe even stay there for a while. I don't suppose you would like to come with us Ryean?" the tribal leader asked. Ryean shook her head no and the leader continued. "I didn't think so, you were always a free spirit. I know you will be leaving us now, so I shall give you your payment now." the tribal leader smiled and walked over to a large wagon and pulled out a large wooden staff much like Ryean's current one, except it was topped with a thick metal and had a unique carving of star in the middle of a triangle. "It is carved with our sign and topped with a metal of great hardness to fight your enemies with,"
"I have never been good with thank you's or good byes but it seems I will have to make them now," Ryean said with a big grin; everyone laughed. "How can I ever thank yo..." she was cut off by a loud scream.
"My daughter is dead! My daughter is dead!" an elf mother screamed, dragging behind her a dead girl that appeared to be about six.
The whole camp was thrown into chaos. All the women and children started howling in grief while huddling around the body, while the men tried hard to disquise their tears and control the others. The leader slipped away to talk once more with a now worried Ryean and the two confused men.
"Children are always special to us. When one is lost, there is much greaving." Daro nodden and Ryean bowed her head in respect. Noone noticed that Callum slipped off, looking quite angry...

ooc: This would be a nice time for Callum to go crazy. It was said that he got bloodlust around great pain (mental pain should count).[/color]
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Shaking his head violently Callum staggered off, clutching his hands to his ears. His heart beat hard in his chest, the thundering of his blood coursing through his veins deafening him. Stumbling forward he fell do his knees upon the dust ground, panting heavily. Beads of sweat appeared upon his forehead as he stared at the ground, his yellow eyes losing focus.

[i]Must concentrate. Can't change. Wont change.[/i]

He gasped as if in pain as waves of sorrow washed over him from the tribe. he could smell the dead blood of the child mixing with the fear and grief that swept over the encampment. He dug his fingers into the ground, the tendons on his arms tight, his muscles buldging on his neck and shoulders. Rocking forward he murmured to himself a dire mantra.

"Can't. Won't. Please. No...." Ripping at his shirt he sought out the cucifix he wore around his neck, clutching it desperately as he prayed.

"[i]Spirits that minish heaven and earth,
That minish...the land,
Spirits that minish the land,
Of giant strength...
Of giant strength... and giant tread,
Demons (like) raging bulls, great ghosts,
Ghosts that break through all houses,
Demons...that...that..have no shame,
Seven are they!
Knowing no care,
They grind the land like corn;
Knowing no mercy...."[/i] Callum let out another cry and arched his back up in a painful motion. The pain barraged his senses and he fell forward a feral growl ripping from his throat. His fangs elongated, raised ridges appearing upon his forehead. Bunching up his shoudlers he lunged upright with a howl and sped towards the source of the pain, his vision red with rage.
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Guest Ereshkigal
Ereshkigal eyes snaped on to something that was moveing twords her, its huge yellow eyes sat on hers. Suddenly it lunged at her, throwing her off her horse and into the hard earth. It clawed at her face as she faded away, the creature looked confused its yellow eyes searching for where its prey had vanished to. Ereshkigal faded back into reality right behind the great cat like creature she took her index fingers and placed them onto her temples she shut her eyes, in her mind she said," HEED YOUR ATTACT AT ONCE!"her voice sounded as if thousands of voices came from her. The creature froze in its steps,she concentrated harder she could feel others around her,a tribe of her own kind a dark elf and a human.

SMACK she was hit raw in the chest and was flung a few feet from where she was standing.
"CALLUM!" yelled Ryean, she ran for the beast.
Ereshkigal got to her feet and took out her bow her eyes narrowed and she shot the beast in the knee cap and it fell to the ground.
"WAIT DONT SHOOT"yelled Noire As she ran to the beast side.
"He is dangeros." Ereshkigat said.
She looked at the thing laying on the ground than she thought of something. "STAND BACK I CAN HELP." she yelled
She placed her fingers to her temples again, in a loveing voice she said" Calm your self, it is ok, the child witch has passed, is in a better place than this plain in witch we reamain, slow your breathing thats it calm down now its ok." she finished the others looking down at Callum whos body had shrunk back to normal.
"Well now, its nice to meet you all, My name is Ereshkigal( she bows very low showing her respect) No need to tell me your names i already know them." with a smirk she lowed her hood, She lookes at all of them with her missed machted eyes and says"Well why the blank faces arent you going to help him up?"she said.
(ooc:the only reason i could control Callum is because he had a weak mind at that point taken over by rage.):devil:
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[size=1]Noire still hunched over Callum, squatting down on her haunches. She gently glided her hand over to where Callum's knee cap had been punctured by the arrow. Her hand was shaking a bit as she reached to pull it out. Not only was she confused about the scenario that had just taken place, but she was also in the midst of 20 or so ghost elves.
[i]It's lucky he was punctured in only and just the knee cap. It will be safe to remove it from here,[/i] she thought.
The arrow came out with little hassle or pain. She took Callum's hand in her own gloved hand and with some effort, helped him to his feet.
She looked up at the mysterious ghost elf with the hood covering her face. Then to her own group who was also close by Callum, brushing him off and saying random things such as "Are you okay?" or "What happened?".
Noire turned her mutated back against the party of ghost elves and put in her share of odd questions.
"Ryean," a voice interrupted. "Are you ready to continue on?"
Ryean hesitated. She didn't know what it was, but for some reason, she felt as if she belonged with this strange group.
"I- I don't think so," she finally stammered.
Some of her tribe gasped, others shook her head, the ghost elf with the hood stayed calm and continued to speak.
"I suppose there is a reasoning to your choice. But, I don't want you to be alone, so in that case, I should like to carry on with you. That is, if it's okay with your...group here."
Ryean looked hopefully at her new friends. She would love to have another ghost elf with her to protect her while she was sleeping. She still couldn't trust that blasted shadow elf.
Daro was silent. Callum, too. Noire simply stared at Daro. He was sort of the leader.
Ereshkigal raised an eyebrow at the small caravan of people.
Daro turned the corners of his mouth down, then smiled and said: "The more, the merrier," But with little emphasis of sounding so.
"All right. It is settled then," she turned to her tribe. "Ryean and I shall be leaving you know. Good luck." she had not much to say.
The crowd of ghost elves was silent as well as still. Not a single soul stirred in that instant in which the party of now five, walked with their back towards the sun, about to go through the city of Nikaron this time.
When all seemed as still as it could get, a slight wind carried through to the south. And if a small insect happened to be traveling in that wind, it would have seen ten ears; six elven, four human, perk slightly up.
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