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Disgaea: Red Moon's call[Warining! Spoilers for Disgaea normal ending are included]


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I warn you now, current Disgaea players who have not seen the normal ending, there will be spoilers included. For those who have not played this game, i should include enough information to help you through...now lets begin.


[I]Red moon, red moon...
Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew...
Shining brightly in the night sky,
waiting for the souls...
Who will be born again tonight?
Who will be born again tonight?
Be born again tonight?

This, is the song of the red moon. Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew. He who was sinful in their lifetime, have their souls trapped in the form of a pengwin and are forced to work, so they can repent for their sins. These, "prinnies", can then wait for the red moon, and be reborn again...

[I]"The Netherworld, Celestia, and the human world... Legend has it that these worlds are connected..."[/I]

The legends, are infact, true. Celestia, a world where beings known as angels live. The Netherworld, a world of demons, greed, and violence. And, the human world, a decaying world, where humans betray one another. These worlds may never cease to fight with one another. Maybe...one day...

[I]"King Krichevskoy, the mighty ruler of the Netherworld. His long reign came to an abrupt end as the news of his death spread throughout the dark land..."[/I]

It was two years later, that his only son had finally awoken to the news. Laharl, was then determined, to take his father's throne. Along with his vassal, Etna, and the curious Angel trainee, Flonne, this would be accomplished with relevant ease...

[I]"That means...I'm the Overlord!!"[/I]

The prince was now king, but something troubled Flonne. She had just helped him reach the throne. She couldn't imagine what the Seraph of angels, Master Lamington, would do about this...

[I]"Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, is afraid of nothing..."[/I]

Captain Gordon, along with his crew Jennifer, the wiz girl, and Thursday, the super robot, set out to the netherworld, to defeat the overlord, who was supposedly about to invade earth. Unfortunately, their mission was a lie. Their commander wanted them to open the gates to the netherworld, so they could wipe out all demons in exsistence, and call their world for his own. When Gordon met up with Laharl, they took out the invading humans, only to find out there were angels working with the commander.

[I]"I must speak with the Seraph and find out what has been
happening in Celestia..."[/I]

Flonne had made her final decision, to meet the Seraph in Celestia. She was treated like a traitor in Celestia, and the group had to take angel lives...

[I]"...the fact remains that you have harmed other angels. You
are to be punished for your sin..."[/I]

The Seraph raised his hand, and with an instant, Flonne was changed into a glassy blue flower. Laharl couldn't take it, he ran up and killed the Seraph for what he had done. A figure, known as the Dark Adonis, that Laharl had faced before, ran up to tell him.

[I]"I was too late...if you hadn't killed the Seraph, then Flonne might have lived...now there is no hope for her..."[/I]

When Laharl heard of this, he was shocked. He walked up to the flower and raised his sword up...

[I]"If there is a god...please...I beg of you! Take my life in exchange for Flonne's!"[/I]

[I]A little while later...[/I]

Etna was the overlord of the netherworld now, with Flonne as her vassal. The new prinnies had arrived...

"Hey Etna, doesn't this prinny remind you of someone?"

"Flonne, the prinnes look the same..."

"But look at this one's eyes!"


Laharl was now a prinny...

[COLOR=red]"Hey Etna, what will we do with him?"

"Oh, I dunno, lets make him clean the toilets..."

"He does deserve some respect you know."

"Fine, maybe he can work untill the red moon comes for the prinnies."

"I guess so...but maybe there's a different way..."

"What in the world are you talking about, Flonne?"

"I barely remember the Seraph telling me that prinnies can repent for their sins through a Disgaea..."


"I don't know much either, but maybe we could ask?"

"The Seraph's dead remember?"

"Yeah...but I wonder if an elder in the Netherworld may know of the process..."

"You mean to go out on another adventure?"

(Laughs)"Sounds good to me!"

(groans)"Here we go again..."[/COLOR]

More of the true plot shall be revealed later on(like in the first game).

Anyway so they're off to find the oldest being in the netherworld. So far their Party is:

Etna: NPC (controlled by me)
Flonne: NPC (controlled by me)
Prinny Laharl: NPC (controlled by me)

Name: Etna
Age: 1470
Sex: Female
Race: Demon
Class: Hero

Name: Flonne
Age: 1509
Sex: Female
Race: Angel
Class: hero

(Will get prinny picture up later)
(Prinny Laharl is just a prinny, but with a certain glimmer in his eye...)

Your Characters will be given a class, as I see fit*if you should have any discretion with my choice, please pm me* I will basicly decide it on how you write up your signup, what weapon you choose and your description of your character. Here's the signup:

Age: *gotta be reasonable with what race you choose* demons and angels should be from about 1000, to 3000 if anything.
Race: *demon, angel, or human*
Weapon of choice: *keep it basic, we will be buying more*

The class i may choose for you will be: Hero, warrior, brawler, cleric, archer, ninja, scout, human soldier, angel warrior, Majin*of course with some of these classes, you can automaticly get it, depending on your race and bio HINT HINT*

And thats it. I tried real hard so hopefully its a good one ^^
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Name:Ace Wallace
Age: *2935.
Race: *demon,
Description:see pic
Bio:he is a unknown member of the clan of demons he may look human but from his red eyes he is not.
Weapon of choice: *sword*
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Oh how I've been waiting for an rpg like this!
I just love this game!!

Name: Kitzume Hiroshi
Age: 1500
Sex: female
Race: demon (wolf)
Description:Tall with dirty blonde hair. Eyes of blue. A vest with a dragon on it and black leather pants. A white wolven tail and ears.
Bio: Kitzume's whole family is dead. Her brother and sister died of disease and her mother and father were assasinated. They were both some of the best martial arts and swordsmanship senseis in the netherworld.
Weapon of choice: short sword
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Guest HumaniodTyphoon
Name: Aden Fuer
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Werewolf)
Description: Has sapphire eyes, silver hair and a six-pack, Feels obligated to protect and serve the human race
Bio: For 27 years he was a human and a damn decent one at that but after a mission in Paris he has been a werewolf.
Weapon of choice: 34" Tribal Spear made of titanium with an acid washed edge
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