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The chronicles of Toshi.

Box Hoy

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(Note-One of Toshi's adventures is still being written in Adventure Arena. It's called the Realm of Reality. This is supposed to be an adventure that happenes before the events in the realm of reality)
[B]The Advent of Morak[/B]

Toshi is about 14 and is quite young to have any adventures. Before the days of which he was transported to the realm of reality the events in this story take place.
-Toshi gets the sword of Sera.
-He gets his prized trenchcoat.
-He learns how to skywatch.

Anyway these are some things you see in the realm of reality(except for the skywatching thing. That was in the recruitment area)
By the way. This is going to be a game in the adventure arena soon. I'm going to post an offer in the recruitment.

So go check it. And give me some ideas for this story.
First of all the conflict is over a guy who is trying to find the sacred land of Arrav. He is called Morak and people are scared of him. There in the country of Arrav lies a power that could be used for either good or evil. It is a power that is kept secret and barely anybody knows of. Toshi is supposed to become a man in his kingdom of Sera now and he has to go and seek out a mission from someone in dire need. As fate may have it Toshi pickes some guy who feels life is threatened by Morak and wants someone to go kill him.
That's it. This will all happen in the adventure so yeah. Send feedback plz.
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