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  1. I'm pretty much a Rockstar drinker. I try to balance that out with things like Vitmain Water though. But it's not an all the time thing either. I do like the tase of energy drinks though. The smell is horrible for anything other than Rockstar in my opinion. It's about the only one I can stand.
  2. I've been working on a project for a few years now. It's called Mechanical Undead and we're on myspace. Nothing has come out yet. There's been various idiotic recordings but never anything serious enough that I'd put it on myspace, let alone on a cd. Anyways, it began with me and couple of my friends from school. We were more in the vein of horrorpunk such as Wednesday 13 and the Murderdolls, but also some industrial. Mostly nu-metal crap though. The sad things is that I probably put the most effort into the band at that time.... Now it's just three of us. Garrett is our guitarist and he can play basically anything if you give him some time and like 2 energy drinks. Sad? I dunno. Chris is our bassist. He doesn't exactly play in the band, but he practices with us. He's a little scared to mix it up sometimes, which is probably his only problem. I got a peice of crap drum set that needs new heads, plus a new bass kicker. And coming up with that kind of money is hard as hell sometimes. I'd say the one thing holding us back now is that no one can come up with any ideas for songs. Garrett has a lot of riffs, but he's just reluctant to make them evolve into songs. We're influenced by a couple different bands. We like the skacore type stuff like Leftover Crack and Dancehall Satan, but also crustcore/crust-punk like Discharge, Amebix, and Skitsystem. Than lastily we like thrash bands. Particularly the "new wave thrash" bands like Municipal Waste. Anyways, we're probably got DIY some kind of release here soon and see how that works.
  3. Name: Lex Höglind Age: 22 Gender: Male Personality: He's slightly sarcastic, but still works well in groups. He's outgoing, curious, but also surreal in the way he acts and makes choices. He'll fight if he must but he's usually more concerned about his group. Appearance: Dark blue dreaded mohawk and a black denim vest with various patches and studs all over. Beneath the vest is a plain black hoody. Blue, slightly baggy pants with a black studded belt. His right eyebrow is his only peircing. Typically will wear steel toe boots. Green eyes and light tan skin color. Occupation: He didn't have a real job before the virus. He was a squatter living in the city in an abandonned apartment with a couple hobo friends. His typical routine activities during the day included spare changing people, finding food, and securing his squat. Before he was a squatter he hopped trains and went all over the country. Skills: He's great with schematics. He knows the streets of many cities from his train hopping days. He can use junk to his advantage as well and easily make good makeshift items when their needed. Learns quick and adapts well to his situation. Tick: He's a squatter. He's got street smarts. Unlike most drugged-up bums though he's smart in that he doesn't get consumed by much of anything. He's independent and will find his way when needed. Bio: Lex came from a small town. He knew as a child he wasn't meant to follow the main path. At the age of 16 he hopped his first train and went to a neighboring town. Since then he's found ways to care for himself. At the age of 19 he moved to NYC and found a simple abandonned squat. He learned many tactical things from living in a big city. Things which could help him save himself in an emergency. He began carrying around knives for one, but in his squat there is a self made spear he made. Lex was slightly drunk one night coming back from a show when the first signs of the virus showed in NYC. The police were roaming the streets and mistook him for one of the mutants. Lex ended up running back to his squat after being pursued by the police for three blocks. By the time he got home, he could hear the city slowly falling into mayhem. Sirens, gunfire, screaming, flickering lights, and later on in the night, explosions. Lex began barricading the stairwell up to his squat on the 7th floor. Luckily there were few people in these abandonned apartment buildings, and the floor above him was impossible to reach.
  4. For the past couple months I've been listening to nothing but thrash and crust. One band that has stuck out among all others is [b]Hellbastard[/b]. I just got the LP "Heading For Internal Darkness" It's all semi-old fuzzy stuff but I love it. The song [i]they brought death[/i] has been stuck on me for awhile. It's got a bit of a jumpy grind sound that's addictive.
  5. Box Hoy

    Shoot 'Em Up!

    I wouldn't mind seeing it. I think too many people, put too much effort into "judging a book by it's cover" or in this sense, a movie. And ya know what else. If I did go and see this movie and it suffered because of a lack of a plot...oh well! I got to see a bunch of explosions and gun fighting. Yeah!!
  6. Box Hoy

    Top Guitarists

    I'm more of a metal-punk head so my opinion here is limited. Acey Slade who played in bands like Dope, Murderdolls, and Trashlight Vision. He's amazing. Especially the stuff he in TLV which was influenced by Guns N' Roses, Iggy Pop, and The Stooges. Another great guitarist is Michael Ammot of Arch Enemy. Micheal played in the band Carcass in his early days and was one of the inovators of grindcore before crust and grind intermingled much. His stuff can be either as hardcore or melodic as he wants. There's also the brothers, Anders Björler and Jonas Björler, who played for At The Gates and now play in The Haunted. I think the stuff they pulled out in At The Gates was some of the most fendemental music to come out of the gothenberg death metal movement. Lastly, there's Kerry King because he's the god of thrash metal and Slayer rulez.
  7. [size=1]Well. I've beena fan of evenesance for a long time. Although I only have her first album. I saw the music video to "Call Me When Your Sober" and was fiarly impressed. I don't think she strays too far from her roots though. "Sweet Sacrifice" is a good sounding song too but it seems to have the same attitude she had back in the Fallen days. I dunno. Nevertheless, she's really talented.[/size]
  8. [size=1]Well all I can say Jake, is that you guys have an amazing future with Edda. Our drummer Nick is obsessed with your stuff. I guess he was talking to Jeff and learned about FruityLoops or something. We've already done two songs now that Nick has done digitally on that program and it's amazing. You guys are a major influence on Mechanical Undead, just letting ya know. And I'm in agreement with Amorphous here. If you guys were to make an album I would be very eager to buy it. What's amazing is that, you guys have never even met and yet you have more pageviews than some of the major local acts around my town, on myspace. Keep it up![/size]
  9. [size=1]Well, according to Amorphous I listen to alot of goth. I would say that bands like KoRn and Slipknot are most oriented towards punk and grunge. I understand that they did attract quite a large amount of gothy scene kids to their music which is fine by me. It's when style and music gets confused when we have problems. The 69 Eyes are probably my favorite goth band. It seems as if they are more oriented towards the Misfits style of music and look. Bam Margera supports them in his show from time to time and on his cheapo little label.[/size]
  10. [size=1]Oh dear god. I don't know what I have been missing. Last weekend a friend and I went to the local music shop and checked some music out. I finally decided to look a little into Dead Kennedys and was not dissapointed in the least. I bought their album: [i]Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death[/i] Hardcore punk, rocks my socks now![/size]
  11. [size=1]It's sad. Where I live, not many people realize or pay very much attention to such things as being superficial. They go about their lives controlled by outside influences and have lost sight of who they are within, thus becoming what everyone wants. There are some though, that focus more upon both their inner and outer appearence. We have mostly every stereotype imaginable, except for that Chav thing. What I see for the most part is that everyone in my town has a powerful outer appearence, but it's only the rebellious people such as the punks who have varied inner appearences. I think for the most part, I'd choose to smeel clean and be dirty.[/size]
  12. Box Hoy

    Bullets and Octane

    [size=1]I have a few songs of theirs that I downloaded. They're a pretty good band. Gene has a unique voice that stands out among other punk bands. Alot of people would look at their image first though and call them emo. I think they're more in league with bands like Trashlight Vision, Backyard Babies, and The Chelsea Smiles. They sort of sound like a more dynamic version of Sex Pistols style punk rock.[/size]
  13. [size=1]Nobody in my band, The Mechanical Undead, has a side project except for our bassist/mixer Skitto. So I'll just talk about his little thing. His project is called Neu-Troll. It's really good sounding stuff. He's already finished about one albums worth of music and he's working on his second. He does some electronic stuff with his computer and guitar. I think he uses the program FruityLoops to make his music. I tried using it but it's a little but it's kind of complicated if you're totally new to electronic music making. He's got a myspace with some music on it and his newest song is his best my far.[/size]
  14. [size=1]Oh snap. Not a lust thread. So many beautiful ladies. Well I have a few celebrity vixens in mind for this thread. [b]Sheri Moon Zombie[/b] [IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y85/boxhoy/medium_sheri_moon-7.jpg[/IMG] In my opinion Sheri Moon Zombie has the cutest face in all of entertainment. She's a killer too which makes it way better. Plus she can tolerate Rob Zombie and his abstract lifestyle which is pretty cool because there's nothing better than when a girl can tolerate a guy for his odd side. [b]Winona Ryder[/b] [IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y85/boxhoy/winona.jpg[/IMG] She's just beautiful and she's a faboulos actor. Her whole persona changed between Mr. Deeds and A Scanner Darkly. That's cool because it's talent and passion, both of which I find attractive in a girl. [b]Otep[/b] [IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y85/boxhoy/otepmirror.jpg[/IMG] She's a rebel and that's big on my list. You need to have a sense of social initiative and Otep has that. She can take down any guy which is cool and kinky.[/size]
  15. Box Hoy

    Robot Chicken

    [size=1]God, I never knew how far Seth Green's humor went. I like the whole Moral Orel skit they have. I've seen some other great ones as well like when the members of Nsync were all killed except Joey and he learned karate and fought some giant Britney Spears monster. My view of the show may be a tad skewed though. I haven't seen a lot of episodes, just a select few and those were awesome. Maybe the rest suck or something cuzz people seem to hate this show in my town.[/size]
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