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Farewell to Rage.


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the art in question is in my signature, now for an explanation on the background of this piece.

A few weeks ago, I made a thread in the music and T.V forum in which I basically stated that rage Agaisnt the Machine was the ****, how correct was I, **** indeed!

After getting a copy of Battle of Los angeles for Christmas (well, actually using money on Boxing day,) I sat back, took out the sleeve and relaxed, all ready to read the so called cool, deep lyrics.

It seems to me that I must have missed the parts where they INSULT MY FRIGGIN RELIGION, So, in the light herted spirit of the now fading chritmas 2k3, I took it back to the warehouse, not wanting to burn it as a sacrifice, it cost to much. ;)

So, here you go Rocha, take a look at this, 'tis my receipt, and I'm proud.

-Shinji, the Renegade of Junk.
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