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Well, I'm back from holidays.


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I figure most people around here, might have left for the holidays and went somewhere. Me I left Nova Scotia and went to Ontario to visit my family, when we drove through Quebec I saw like..18 glowing crosses, These like twenty feet tall neon crosses. It'super crazy..I have over thirty cousins, so if y'all did something talk here I'd like to hear about it.
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i did nothing, then agian nothing is quiet an acomplishment for me *ishk a lazy person* all i realy did is
1. stay home.
2. get sick.
3. drink ginger ale.
4. get better.
5. get sick.
7. drink all types of soda.
8. get board and read a book till 4 am.
9. go on ob and do somthing other then sit there.
10. write 274 more pages to one of my stories, it's way to long to put here its 600 pages long, typed, size 12, font times new roman.
11. edit the first five pages.
12. post here.

thats about it. over a 2 week span? wow! a new record!
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For the holidays, my brother and I just stay home for a couple of hours (since we were too sleepy) and then we'd head on from store to store for supplies in preparing for our moving day. My mom would sometimes take us house searching for our new home; and drop us off to see a movie or stay at a mall. On Christmas, we headed out to eat at my aunt's house; two of my cousins just came from their jobs and college (one of them).

It's been fun; we get to see movies I've always wanted to see. After all of that, I'd just head back to my computer and....well search for stuff and come back here to talk. It isn't that boring though; only when you have to sit driving around every block looking at small and yet old houses that are on sale. Yeah it's tuff, but I hope we find one until next year.
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[size=1][color=chocolate]*looks at G/S/B Master's post*
Heh, you rock.

I played Final Fantasy X2 a lot (had fun with it too), ate, slept, watched TV, got on the computer, and listened to music.

The reason my family doesn't go around a lot is that are our cousins, etc. live so freaking far away we spend most of our time driving there. Also, my family and I are lazy bums. Last thing we think about is traveling. Unless for family reunions, for which I despise. (Ah going off topic)
Anyway, hope you had fun on your vacation.[/size][/color]
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Here's what happened for the past week:
-Stayed Home
-Post on my regular boards, here or there...
-Do graphic design
-Can't sleep
-Wake up to many anime gifts
-Watch Inuyasha, Haibane Renmei, and .hack//SIGN on computer through DVD
-get soar throat
-go down to Mesa
-feel unnoticed at relatives house for Christmas Party
-Get crappy gifts
-got to hotel
-went to aunt's house and played a game called "Catch Phrase"
-got back to crummy hotel
-Watch Inuyasha on labtop
-Go to sleep, not really...
-get more sick
-Go to the Phoenix theater to see the Rockettes
-Leave to eat at Chilis
-Eat food
-Leave for Grandma's house
-Listen to weird tales of a family friend running off with an Indian woman a few days ago in Montana
-start driving
-listen to CD
-parents question me
-Eat at the Crackerbarrel
-Get home
-Can't sleep
-Soar Throat
-Wake up, feeling crappy
-OFFICIAL Sickness!
-Fall asleep in front of keyboard
-repeat the sickness cycle. :P
I still got another week, and I'm STILL sick. This sucks.
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Well, I have been gone for more then the holidays, as it's been so very long since I posted.

~went to grandparents house last Sunday for an early Christmas
~went to see the lights at the zoo
~went to see Lord of the Rings some day last week, can't remember when o.O
~played some video games
~did some computer graphics out of boredom
~read a lot
~had Christmas
~had a soup night...er yesterday I think
~went sledding
~slept in :P
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