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DN Angel Wallpaper!


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This, has got to be the best thing I've ever made in photoshop. i'm so proud of it. i even submitted it into Animewallpapers.com.

It took me extremely long, but it was worth it in my opinon.^^

Please tell me what you think.

[url=http://shippo.250free.com/DNangelWall.jpg]Here it is![/url]
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It's a pretty good wallpaper, but there are few things that maybe you may want to fix a little bit. The stock quality of the image of Daisuke isn't all that great. It's highly pixelated and takes away some of the picture's appeal. You may want to smooth it out a bit on Photoshop or whatever program you use. Also, the background is very creative and I love the colors that you use, but there's so much going on that it takes away focus from Daisuke. You may want to make it a little less distracting by taking out a few swirls or what have you because as a wallpaper, it may make icons harder to see on the desktop. Also, placing the name D.N. Angel right in the middle draws the focus towards the center and draws even more attention to the swirls in the background. Overall, you've got a great idea for a wallpaper, but these are just few things that take away some of its full potential.

~Haruno Sakura
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This is an EXCELLENT WALLPAPER. I really like the overall feeling and the fact that it is not to cluttery, which is a common mistake. My only suggestions would be for you to tie in the background with your picture a little more, the colors do not mesh together as well as they probably could. But overall i really like this alot and I hope to see alot mroe from you. ^^
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