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Songs of Dreams


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The bell of future, or Fortruth, rang loudly thundering across the castle grounds, no one was up at the bell tower today for it was a celebration, and the bell rang on its own. The man or rather woman, who was supposed to be there recording the bells song was killed the night before. They were celebrating her death. She was the Prophet of Doom, according to legend as long as she was in the vicinity of the sound of the bell, Foreverworld would be doomed. The people rejoiced singing and laughing. Then a group of very observant children said, ?The bell in the tallest tower is ringing! Please! Stop and look!?

One by one the musicians stopped causing the dancers to stop with in turn made the laughing men and women stop, when all was quiet the bell started booming with noise, the other prophets heard the sound and right away they screamed, ?Just like 600 years ago, all the Prophets of Doom are reeking their revenge! Flee!?

? ? ? Nobody knows what happened to that kingdom, only of its name and the night of rejoice. Then in the year 2072 in the Kingdom of Prophets, there is an bell jutting out of the ground like it was dropped or it was being pulled or pushed out of the sand, out in the Middle Desert, a passer by was walking along the desert only to come across a cracked bell. The man hurried to the nearest town to tell the people there. He became rich and dies rich, the town was excavated and all was well for a time.

50 years after the town was pulled out of its sandy grave ?accidents? began to happen. Terrible accidents, debris falling from buildings and landing on people 20 feet away, sand shifting so quickly people got trapped in the old buildings, and worst of all little boys who had done nothing wrong we flung around in the wind and landed on an old awkwardly placed spire, who?s blood and bodies fell onto the trucks where the artifacts were supposed to go in order to be shipped off for study. People talked of a ghost whose mission in death was to keep people from the truth. But that story scared off the workers instead of inspiring them. The workers left and the town was buried again.

100 years after that in the present? A young girl was found crying on the sands just out side the old town, the sand has released it from it sandy grave. But now, terrible things are happening around the Seven Towns of the Prophets. First the elders died from some illness that turns everything inside of them black, then the young girls and boys who were training under the elders eyes died screaming in their sleep, and soon after that several strange things happen, a girl falls from the sky but does no harm in fact helps the people with creating little gadgets that help them with their work. And quickly following in her arrival other children come wandering to the village New Fortruth saying they had no idea why they came here, only that a voice was calling them?


Fiore ponders the name inscribed on her sword ?Yuri Katana? it means sword lily, or lily sword depending on how you use it. Meaning it could be a name or the sword. ?If only I knew, it would solve so much!? she mentally hits herself forcing her to hold her head then fall over. She had heard of the strange new children who came to town recently and never paid much mind to them, after all she had no clue herself why she came.

A knock on her door startled her, she paused considering the idea to open it telepathically, but then thought it polite to go to the actual door itself and greet her guest. She placed her hand on the doorknob and turned pulling the heavy old door open.

?Hello.? Fiore said with a cheery disposition that would have frightened her if she was not being polite. Right away the first thing she noticed about her guest was that it was not a normal villager but instead one of the mystery kids that came?

Hope you like that little part that I added please be sure to read all they way through it I made many changes. Also I know it does not stat that the goddess of chaos rules but she does, I?ll explain in my next post when you all learn a bit more.


?? Around something means thoughts.
?? Around something means spoken words.
*** Means break or next part, or from a different view.
And please no blooper style writing.

Kagome: hi inuyasha! *She walks over to him*
Inuyahsa: hey! *He pushes Kagome away*

Nothing like that.

People permitted to post here:
and jro13 once he makes his sign-up more descriptive.
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James was just playing his guitar, waiting for someone to pay him.Until an annoying girl came"Hi people,what is your name?".

OOC: I have to do something so I will edit later
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OOC: Introductory posts first, so here goes...

[color=sky blue]Selenine played her ocarina, bringing a dead squirrle back to life with its healing powers. But halfway through the song, a voice spoke to her telepathically...

"Selenine. I've been searching for you..." Selenine was taken by surprise. Ignoring the squirrel, who sat up weakly, she thought to the voice, "What do you want? I'm kind of busy here..."
"Escape from the forest now. Your destiny awaits..."
"Escape from the forest?! No way! My destiny lies in this forest, unless..." Selenine thought for a moment about how she sometimes came outside the forest to entertain people. "Maybe that [i]is[/i] where my destiny lies..." And with that, she walked out of the forest, playing her ocarina all the way.
As soon as she emerged, she saw a few other people playing musical instruments as well. One man nearby was playing his guitar. She walked up to him.

"Hi, what's your name?" she asked, startling him.
"Uhhh... James. And you better give me some money as an apology for startling me..." He stood up and faced Selenine, looking slightly annoyed. Selenine just stared at him and put her hand up, seeming to be chanting a spell. Within seconds, she ran away quickly. James forgot what he was just doing and continued playing his guitar. Then, he found a coin at his feet and picked it up. He examined it closely; it was a quite expensive coin. He wondered, "Where did I get this?" Then he shrugged and continued to play.
Meanwhile, Selenine was running away from James quickly, giggling softly to herself while doing so. She soon stopped when she no longer saw him and looked around. She found herself in the middle of a bazaar. Shops crowded the streets, all with people shouting to people to buy their goods. A woman from a nearby bread shop pulled her over, bragging about how good her bargains were. A nearby woman in the same shop did the same to a nearby boy. But Selenine turned the woman around and stared straight into her eyes. Then, she chanted, "Pull over customers not. Wait for a buyer." The woman began to get sleepy, until Selenine finally clapped her hands, startling the woman. Selenine then did the same iwth the other woman, who instantly let the boy go.

Selenine smiled and walked away, proud of herself and at the same time dissatisfied. "What weak-minded fools to be dealing with," she muttered to herself. "Ah well, it pays to get a little practice." Suddenly, the boy that had been grabbed by the woman rushed up to her, shouting, "Hey! Thanks for saving me! How'd you do that anyway?"
"It's called hypnosis," Selenine said coolly to the boy, "and it's very effective against those dopes." The boy nodded and went off to find his mother. Meanwhile, Selenine continued to look around at the shops, keeping alert for any grabby people.[/color]
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