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Demon Azut (Work In Progress)


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(Wow....posting here is giving me such a nostalgic feeling...:()

If anyone here remembers my renders, I've always been using the same character for all of them. Well, I believe the time has come to fix that.

This handsome chap is my second non-stick character. While he is basically finished, I have to give him an armature, and create his sword.
I used Makehuman as a base, and Fiber 1.3 for most of the hair. In other words, only the clothing partial hair, nails and wings are mine (I'll post a more complete picture when I rig him).
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Speaking as a person who has been spoiled by video game CG, this is still very cool, with the lighting effects and everything else. It seems like stuff you would see in early-middle PSX cut scenes, and doing that just by yourself is indeed an accomplishment.

I have no experience or knowledge with CG, so that's really everything I can say. I don't know how you can make it more on the level of today's CG (maybe more people? lol).
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