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Zoids, New Century Zero: A New Era


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A New Era[/U][/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Welcome pilot to the world of Zi. A world where living combat machines known as Zoids are used by the humans of Planet Zi. At the current stage in the history of Zi the Zoids are used by various teams all compeating in the 'Zoids Championships' attempting to get into the class A divison and challenge the reigning champion and his, or her, team.
Before I can father I'm just going to put those involved in the RPG.

[CENTER][U]Strike Fighter Team[/U]

Tai Highven - Leader - Jokopoko
Kari Sanai - Member - Ohkami
Adam Took - Member - K.K.C.

[U]Soul Flyers Team[/U]

Alexandria Stril - Leader - Lady Katana
Galen Cox - Member - Black_Phoenix
Matt Peregyn - Member - Lrb

[U]Sabre Flash Team[/U]

Keegan Adran - Leader - Outcast
Ikaga Shingetsu - Member - Shanghai
NPC of Leaders choice[/CENTER]
[I]Side Note:[/I] There is still one postion open on the Strike Fighter Team and the Soul Flyers team and on the Sabre Flash Team there are two free places and sign-ups will be open for a little longer. And if you sign up I will add you to the list and you'll just have to work your character being where the team is in your first post.
[I]N/B: This may sound a little silly but I'd like people to post location tags at the beginning of each post, if you don't get what I mean just do what I do in my first post.[/I]
[U]Kendric City - SFT Headquarters - 3:00pm[/U]

After having a training round in the outlands Tai had given the team the afternoon off and instead of going back home himself he'd decided to say and work on his Gunsniper Zoid, the reason being that he felt his calmest when he was working on a Zoid in the pits and it also filtered out the noise from the streets and the city surrounding the Headquarters of his team. He'd just been recalibrating the 80mm Cannon when the comm-link unit in the main lounge went off. Tai quickly wiped his hands of oil on a near by cloth and went to answer the call, he took a little double take when he saw it was a message from the ZBC. [I]"This must mean the new league has been set up"[/I] He though before he pressed the recive button. As usual it was one of the Judges on the view-screen.

"Tai Highven, Leader of the Strike Fighter Team. Correct?" The flat-monotone voice asked.

"Correct" Tai said in a bored voice, he'd done this to many times before.

"You, and your team, are hereby re-instated into the Zoid Championship League due to the new League starting in two weeks, please be prepared" With that the comm-link shut off with the ZBC logo on a black screen.

[I]"Finally," He thought, "I better call the others back here so they can start work on their Zoids, we're gonne need more training sims as well"[/I]

As he walked down to the locker room to get his coat and gloves Tai wondered in Alexandria and Keegan, along with their teams, had decided to enter the new League and try to get the rank of champions. He entered the street and headed toward the place he was sure the others would be, The ZBC Pilot Lounge, it was the hotspot for Zoid pilots in Kendric city, but he didn't care for it that much because of the number of wanna-be pilots their and the amount of rookies really put him off his training and other things.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=orange][b]Kendrik City - ZBC Pilot Lounge - 3:30 P.M.[/b]
Adam leaned back in his seat and placed his feet up ontop of the table and stretched slightly. He was watching some recent zoid battle from earlier that day, he usually would do this, once a week he would check out how the others teams were doing in battle. From what was going on, the Zabre Flash Team was winning all battles. Adam took a sip of his coffee and then stood up, deciding to find Kari, who had left to get a drink quite a few minuets ago. He peered around the half crowded room and spotted her and Tai chatting near the doorway. Adam smiled and then made his way over to them with an odd away in his walk.

"Never thought I'd see the day when I was left out of a meeting." Adam chuckled with a grin as he came over to the two. Tai glanced around the room and then motioned for the two of them to take a seat at a near by booth where very few pilots lingered. They took their seats and Tai seemed to make sure no one was listening in on them before he bagan to tell them of what ever news he had to bring. [/color][/size]
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[b]Zoid Training Grounds, outside of Kendrik City-- 3:18 pm[/b]

Galen was slammed into his seat as he banked the Storm Sworder down and to the right. The missile fired at his zoid passed through the area it he had previously occupied, and exploded into a white cloud. Even if the round had a dummy warhead it would have rattled the Triple S. Galen had decided to practice his piloting under harsh conditions, which was why he had three zoids facing his single zoid. To add to the difficulty he had never loaded any missiles, and was thus limited to short range attacks.

Continuing the bank Galen swooped down to a risky NOE (Nape Of the Earth) manuever and extended his wing blades. Sparks flew past the right wing as it slided through a nearby Iron Kong's shoulder, sending the heavy zoid to the ground. Galen payed for it as a second missile slammed into his engines, followed by the voice of the team leader over the commlink.

"Looks like you lose. You never should have chosen this style of fight."

"Yeah, but it is the only way to work out the problems with my close range combat." Galen replied.
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[COLOR=darkblue][b]Kendrik City - ZBC Pilot Lounge - 3:40pm[/b]

Kari was sitting with Tai. He was telling her about something that was happening. He was speaking in a low and quiet voice. Kari strained to hear what he was saying to her. She sipped on her drink that she had earlier gone to get.

Kari looked at a door at the far end of the room. Adam was in there, watching Zoid battles like he usually did. The door slid open with a hiss and Adam stood at the door. He walked over and complained that he was left out of the meeting. Kari laughed at him and Tai pointed to another booth. They all walked over and sat. Tai looked serious as usual.

"I got a message from the ZBC earlier, We've been accepted into the Zoid Championship League in two weeks. We need to fix up our Zoids and prepare them for the upcoming battle. Especially since I [i]know[/i] that Keegan and Alexandria's teams will be there. They probably know I'll be there, anyways, they wouldn't miss an opportunity like this. You guys know about them from what I've told you so you know they can be sneaky and devious in battles, we'll have to watch out for all of them." Tai said seriously.

Adam and Kari listened and nodded, knowing he was in one of his serious moods.

"I'll head back to base. I got nothing else to do here. Might as well prepare eh?" Kari said getting up from her seat. If you need me I'll be in the hangar.

Kari finished her drink and threw the cup in a bin before heading out of the building.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=orange][b]Kendrik City - ZBC Pilot Lounge - 3:45pm[/b]

Adam just smiled as usual as she walked out of the Lounge and headed back to the base. Tai got up and started to leave too, he stopped before opening the door and turned to Adam who was still in his seat at the booth.
"Are you coming?" Tai asked as he started to push the door open.
Adam could barely hear Tai, his eyes were fixed on a battle that had just started on one of the TVs, it was being held in one of Zi's very large deserts, all he could hear was the battle anouncer and the zoids.
"Adam?" Tai asked again, this time a bit louder. Adam shook his head and closed his eyes before turning to Tai and stumbling up on his feet to make his way over to the door.

"You ok?" Tai asked as the made there way outside and down the road to where Adam's jeep was parked. Adam made a grin and nodded his head and waved his arm telling Tai to forget about it.
It took about 10 minuets from the lounge to get to the base, Adam rarely even used his jeep, usually just piloted the Fox down here, but for some reason, today was different.

When they made it to the base Tai and Adam made their way into the hanger to see Kari already hard at work on her Blade Liger. Adam smiled for the umpteenth time that day and trotted over to the Shadow Fox and gazed at it in all its magisty for a few moments before climbing into the cockpit to make some adjustments on the scrubbers and smoke screens. [/color][/size]
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[B]Outside Kendrik City- Sabre Flash Team Base- 3:50 PM [/b]

Ikaga would be seen sitting in the Sabra Flash Base, putting a finger down on the checkered board screen of his laptop. His eyes would sit there watching what had happened once his finger touched one of the squares of the board. A light had come from the spot he had touched, a shinobi would trode toward that certain spot. Ikaga would smile seeing that an enemy took three steps forward.

"He is in my trap," Ikaga would whispered to himself before sending a command in.

Using both his hands in different places, he would put a finger down on the board, making a full circular motion around about five of the enemies displayed on the board. From there, he would press a red button on the side of the laptop. This was make the shinobi who would sit there execute some hand signs before moving its hand to touch its lips, take in some air, then blow out a huge flame that took those five enemies out.

Only two of the five enemies had managed to dodge the huge flame that came from the shinobi, they starting to retreat. But luckily Ikaga had two more shinobi on the field, and in the matter of a minute, those two retreating enemy were disposed of. Seeing a flashing sign saying [b] You Win [/b] on the screen, Ikaga would sigh as he exited the game.

Shutting down the laptop, he'd stand and stretch out his tired arms and legs," An hour, it took to easily master and beat this strategy game. It looks as if I'll be needing to add more features to it so I can challenge myself. Or I could go and watch more Zoid Battles."

Upon saying this, Ikaga walked over to a nearby window and looked outside wondering where his captin was. He hasn't seen the guy for awhile now.
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