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Duel Monsters: Quest for Exodia


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The Maurading Captain addressed those assembled with respect, while at the same time maintaining authority.

"Good morning," he said. "I believe you all know why you are here. The third piece of the Seal of Exodia is missing. The Demon Soldier is believed to have stolen it. You have all been briefed on the incident."

He paused. "You are here because you are the best of your respective kingdoms. They have selected you to form the team that retrieves the Seal and returns piece to the land of Konami."

"You will all work together as a unit, and track the Demon Soldier's movements. You will depart from the Kingdom of Man, and proceed through the land as quickly as possible."

He paused again. "Unless there are any questions, you may leave immediatly."
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"I have a question." Dark Witch spoke up from her seat in the back corner. "Do I [b]have[/b] to work with these... [i]others.[/i]"

She glanced at all the choosen ones. Not exactly what she would consider traveling companions.

"I prefer to work alone." Was her last statement before retiring back into her qiuet solitude.
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The Captain scowled slightly. "Yes, you [b]will[/b] work with the others. You were choosen for both your abilities and the potential your respective leaders believe you to posess. No single individual can do this alone."

He faced them all. "If anyone does not wish to abide with those rules, they may leave."
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[color=teal]Hi JoyKaiba here. My account was disabled or something so my brother and me are sharing an account. (that's why my avatar is there) Me and him will be using different colors. I hope that's alright.

The Dark Magician Girl tapped her foot. She didn't have an objections, but she couldn't say the same for her friend. She looked over at the Sword Stalker. He knew something was about to happen.

"Hold on," the Flame Swordsman said as he stood up, "what'cha mean? Just because we wanna work alone, you're gonna kick us out." The Dark Magician Girl and the Sword Stalker shook thier heads. Their friend wasn't to bright. He was a blonde after all. The Captain glared at the Flame Swordsman. The Flame Swordsman could take a hint. He sat back down and started mumbleing to himself.

"Anyone else have an outburst," the Captain asked angerly, "or may we start." The Dark Magician Girl stopped tapping her foot. The Sword Stalker looked over at her. He watched her as she stood up.

"What are you doing," the Sword Stalker whispered as the Dark Magician Girl stood up. The Dark Magician Girl just crossed her arms and glared at the Captain. The Captain responed to her glare with a glare of his own.

"Just one little question," the Dark Magician Girl said as she uncrossed her arms, "How about if we fail?" Everyone turned back to the Captain. He shook his head.

"That is not an option," the Captain said with a glare. The Dark Magician Girl nodded and sat back down.[/color]
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OOC: That's cool. ^__^


The Captain sighed to himself. He trusted General Freed's judgement, as well as those of the other rulers in Konami...but could this crew really track the most dangerous mercanery in the land?

"Now, seeing as you all understand the situation, you may leave. All five kingdoms will help you should the need arise; we all recognize the severity of this situation."

He opened the gate that lead out of the training yard. "Be very careful. Already, the land is beginning to fall into chaos. STay alert, work together, and retrieve the missing Seal at any cost. Now go."
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Legendary Fisherman laid out his fishing net. He was tired and didn't feel like hunting. He swam down to his cave and sat down with Amphibian Beast. They started talking about how annoying getting stuck in kelp is, when they heard a loud -SNAP!-

"What was that?" asked AB.

"Someone, or something, must have broken my net!" answered LF. He sped up to the surface and saw a raft with a Demon Soldier cruising away. The net had completely snapped in two, but something was stuck in it. It was a tablet with a golden, muscular, chained up right arm in it. "What in Neptune's kingdom is this?" inquired LF as he was joined by an equally perplexed AB.
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The Demon Soldier swore and turned the raft around.

"Excuse me!" he called. "That's mine! i'm afraid it fell overboard!"

He stopped the raft as he approached. "I've got some money for you to buy a new net, but I need that artifact back."
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"I am not going to enjoy this at all." Dark Witch floated out.

Flame Swordsman put on a big grin and laughed, "C'mon, cheer up! This will be fun!"

"...If anyone dies, I hope you're first to go." The witch sneered and continued on her way.

FS took a minute to think about the insult that was thrown at him, "...Hey! That wasn't very nice!"

"I'm not very nice. Get use to it."
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[color=teal]The Flame Swordsman swung his sword over his shoulder. He was insulted by the Dark Witch's attitude. He watched the Dark Magician Girl walk by. He sighed and took his sword of his shoulder.

"Hey," FS yelled as he caught up to DMG, "do you understand why everyone's picking on me?" DMG turned around and looked at FS. FS smiled nervously and closed his eyes as a sweatdrop appeared on the side of his face.

"Maybe it's because you're not the brightest warrior around," the DMG said as she kept walking. FS let out a sigh and put his head down. He guessed no one believed he could hold his own on this quest.[/color]
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The Maurading Captain approached thre Flame swordsman, grinning slightly.

"Don't let them bother you, soldier," he said. "General Freed has every confidence in you, and I do as well. We're sure you'll be fine."

The Swordsman smiled. "Thanks, Captain."

"Go out there and show them your best."
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"Show 'em yer best indeed!" someone chuckled. Dream Clown cartwheeled in front of the Marauding Captain and stood with one hand, juggling several multi-colored balls in the other.

"Just who are you?" the Captain demanded.

"Me sir? Why I'm the best entertainer you'll ever have the pleasure of meetin'." replied the fancifully dressed clown. He flexed his wrist, flipped over and landed on his feet. "I'm teh Dream Clown, an' don' you forget it."

Flame Swordsman eyed the clown up and down. He was small and rather silly looking. He didn't have any visible eyes, but his face was instead covered by lanky purple hair and a large green nose.

"How can you help us?" asked Flame Swordsman. "You're a bit small to do anything..."

"Wouldja care to have a go wit' me big sir?" asked Dream Clown. "I reckon I could give you a smack or two of trouble."
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[color=teal]"Hey," the Flame Swordsman yelled, "is that a challange." The Dream Clown looked the Flame Swordsman over and chuckled mindlessly. FS was getting really irritated with DC. He raised his fist and smacked DC in the back of the head.

"What'cha do that for," DC dizzily asked. FS put his sword to DC face. DC looked the sword over and was about to laugh until the sword bursted into flames.

"What'cha think I did that for," FS said as a flash of anger crossed his brown eyes. DC pulled his collar away from his neck as he watched the blazing sword. FS swung his sword over his shoulder as the flames disappeared.

"I hopes ya knows that was'nt very nices," DC said as he glared at FS. FS glared back at DC. He bent down to be eye level with DC.

"I'm a very nice person," FS said as he moved his blonde hair out of his face, "but don't ya get on my nerves." DC nodded as FS stood back up. FS looked at the Captain.

OOC:Brooklyn.........accent........so........hard.......to.......do! :faints:[/color]
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The captain sighed. He never really question General Freed's judegement before, but he still found it a bit hard to believe that [b]this[/b] crew was supposed to retriee the missing piece of the Seal.

"Enough clowning around!" he called. "All of you, it's time to move out!"
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DW shook her head and sighed, "We're all gonna die."

Dream Clown chuckled, "Don' be so down!"

"Why are you so.. perky? You know we've been issued our deaths."

"Aww, I'm sure we'll win!" The clown grinned.

"What are you going to do, try to make them laugh to death?"

DC stood there and FS, having calmed down, spoke up, "She's a pain."

"And you, my good sir, are a headache. Can we hurry up and get this thing over with? Or must we continue to stand here and chatter aimlessly and prolong my agony?" The witch sighed.
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"I don't need any land-hugger money. I make my own nets. However, this slab is pretty. I think I'll use it as a decoration for my cave." replied LF.

"I'm not giving you a choice." said the DS menacingly.

"Are you threatening me?" asked LF angrily.

"I do believe I am." replied DS.

"Well, in my domain in my kingdom in my ocean, the only one who makes threats is me (in-joke alert!)!" Lf said in his face.

"Well then, die!" yelled DS. He jumped up, but LF was ready. He raised his arms, and a huge torrent of water flew up, hitting DS! DS was thrown upwards, where LF hit him with a well-aimed spear. He fell, and started to swim away.

"Go get him, AB." suggested LF.

"With pleasure." replied AB. He swam forward with incredible speed and rammed the DS. It became a fists-and-feet battle, with AB winning by a mile. AB then struck the DS with his claw, knocking him out! AB threw him on shore, and together with LF, returned to the cave.
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[COLOR=#503F86]The harsh winds blew the sand in the desert plains roughly across the land, sweeping it over rocks like a concealing veil.

The Mystical Knight of Jackal stood watch at the tomb's entrance, trying to ignore the hushed conversations going on inside. So the spirits were speaking of unrest- wars were always being waged in one way or another. This would probably be no different. If anything, he'd be glad to finally see some action instead of being bound by an ancestral promise to a rock grave in the middle of the wastelands of Konami.

He tensed. A shadowy figure appeared in the distance, his cloak blowing in the wind. The Mystical Knight recognised him immediately as the Gravekeeper's Spy. He raised his right arm in a signal and the Chief solemnly walked outside.

"What news have you from the Kingdoms?" The Chief asked in an ancient, rather pretentious-sounding tongue.

"The third Seal has been stolen."

Silence seemed to fall all around them. For a second, even the wind appeared to drop.

Unexpectedly, the Chief turned to the Jackal. "You must retrieve the Seals."

The Mystical Knight looked taken aback. "You... want me to leave?"

"We are bound by our oath to guard the Pharoah's Tomb, but we cannot allow this evil to be unleashed on the world. The ancient power must stay hidden to all, or else we risk the destruction of the entire world."

The Mystical Knight bowed his head. "Then I will go. Um... where am I going, by the way?"

The Spy pointed over in the direction of the desert ravines. "The Kindgom of Man is sending people on a quest to recapture the Seals. Whether you join them is up to you, but we will be in contact with you via the Spirits to guide you in paths of uncertainty."

[i]Pfft! Yeah, right[/i], he thought to himself. He took a deep breath and knelt down on one knee melodramaticallty. "You have my word that I will do my best to stop the Dark Powers." He stood up again and bounded into the desert, the hot feeling of anticipation pushing him forwards into his quest.[/COLOR]
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The Demon Soldier regained his footing. "Cursed Fisherman..." he muttered. "I'll show you what happens when you try to steal from me!"

The demon removed a small pendant from around his neck. "Relinquished, it's me. I've encountered a little opposition. I need some swimmers."

A dark vortex appeared over the water, and a pair of Humanoid Worm Drakes slithered out of the portal. They landed in the water and swam towards the Legendary Fisherman's cave.
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(Been a while since the last post so...)

Shadow Ghoul paced anxiously in his cavern. He could sense something was going on nearby, and that a couple of foolish monsters were wandering away from the kingdom.

[i]"I must get more souls. I must power up!"[/i] He hissed out, pratically drooling over the idea of a fresh soul. They always are better fresh...

[i]"I will kill! I will eat! No more hungriness for me in this empty wasteland!"[/i] And with that, he scurried out, headed towards our favorite band of wanderers.
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LF looked up. "Visitors, eh?" he said. "Eels, do your thing." A trio of electric eels (for all attempts and purposes, any water-creature, whether salt or fresh, can live in the Suijin Sea) stretched across the entrance. The Worm Drakes ran into it and were bounced back. They swam back, and a few minutes later, two Humanoid Worm Drakes were in its place!
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[color=teal]The Flame Swordsman started paceing back and forth. He was getting nervous. He didn't want to fight. He stopped suddenly as he heard a heeled foot tapping behind him. He turned around to discover the Dark Magician Girl.

"The big bad swordsman is worried," DMG said with a giggle. FS shot her a evil glare. He shook his head and turned toward her.

"Ya can't tell me you ain't worried," FS said as he looked at DMG. DMG shook her head and crossed her arms. She looked up at FS with her blue eyes.

"Ok," DMG said with a slight smile, "maybe am a little worried." FS nodded his head as the Sword Stalker walked up to him. SS looked prepared for anything.

"Don't worry you two," SS said with a grin that never seems to disapper, everything's going to be fine." FS and DMG nodded thier heads. All their attention suddenly turned to their right. The Captain had spoken up.[/color]
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[color=indigo][size=1][font=century]The Captain sighed; Konami was doomed.

"All of you, get a move on! You haven't much time!"


The Demon Soldier was tired of waiting for the troops he dispatched to return. It didn't matter; he had means of dealing with the Fisherman himself.

He removed a sword from its holster. When the demon Soldier gripped the handle, a huge crack of electricity eminated from the sword.

He shoved the Lightning Blade into the water and allowed the electric current to pass through, sending deadly shockwaves through the Sea.[/color][/size][/font]
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The Humanoid Worm Drakes slashed the eels. They let loose a shock, but the bolts bounced off the gelatinous bodies. The Drakes then grabbed the eels and threw them far away. They then swam towards LF and AB. AB sped to them and let loose a myriad of blows, but they had no effect. The Drakes rammed him and he hit the floor. LF grabbed his spear, when suddenly, deadly shockwaves struck them and obliterated them! Then, the shockwaves went to them! LF looked for something to block it... and saw only the mysterious slab. He used it as a mirror, pushing the waves to the surface. When He got up there, he saw the DS. As he wondered why his sword was in the water... he was knocked backward and knocked out! A Fortress Whale had come, and had taken the slab into a reef!
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[color=indigo][size=1][font=century]The dEmon Soldier swore again; stupid fish!

He summoned the Worm Drakes back to him, and rode them to the reef, following the whale. When he caught up, he leapt on top of the whale and plunged his Lightning Blade into the whale's side.[/color][/size][/font]
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