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Darkstar Pirates


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I still need one more person but I'm still going to start this adventure. I'm going to start this off by reposting the opening to the story.


Lezs Jacobs grew up in a wealthy family. He grew up as spoiled as you could possibly be. In school he was an over achiever. He always had the top score in every class and he participated in four sports a year. His dream was to follow in his brothers footsteps and take off into space to become a bounty hunter.

Every week Lezs would receive a message form his older brother. His brother would tell him exciting stories about how he captured wanted pirates. One time he took down a pirate that had warrents for his arrest in twelve different galexies. The pirates name was Yojimbo Hakasina. He was wanted for 90 counts of armed robbery, the smuggling of illeagle drugs and weapons, and over thirty murders. Lezs's brother nearly lost Yojimbo, but was lucky enough to catch him in the end after a ten minute chase on foot. Unfortunaty his girlfriend was almost killed in the process. This kept him out of the game for several months but soon returned to bag more enemies.

Unfortunatly Lezs's brother mad e the mistake of revealing to Yojimbo who he was. When Lezs's loving parents left on a diplomatic assignment their ship was attacked by Yojimbo, who had recently escaped from custody. Yojimbo took no prisoners and slaughtered everyone on the ship.

When Lezs learned the news he went into a state of shock. He locked himself up in his room for several days. During that time a demon was growing inside of his head. He was seperating himself from the world. He wanted to find the man responsible for what happend. Then one night a message for his brother told him exactly what he wanted to know.

Later he snuck out of the house while it was pitch black. Driven by hatred and the need for revenge he snuck into a military base. his goal was to steal any ship that was docked there so that he could search for Yojimbo and get his revenge. He broke the necks of two soldiers and stole their weapons in order to more easily get to a ship. He mowed down anyone that got in his way and finally took anm experimental ship that was made for a crew of six. This ship was called the "Darkstar".

After escaping with the ship in his possesion he then began his search, but now he was branded as a pirate by the athorities. Over the next several years he would make connectons, gather supplies and data, and finally find Yojimbo. In a bloodly onslaught that caust him an eye and his right arm, both replaced by mechanic implants. He now had his revenge but also had accounts of murder hanging over his head. He would now be hunted to the end of his days.

After a few years of traveling and avoiding capture he landed on one planet that he needed to do buisness on. There were no hotels or any other kind of building that he could spend the night in so he was forced to sleep in a tent for the one night he would be spending there. To his fortune he was barged in by a girl that has panting heavily. She asked him to hide her from strange men who were after her. With some of his humanity returned to him from the years after he killed Yojimbo he hid her from the men.

The girl didn't act her age, which was probably close to his, and she seemed to be suffering from memory loss. She couldn't remeber much before the point in which she was running for the men. Lezs took her aboard the Darkstar and registered her in the computer as a crew member. Lezs, from that point on, would work her like a dog. He treated her liek a slave but she seemed to enjoy doing everything that he told her to do.
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Tenera rushed down the alleyway as some police men ran past. "That was close" he said to himself. He saw a ship land In the distance. "Finally, maybe I can get work oj that ship and get off this forsaken planet." he said hopefully.

He quickly went to the ships landing site. He made It just as some one who looked In charge stepped out. "Errr, hello I was hoping you may have some work for me." Tenera said.

The man looked uninterested. "I have experiance on ships, Im an exelent pilot and can easily repair ships." He said as a girl walked out.

"Look Ill do heavy lifting.....hey, this is a pirate ship isn't It. Look I've had experiance as a pirot." he tossed a gold coin to the man.

He contimplated It realising that It was valuable and the only few left were stolen mid transit by pirates a few years ago.
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Lezs wouldn't smile but he reconized the coin well enough and had enough experince to know that it was athentic and it was extreamly valuable. The man that wanted to get aboard his ship had to have some experience as a pirate to carry something suchas this, but if he was going to announce outloud that this ship was a pirate ship Lezs would probably be better off killing him now.

"Don't expect any pay, right now our budget is tight and we can barely aford food for ourselves." Lezs said to the stranger. "Though I can think of a few jobs that you can take care of." He extended his replacement arm and the stranger looked at it in awe and shock. Lezs wasn't surprised. The man took it. "I have two other rew members, both female."

Lucrezia had walked up next to Lezs and hid behind him scared of the stranger. "Lezs who is this?" She asked. "Is he here to hurt us?"

"No sweety." Lezs said treating her as if she was a small child. He rubbed her hand which was on his shoulder. "He's here to acompany us for a while." She looked at the man oddly and went back to the ship. "You'll have to forgive Lucrezia." He said to the man. "She can barely remember anything before she met me and she needs to be babied a lot. Etarip on the other hand is another story. She can be hot-headed at some times so I suppose you'll have to put up with it." The man nodded. "Now what was your name again?"
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[i]Three years. It's been three years since the news that the murdererous Captain Yojimbo Hakasina had been captured.[/i] Etarip thought to herself, standing motionless on the dock and staring into the silvery moon in the navy-blue sky. Watching it gleem among the blackness, never changing yet always changing. Just like life. It never changes, but it's always changing around you. The thought of life brought to mind the night of Etarip's parents' death...

[i]She was back, she was walking down the hall, bare feet landing silently on the cold oak floor, fear slowly sucking the warmth from her blood as it spread throughout her body. She grasped the doorknob to her parents' room and opened it a cracke. She looked in horror to see their mouths half open, eyes wide in shock, her mother's night dress stained with crimson blood which was hard to tell if it was from her split neck or her motionless husband's who's arms embraced her as if he could cling to life by clinging to her. Etarip could hear the pirates' arguments about who would eat what. She had tried to turn, but couldn't and watched them eat her parents in horror. When she finally managed to turn, as the captain took a bone from his mouth and threw it out the window, the door wavered back and forth from the swiftness of Etarip's retreat. She ran to the kitchen and took two knives from the counter then hid behind it. After the pirates had left and taken all they deemed worth taking, Etarip slept the night behind the counter, clutching the knives. In the morning, she went to her parents' room and slowly opened the door...[/i]

Footsteps. Someone was coming. Etarip was interupted by this intrution, but she didn't mind, her memory wasn't one she wished to remember. She hid and waited for them to pass. When she got up, she saw, at the end of the dock, a new ship. She had never seen it before, so she decided to check it out. As she neared it, the golden name glistened in the moonlight and revealed itself as the "Darkstar". She saw someone in the crowsnest, so she climbed aboard and headed under the stairs. [i]A little rest won't hurt.[/i] She thought and leaned against the wall and dozed off.
"On your feet, who are you?" A voice said. It seemed to belong to a male.
Etarip didn't even open her eyes. "I'd put that gun away, mate. You'll lose a valuable person."
"And who are you, miss "valuable person"? He said. Etarip sat up and faced the man. With two fingers, she moved his gun down so it no longer pointed at her, he seemed to let it happen.
"I'm the one you need to run this ship out of the harbor."
"Oh really? Why do I need you to do that?"
"Because there's an ambush waiting for you and I'm the only one who can get you out... alive that is."
"How can we trust you?"
"Cuz if I'm lying you can shoot me. It's a win-win deal, whatdya say? Let me join and I'll get you out alive, or shoot me now and rot in the ground. Your choice. Oh, and my name's Etarip."
"Mine's Captain Lezs. Come with me." Etarip smiled, he'd accepted.
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[i][color=lightpink]Lucrezia walked around some, exploring the ship as wouldl a child would do. She enjoyed finding out new things, and what was on the ship to be entertaining. Humming a small song as she went along, slowly she became lost on the ship.

"Uh oh..." She looked around and said to herself softly, then yelling out, "HELLO! Anyone there!? I'm...lost!"[/color][/i]
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"Come back, you pickpocketing creten!" yelled the cops.
Irvine quickly skateboarded into an alleyway. He was used to this routine. For years he had been pickpocketing people, then getting chased by the cops. He would skateboard away, and the hide. After a few hours, the cops would give up, then Irvine would emerge from his hiding place, and sleep in one of the stationary ships.
As he emerged from the alleyway, and into the docks, he quickly scanned around for hiding places. He didn't see any, so he jumped off his skateboard, and ran quickly onto the only docked ship. He saw a couple of people talking, and he stealthily sneaked past them. He scurried up onto the lookout, and he got low to where noone saw him.
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Lezs flipped a coin in his real hand. He had a decision to make. Most of the time he was very decisive but lately his decisions were more thought out and took longer. His decisions effected the lives of other people. Tenera, Etarip, and Lucrezia. Deep in his mind he knew that he had to keep them safe. He felt this way ever since Etarip helped him escape with the Darkstar alive. He never found out how she knew about the ambush but he didn't care. He trusted everyone that he took aboard his ship. He was fortunate though that most of them was his age. They were a bunch of thinkers searching for answers. Even if they never told him what they wondered he could see it in their eyes. The same look in his own eyes the day that he disscovered that his parents were dead.
The coin landed in his palm softly. The outcome to affect yet another life. It was heads. The ship will be leaving and taking an extra passenger with it. Lezs knew he was there, sleeping. If it were tails his sleep would have been eternal.
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