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Final Fantasy-esque Fan Fiction


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[color=silver]I will challenge myself to try and write a fan-fiction. My first one, and as many of you seem to do, I will separate this into chapters. It is fairly straightforward and within the first chapter there is no sub-text to read into, just something to set the scene for this tale. My reasons for doing this is I have lost faith in a majority of the people who sign-up for RPG's, so why not write something on my own? Enjoy.[/color]

[b][u][center]Chapter 1 - A Cold Recovery[/center][/u][/b]

[size=1]"Nobody is without a fault or a weakness, and nobody is without an asset or strength. So why is it that nobody can work together peacefully? The answer to this question is humanity. The world is not perfect and that is because humans rule this world. It's always a constant cycle of peace and then violence. Negotiation and then arguments. Without the arrogance of human beings, I would not be here." The man constantly thinks, whenever a moment of rest reaches him.

And here this man lays, in a bundle of furs wrapped tightly around his thin, slim body. Layer after layer, the insulated fibres roll around his tense body. Just old rugs, bags and jackets are what preserve this man, tainted with old dingy colours of browns and blacks contrasting with his surroundings allowing anyone stood about a mile away to still see his presence.

This man was quite clearly not of a poor status at all, just a migrant merchant wandering the lands, as shown by his several pouches of Gilders, grasped tightly underneath by his forearm. With a neatly, shortly cut head of hair with the fringe spiked upwards shows that this man is not old at all, possibly 20 at the most. His dark brown hair matches that of the iris's in his eyes, also being a shade of dark brown, grooved into his bagged eye sockets which are laid out on a young, yet attractive face.

Scrunching up his eyes, this man tries to scrounge for whatever sleep he can find, yet in these sub-zero temperatures, it is practically impossibly, no matter how much insulation you have.
The cold bites at your arms and contracts your skin closing all the pores, allowing you to stay hydrated, but after time, the water inside you begins to also cool, an agonising pain. That is why it is so important to wrap up incredibly tightly.

This man laying like that of a first born baby wrapped in towels, doesn't know where he's headed. He is lost, confused, in a warped continent of which the only terrain to be found is rocky tundra. Becoming frustrated with his endless struggle to receive some slumber, the man's mind begins to heat up, every so gradually, until it...snaps. Jumping up in a spasm and screaming, the man curses himself, curses the world and curses his life. After waving his hands in the air, he looks around, realising what he has just done, hoping that no one can see him, nor track him.

In a flurry, the man collects and rolls his rags that were thrown from his body and shoves them into his large, travelling bag. Picking up the neat, brown pouches and tying them to the inside of his pockets, the main revealed what he was wearing. Nothing special, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, baggy black trousers torn and tattered that cling to his waist by a large brown belt with a brass buckle and a pair of short, leather boots, providing him with enough support to walk over the snow.

After strapping up his bag and throwing the straps over his shoulders, he stumbled and began to run. It was of great difficulty to run, not only because the snow would give way to the weight of the man but also, the winds would also intensify working against him, whilst constantly biting him, feeling like a thousand knives had been thrown against him, but his heart was set, and he didn't feel pain. Although he should have.

All around him was a crystal land. A land filled with glass bottomed glaciers, and chandiliers of icicles hanging from mountain peaks in the distance and groves made within the rocks. The snow was as soft as cotton wool but colder than ice, appealing and yet lethal, like a serpent under a flower. In the distance could be seen misty peaks of baby blue and purple mountains, glaring at you, intimidating and yet mesmerising.

The man's hair was now covered with snow flakes as his pace slowered, struggling to trudge through the depth of the snow, until he halted suddenly. Raising his scratched and red arm, he placed it over his eyes living a little parting between his eyes to guard against snow that may penetrate the eye lids. It could be seen in the distance a little settlement, more like a town in fact. Hazy as it were, the man's eyes widened from a squint to an excited sign of recognition.

Placing is hands down to grasp each strap of his bag; he looked down and pulled out his feet from the depths of the snow. Finding some support by expanding his mass, he began to charge with a soft smile on his face. It had been quite a while since he'd seen civilisation. Step after step, the man began to see the sight becoming larger and larger meaning he was getting closer; the thought that it may only be a hallucination hadn't even crossed his mind.

He clenched his fist tighter around his shoulder straps until...until his right foot slipped to the right on some hidden ice pulling his left leg down with it, he fell to the side until he knocked his left, revealed temple on a rock. Opening his eyes partially, he saw a blur of a purple hair woman, nearly completely naked blowing a kiss at him, until he blacked out...


"Who are you?" Spoke a mysterious voice that appeared to belong to a woman, but the speaker could not be seen.

"I don't..." The man found himself huddled on his knees with his eyes closed, as if about to be smote. It was almost as if he was looking at himself. Only to find out he was in nothing but darkness, except for his body that had been illuminated.

"You don't know who you are!?" Interrupted the woman. "Yes you do. You are Leo. Leo Wedge."

"Who are you?" Spoke the apparent Leo pathetically, beginning to open his eyes.

"Wake up Leo. Find yourself. Wake up. Pull yourself together!" Yelled the woman.

Then, Leo blanked out again, only to wake up blurrily.


After this strange encounter, Leo found himself in a well-lit, cosy room. He turned his head to find wooden drawers, two wooden wardrobes, a half opened door and a mirror. It was a very comfortable place, and most importantly of all, warm. The walls were of a cream background portraying images of small pink creatures and large yellow birds, the little pink creatures riding them along a vast plain of grass with blue skies and puffy white skies floating underneath a smiling, large, bright orange and yellow sun. It appeared a structure of some sort of ranch was apparent on the four painted walls, it was a very warming scene, but obviously a child's room as dolls and colourful blocks ladened the wooden floorboards and large rug.

In shock, Leo sat up, causing a ruckus, smacking his head on the overhanging, oak headboard. Lowering himself, Leo closed his eyes and let out a groan after placing a hand over the bump on his head. Followed by this could be heard a pitter patter of footsteps when it stopped and a little girl with her hair in a pony tail poked her head through the gap and the door frame. Warmingly, with her bright, large blue eyes she smiled and spoke,

"Oh good! You're up!"[/size]

[color=silver]Well that took me an hour and a half to do. I hope you enjoyed it and it has encouraged you to follow the story as this is only the first chapter.[/color]
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Guest TheFameof_Dying
Well, It wasn't bad, I didn't quite take the time to read all of it(abour 3-4 lines per paragraph) But What I did read I liked. I think that you might want to change the way you do paragraphs, It's just my opinion, but I find it a little easier to read if it is in traditianal, essay format. The gap between the Pgh's makes me feel like you didn't write all that much. Even though your story is very discriptive, espesially when compared to other fanfics on this site.:) well, I hope I helped you, I especially wanted to reply cuz this had no replies, And I hate when my poetry is never looked at. Bye bye
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I beg to differ with you. I think the format is good for something like this. It is a tale of adventure that probably won't be that conventional so it needs something different. The descriptions were amazing. I love how you slowly described Leo and his surroundings. [I]The snow was as soft as cotton wool but colder than ice, appealing and yet lethal, like a serpent under a flower.[/I] That has to be my favorite part. It is so...descriptive I guess. It really paints a picture of something as simple as snow to be as deadly as anything. Very nice work. I hope to read more.

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