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Chrono Cross- Return of Lynx

Anyu WhiteWolf

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We all knew this was going happen. Lynx, or if you prefer, FATE, has somehow returned...I thought we settled this? He has come back with more threats, more power, and all new elements never seen before! And yeah, some old ones too...Also, with the help of new and old freinds, Serge must find the newly formed Lynx...yet again...and destroy him before he destroys the world...No more switching bodies though...that was too creepy...

The only non-original character that will start off already with Serge will be my character, LoneWolf, or Lone for short. Unless you hate my freaking guts(like Harle), i'm Wolf...

If you want to rp as one of the original characters, you can add on to my post when we start, if you want to rp as someone new, you might want to start your own part of the story and meet up with us later...

Here's the sign up.

occupation(job or profession)
race(human , dragon, uh..anything else you can think of...)
weapon(swallow, gun, staff, pick, fists, whatever)
Bio (if new or know the character's bio)\

If it's okay, i'd rather people not take a couple players, Draggy, Guile, Norris, or General Viper, for reasons I can't tell cuz it'll ruin the story.

Here's my sign up

True name- Megan Mihyotto
occupation-martial artist and swordswoman
race-dragon/ human...again...i'll explain later
discription-Lone's whole family is dead. Her parents were assasinated because they were a threat to any area because they were basicly loners *hint**hint* and could go on either side of the war that was raging at that moment. Her younger sister was kidnaped and killed, and her older brother was killed by a rather large dragon. Dispate the horrible things that happened in her life, she finds a way to stay constantly cheerful, but if you piss her off, you might want to run as fast as you can while everyone tries to hold her back.

Okay, let's do this thing!!
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