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Trigun: Awkward Reunion


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Here's the beggining plot:

[I]Vash and his friends travel along the dusty desert of Gunsmoke and stop at a bar to rest. Soon after they arrive a young girl walks in and does not take her eyes off of Vash. The strange thing is, she looks just like Vash! Is she really who she claims she is? Does Vash the Stampede really have a daughter?[/I]
Here we goes:

Valerey dragged herself through the desert, her hair flowing in the strong wind. Soon, she found herself in Inepril city. "Man am I thirsty," she muttered to herself. She took a right and found a bar. She walked in and asked the man behind the counter for some water. "C'Mon Vash! Let's go!" She heard a lady say rather loudly. Valerey's eyes darted to a man in the corner wearing a red coat. [I]That's him! That's the man I remember![/I] She thought to herself. She drank her water and got up. She walked over to the man. When she was three steps away or so two men and three women stared at her. "Hi!" She said smiling.
take it aways...
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Suzuki walked the desert. She had just came from at town back East. She was carrying something. Something big. It look as tho it was a cross.

"Ha.....Hope that Wolfwood guy won't need this...." She said giggled as she walked on.

Suddenly back at town, a man, in a bed sheet rapped around his waist, kicked a door open in a INN.

"HEY! COME BACK HERE WITH THAT!" The man yelled on the porch to the INN.

Suzuki laughed as she looked back at him.

"Sorry sweet Wolfwood. But I might need this. I'll dropit off at the nearest town when I'm done." She yelled back and kept walking.

"NO! GIVE IT BACK!" Wolfwood yelled and threw his arms in the air.

And then the laws of gravity happened. The bed sheet fell. The people around him all looked. He stood there. Looked down. Picked up the the sheet. Walked in the INN, and closed the door.

"Oh my. Well look at the time," she looked at her watch, "next place is.........Gunsmoke."

She smilled and walked on.
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[color=teal]Hi JoyKaiba here. My account was disabled or something so my brother and I are sharing an account. (That is why my avatar is there) He and I will be using different colors. I hope that is alright.
Oh, Ryoko T.D.C., not to be picky, but the planet's name is Gunsmoke. It's not a name of a town, ok.

Julie started stareing at Valerey. She was woundering why she had walked over to them. She put her hand on her face. Valerey looked at Julie and smiled. Julie shook her head and looked toward the doorway. Nick (Wolfwood) walked in mumbleing. Julie didn't look too happy. She slammed her hands down on the table and walked over to Nick. Everyone jumped as they watched Julie.

"Nicholas D. Wolfwood," Julie said as she put her hands on Nick's shoulders, "where were you sweety?" Nick rubbed the back of his head and grinned slightly. He grabbed Julie.

"Just looking for my gun that someone stole," Nick said as he stared into Julie's green eyes. Julie shook her head and went to sit back down.

OOC: I was kinda counfused, so I mixed the first two posts ^_^;[/color]
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[color=navy]Vash looked at Valerey intently. "Well, Valerey, what brings you over here?" he asked.

"Well," she pulled out some papers. "You're my father." she said defiantly and shoved the papers into Vash's face. He grabbed the papers and looked at them.

"These are adoption papers, see? And here's your signature. " Valarey pointed to the bottom of the page at a childish signature.

"But, I don't remember adopting a kid." Vash said putting the papers down and looking at Valerey again.

"Well, you don't normally remember things when you're drunk." Meryl(sp?) stood up and angrily looked at Vash.

"What're you doing adopting a child when you're drunk!" she yelled at him.


OOC- Well, hope that was ok. I couldn't exactly remember how Vash acted. Haven't watched the show in awhile...[/color]
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O.O.C. I saw that and chaged it Max. I think it changed. I put place instead.

Suzuki saw a bar near where she arived(sp?).

"I haven't had a drink in awhile," Suzuki said walking twords it, "I might find something interesting anyway."

As she got closer, the people looked at her. They were scared to see a woman of her size carry such a huge weapon and to have a mechanical left arm. She opened the door and walked in. She had also stolen his sunglasses and was wearing them. She walked up to the bartender and sat down.

"Get me a beer." Suzuki said putting the cross down.

The man handed her the beer. Wolfwood was talking to Vash when all of a sudden Juile saw the cross and shook Wolfwood.

"Hey, isn't that yours!?" Juile said pointing.

"Yeah!" He said standing up and walking twords Suzuki.

"Oh, hello again dear Wolfwood." She said taking a sip of beer.

"How did you know it was me!?" He asked.

"Lucky guess, I, guess." She said turning around.

"Hey! Those are mine too!" He said pointing at her face.

She took off the sunglasses.

"These......Oh well." She crushed them.

Vash looked up from the papers. He looked at the woman Wolfwood was yelling. He froze. His heart stopped. He pointed at her and said something.

"Your......your Suz....Suzuki!" He said shaking.

"Aahh....There you are Vashy-poo." She said getting up and walking twords him.

"Hey! I'm n--" Wolfwood said but cut off when she pushed him to the ground.

"Hey, you remember this." She said taking her jacket off and dropping it to the ground.

She stood there in her tanktop with one normal arm, and one mechanical. He sat there staring at her.

"What!? You don't recognize your own work!?" She said showing him her left arm.

"I...I...did that!?" He said wide eyed.

O.O.C. wow, that was long...
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Since we aren't getting ANYWHERE with this, I'll post!
Valerey looked at Suzuki, then at Vash, then back at Suzuki. Finally she decided to say something. She tapped Suzuki's [I]real[/I] arm. "Um, miss. I was kinda talking to him about something very important. And well--" She said quietly. Suzuki ignored her. "Vash, what I wanna know is, when are you gonna fight? You've ran off twice now." She said, not noticing her. Valerey got annoyed. She was, unfortunately, very quick-tempered. "Miss, I was speaking to Vash. It was very important. Can I please finish?!" She said, being as polite as possible. Suzuki took notice this time. She looked at her, then back at Vash. "Hey Vash, who's the small fry?" She asked. The did it. Valerey would've tackled her if Julie and Millie hadn't held her back. "Small fry? You better watch your mouth old lady! Lemme at her!" She growled. Suzuki laughed. "You think you can take me?" She said. "Suzuki! Leave my daughter alone!" Vash said angrily, standing up.
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[color=teal]Julie looked at Vash then at Nick. Nick was finally picking himself off the ground. Julie let out a sigh, let go of Valerey, and stood next to Vash. She stared at Suzuki.

"Now you have a bone to pick with me," Julie said as she placed her hand on her gun, "First you steal my boyfriend's gun and sunglasses, then crush his sunglasses, and knock him down. Now you're messing with my brother and niece. You must be wishing to die." Suzuki snorted and looked at Julie. Julie slid her hand down her gun.

"Should we take this outside little girl," Suzuki asked as she glared at Julie. Julie snorted and nodded her head. She grabbed her sunglasses, put them on, and walked outside. Suzuki followed her. Both girls we're about to have a showdown in the middle of the street. Everyone in the taveren ran to window. This should be interesting.[/color]
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Nick and Vash ran outside. This might have been a very stern(sp?) moment, but boys will be boys.

"Nothing like a cat fight." Nick whipered to Vash.

Vash agreed and did a little smile.

Suzuki stood there with a smile on her face. Julie had a very stern face on.

"What are you smiling about!?" Julie said yelling at her.

"Please don't yell. It's not like I'm miles away. Plus, it's rude." Suzuki said smiling.

Julie got a little ticked. So she pulled out her gun, and aimed it at Suzuki.

"Say on more thing and I'll shoot." Julie said aiming carefully.

"One thing." Suzuki said.

"All right, thats it." Julie said shooting at her.

But all she shot at was a blur! Something was an inch away from the side of her face. It whispered in her ear.

"Please, don't get in my way to kill Vash," Suzuki said then hit a presher on her neck that made her black out, "hmm......nice bullet....." she was holding the bullet Julie shot at her.

Suddenly, Julie got up.

"Persistant(sp?) little brat I see." Suzuki said crushing the bullet into powder.

"I'm not.....done with......you......" She said getting up.

"You don't get it do you?" Suzuki said with her hands on her waist, "he hurt me. He hurt my Knives! How---" she was cut short.

"Who cares if you got hurt! Your evil. Knive's is evil. So really, who c---" now she was cut short.

"Do....do you.......do you know what it's like!? Being alone? I was informed to bring Vash to knives. Dead or alive. Me and Knives were in love at the time. So I thought, if I did this, he would love me more. But when I met Vash, I, I thought, 'How could these two men, be brothers? He's, he's, to nice!'. But I had to do it. Well, as you can see by my arm, I failed. I made my way back to Knives. Losing blood as I walked on. When I came back, Knives asked me where Vash was. I told him the whole story, and he, he slaped me. He told me if I didn't kill Vash, then I ment nothing to him. So from that day on, I haven't seen him since," a tear fell down her check, "but I will kill Vash and bring him to Knives when I find him."

Just then, Vash stood up. He was walked tword Suzuki. But didn't get to close. Suzuki looked over at him. Tears streaming down her face. Her eyes were blood shot and wide open.

"What!?" She said looking at him and putting her hand on her gun. Just incase.
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[color=royalblue]Vanessa was standing next to Vash and Nick when she hear Suzuki talking about Knives. Vash walked up to her but then Vanessa knew what to say. She ran up in front of Vash, and looked at Suzuki half kindly half sternly. "Your name's Suzuki, right? Well Suzuki, I do not know who Knives is, but I do know something about your relationship with him. It is not a relationship filled with love. If he loved you, he would not have slapped you then. He would have helped you, especialy since you were bleeding. If he loved you, you would mean something to him, whether Vash was dead or not." She said to her. Suzuki was furious. That girl has no idea what she was talking about! Suzuki thought. "And what would you know you ignorent little girl!" SHe yelled, pulling her gun out and shooting at Vanessa. Vash and Julie gasped. "Vanessa!" They screamed as she fell to the ground.[/color]
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They were all running to her. But Suzuki took out her shotgun, raised it to the sky, and shot. They all froze. Suzuki walked to Vanessa, bent down, and looked at her. Vanessa was squinting at her from the site of the sun. Suzuki grabed Vanessa hair and pulled her up to her face. They were centimeters away. Suzuki was raging with anger. She spoke ever so slightly to Vanessa.

"I know he loves me......I can understand why he slaped me.......It was because I failed....." Suzuki said to her face.

Suzuki grabed Vanessa. Wolfwood had gotten here by his motercycle(sp?). So Suzuki put Vanessa on the bike, then she got on it. Suzuki looked back at them all through tatered hair.

"I'll see you later......Vash....." She looked forward again and drove off.

Wolfwood stood there yelling back at Suzuki, "thats mine too!!!!"

Suzuki stoped the bike when it turned dark. She had a fire going. She tied Vanessa up. She had also put a patch on Vanessa's wound and was sitting very quitely watching the flames dance. Vanessa woke up from the smell of ash from the fire.

"Your awake I see." Suzuki said holding her knees, still watching the fire.

Vanessa just stared into Suzuki's eyes watching the flames dance on her cold, dark, glass like eyes.
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Vanessa was mad again. She glared at Suzuki, even though she wasn't looking at her. "Why'd you take me?" She asked quietly. Suzuki looked at her. "Why'd you take me? I spent 6 years of my childhood looking for him, and 20 minutes after I find him, we're seperated again. Why'd you have to go and ruin it?" Vanessa was about to burst into tears, but she controlled herself. Suzuki looked fairly confused. Vanessa sighed and decided to explain. "Vash is my father by adoption. He was drunk when he adopted me though, so he didn't remember in the morning. I was left alone at 10 years old. I've spent 6 years trying to find him, and today was the day I finally did it." She said. Suzuki looked back the fire, she didn't feel like talking much.
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[color=teal]Julie was sitting up in her bed. She was thinking about what happened earilier that day. She was ashamed she couldn't do anything about it. Nick was asleep on the other side of her. She didn't want to wake him, so she slowly got up and walked out of the room. She then walked outside to the porch.

"Isn't it a little cold to be outside in your PJs sis," Vash asked as he looked over at Julie. Julie let out a sigh and walked over next to Vash. She leaned on the railing he was sitting on.

"I'm so sorry about what happened to Vanessa," Julie said as she looked at the sky. Vash shook his head. He then looked down at Julie.

"It's not your fault," Vash said kindly, "and we'll get her back anyhow." Julie smiled slightly and nodded her head. She turned and walked back inside. She walked back into her room. Nick was awake and sitting up. Julie sighed, walked over to the bed, and sat down.

"What's wrong," Nick whispered as he slid his arms around Julies waist. Julie shook her head and put her hands on Nick's. Nick put his head on her's.

"I was just thinking about Vanessa," Julie said calmly. Nick let out a sigh as Julie turned around and hugged him.

"We'll find her," Nick said as he hugged Julie back, "You know Vash. He'll try everything to get her back." Julie didn't say anything, she just buired her head in Nick's chest. Nick placed his one hand on the back of Julie's head.

The next day, everyone was ready to go search for Vanessa. Julie was standing on the porch. Her purple sunglasses gleamed in the sun and her long purple jacket flowed in the wind. Nick walked up next to her.

"You ready," Nick asked as he put his arm around Julie's waist. Julie looked at him. Her green eyes looked blue through her sunglasses. Nick just her closer.

"I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be," Julie said as she took her sunglasses off and put on Nick's head. Nick smiled and pushed the sunglasses down. Julie giggled and took the sunglasses back from Nick. Nick smiled and hugged Julie. Julie smiled and hugged Nick back.

"Well," Nick said as he stopped hugging Julie, "lets get going. Your brother's waiting." Julie smiled and walked off the porch. Nick followed her.[/color]
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[color=navy][size=1]Vash stood, waiting for Julie and Nick. "C'mon! We don't have all day!" he yelled at the two.

They laughed and ran up to him. "Alright, Vash." Julie said smiling.

Vash smiled back and led the two down the road. They passed various buildings before coming to the edge of town.

Vash looked down to the ground. He saw the motorcycle tracks and looked off into the distance. "Looks like they went thataway!" he pointed in the direction of the bike tracks.

He began walking along the bike tracks, never taking his eyes off them as if they were going to disappear.

"Uh, Vash." Julie said.

"Vash!" Nick said a little louder.

Vash still didn't look up from the tracks.

"VASH!" Julie and Nick screamed.

It still didn't stop him. He just kept walking until...BAM!! His head banged right into a large boulder.

He fell over but quickly jumped up. "Where did that come from?" he asked.

"Vash, you're not even on the trail anymore. It swerved to the left a few feet back." Julie explained turning Vash to the left and pointing to the bike trail.[/color][/size]
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Suzuki stood over Vanessa like a vulture trying very gentle to pick her up without reopening the wound. Vanessa opened her eyes sleeply. She looked at Suzuki as she was putting her on the bike. Suzuki then started the bike and rode off.

"Where are you taking me now!?" Vanessa damanded.

"New July." Suzuki said staring at the rode.

As they were closing in on the town, Suzuki stopped, and digged into her coat and found some sunglasses she stole. They were all blue. Vanessa looked up as Suzuki started going again.

"If you had sunglasses, then whied you take Nicks!?" Vanessa yelled.

"To tease......please.....don't yell......it's rude....." Suzuki said riding into town and parking it under an oning next to a small twostory building.

She took Vanessa inside to the top room. She opened the door ad put her in there. The room had a bed, a table, a chair, a bathroom, a window, and a radio. She put Vanessa on the bed and left. Vanessa yelled through the door as Suzuki locked the door.

"Aren't you going to untie me!?" Vanessa said starting to stand up.

"You could have taken the ropes off when ever you liked. I never tied them.

As Vanessa stood up, the ropes fell off.

"Food will be brought up in an hour." Suzuki leaving to go down stairs to the porch.

Vanessa walked over to the radio and turned it on. Suzuki went outside and sat in a rocking chair. The towns people waved at her as they passed. She waved back at them. She put on a little straw hat.

"People are just........so nice.......and yet........they can..........still be.......crule......." She said as she pushed the hat over her eyes and fell asleep.
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[color=royalblue][size=1]Vanessa paced around the room. [I]Vash'll come, won't he? I mean...he is my father, its his duty...right? He won't abandon me like last time right?[/I] Her thoughts were full of doubt and worry. She looked out the window. "Suzuki's asleep!" She said to herself. She took out her canteen and went to the bathroom sink and filled it up. She ran to the door and tried to open it. "Darn it, it's locked." She said, sitting back down on her bed. "I might as well just wait for Vash..." She sighed, laying down, reading to take a nap. All of this exausted her. [I]Too much. Too much to worry about right now.[/I] She thought as she fell asleep.
I just wanted to get this story moving...[/color][/size]
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