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[color=navy]Heh, nice job! It's very funny.

The animation is very nice and is that a real picture of a toilet?

Hehe, if I was willing at the moment to change my avi, I would ask you if I could use it.

Keep up the good work![/color]
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LOL, that's pretty funny. Er, I just don't know what that thing on its face is? Is it supposed to be a tear or a sweatdrop? or even toilet water? LOL I'm not quite sure, but if it's a tear, you may want to make it smaller so that it doesn't almost cover his eye, and if it's a sweatdrop, usually those would be placed to the side, and if it's just toilet water, I have no idea what to say about it LOL. Anyway great job! It gave me a good chuckle ^_^

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