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Shikaku Kitokus Art

Shikaku Kitoku

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Well, I'm going to be scanning up some of my only art that I've ever drawn with my nifty handy-dandy..Scanner/Copy Machine/Printer/Fax Machine form Wal-Mart for 59.99! YAY!

But anyways, like I was saying, I've never really tried to draw my own original work before, I've always traced something from a coloring book or a comic and added my own details and the such to spruce it up to what I like. *giggles at al gore with tommy gun* Herm...

But yes, I shall adding my 2 pencil works (might draw something like a full body figure, instead of just heads) today, but for now, I shall let you loook at a lightsaber design I am currently working on with MS Paint.

Everything for the lightsaber was customly drawn with MS Paint using the Pencil tool. I am going to try to shade it better, and add more detail. I might even use PSP to color it, or fix it up...but that will happen as soon as I figure out the blasted program...which will probably be when hell freexes over an lucifer wears a grass dress and does the hula.


Oh, right....it's a drawing..heh...
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wow I have a dirty mind... O_o

ermm.. welp, its pretty cool.. heh... not too much of a lightsaber guru.. but I think it may look a bit better with, as you said, more shading and detail.. laf.. also, maybe the light coming out of the saber as well?.. heh...

Nice job.. ^_^
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