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Chaos Legions: New World Order

Heartless Me

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It's be a thousand years since Seig had defeated Delecroix, Selia, and the spirit of purification, Azrial. Their battles and powers had become little more than myth to the masses. After the fall of the Order the Chaos Legion Crests that summon the legions had seemingly dissappeared and were forgotten almost entirely. But now a new Order had surfaced, one that's attempting to take over the world with a new power, they had discovered a crest. and no simple crest, the one they had found almost by accident was none other than the ultimate crest, Thanatos. It quickly grew in power in their hands and they learned more than just it's powerful assists, they learned secret and ancient magics from it. This is the story about 7 individuals who are about to awaken the power within their tiny family heirlooms, what actually is all that is left of the original crests. With their newfound power they will go against the New Order and the dreaded ultimate power, Thanatos.

Alright well since there are only 7 crests in the game i will only be choosing 6 people to participate in this rpg cause i get a crest heh I'll just take the one that's left over. Now onto some specifics.

Legions-Supernatural forces, Spirits that have been bound to the crests that can be summoned to fight for/with their master. Only 8 Legions are documented to exist. The following are the legions that have been documented.

Guilt-This legion attacks by sword, and its symbol is a sword. It cannot attack from the air, but it is useful in wiping out many enemies at once, especially in the earlier levels of the game.
Effective against organic enemies.

Malice-This legion attacks with crossbows, and its symbol is a crossbow. Weak attack power is compensated by long-range attacks. Effective against metallic/stone enemies.

Arrogance-This legion's symbol is a shield. It is effective in providing a defensive wall for Sieg that can absorb enemy attacks. Initially, it has no attack power. But, if used properly, it can be deadly.

Flawed-his legion attacks from the air with its claws, so the Claw is its symbol. It is effective against non-organic enemies and can also attack airborne adversaries.

Blasphemy-The legion is a bomb. It's symbol is a target of sorts. It consumes Soul Energy when it explodes, but it take the enemy with it. Effective against ALL types of enemies. Use it properly, and it will be good to you.

Hatred-This legion attacks by brute force. Its symbol is a fist. Slow but powerful, and effective against both organic and inorganic beings. Get out of it's way!

Legion Traits-Each Legion has 3 special traits, a Forced Attack, an Assisted Attack, and an Enchantment. Below I will list a description of what each trait is and each legions trait.

1. Forced Attack-Summon the legion without consuming Soul Energy. The legion will then fight by your side, using it's own unique attacks and abilities. Each level increases the number of Legionnaires by 1.

2. Assisted Attack-These are attacks that can only be used when the legions are not summoned. When Assisted Attack is activated the Legion appears for a short time does a special attack, this does take soul energy.

3. Enchantment-These are abilities that you can use without consuming any Soul Energy. You can even use these abilities when the Legion Crest is shattered(which I'll explain more about later). Different equipped Legions give Sieg different abilities. Increase the Legion to Enchant Level 4 to gain the "Spirit Trancer"ability for that legion which allows you to use some special abilities of the legion WITHOUT equipping the legion.

Guilt Legion-
1. Force Attack-
Lvl. 1 Summon 3 Guilt legionnaires.
Lvl. 2 Summon 4 Guilt legionnaires.
Lvl. 3 Summon 5 Guilt legionnaires.
Lvl. 4 Summon 6 Guilt legionnaires.

2. Assist Attack- Midnight Punisher
Lvl. 1 Guilt Legion appears to assist you temporarily.
Lvl. 2 Guilt Legion stays longer and attack power is increased.
Lvl. 3 Same as Lvl. 2 just increased further
Lvl. 4 Same as Lvl. 3 Just increased further

3. Enchantment-
Lvl. 1 Dark Ripper-Allows you to hit 6 times in a combo instead of 5
Lvl. 2 Rising Pheonix-Send enemies into the air defenseless.
Lvl. 3 Ground Zero-Increases strength slightly and grants a spinning slice infused with flames to incinerate the enemy.
Lvl. 4 Infusion- Infuse your life force with that of your legionn to create a truely formidable force, you look more like the legion you fused with.

Malice Legion-
1. Force Attack- See Guilt Legion

2. Assist Attack-Great Depression
Lvl. 1 A single Malice legionnaire appears and attacks an enemy with a barrage attack.
Lvl. 2 Same as Lvl. 1 but duration and attack are increased.
Lvl. 3 Two Malic legionnaires appear and attack an enemy with a barrage attack.
Lvl. 4 Same as Lvl. 3 but duration and attack are increased.

Lvl. 1 Prisoner-Throw a bolt of lightning to stun an enemy locking them in place leaving them open for attack. (this does no damage itself however)
Lvl. 2 Long Distance Lock On-Use the prisoner ability at doubled reange.
Lvl. 3 Spartan-Strike and damage an enemy you have locked onto from a distance.
Lvl. 4 Infusion- See Above

Forced Attack- See Guilt Legion

Assist Attack-Rampage
Lvl. 1 Rampage- Makes You invincible for a very limited time.
Lvl. 2 Rampage- Protects vs. stunning attacks.
Lvl. 3 Rampage- Increased duration.
Lvl. 4 Rampage- Longest duration.

Lvl. 1 Def Up- Slight boost to defense.
Lvl. 2 Avenger- Counter Attack.
Lvl. 3 Avenger lvl. 2- More powerful counter attack.
Lvl. 4 Infusion-See Guilt Legion

Forced Attack-See Guilt Legion

Assisted Attack-Laughing Stock
Lvl. 1 Set a booby trap for enemies, when it is hit, Flawed emerges to do a
drill attack to them
Lvl. 2 Same thing, only more attacks, and stronger hits
Lvl. 3 Even more, and stronger attacks.
Lvl. 4 The most attacks with the highest strength.

Lvl. 1 High Jump (1.5x jump height)
Lvl. 2 Double Jump
Lvl. 3 Night Raid (stun attack)
Lvl. 4 Infusion- See Guilt Legion

Forced Attack- See Guilt Legion

Assisted attack-Crimson Carnage
Lvl. 1 Kick a Blasphemy at a group of enemies.
Lvl. 2 Larger blast radius, and stronger attack.
Lvl. 3 Same thing as Lvl 2.
Lvl. 4 Large Blast radius with high strength.

Lvl. 1 Increased soul energy which is needed since though they may have the most powerful attacks they do use quite a bit of soul energy.
Lvl. 2 Volitile Attack- Causes a small forward propelling explosion when striking with your weapon.
Lvl. 3 Eruption- End a combo attack with an explosion of power coming up from the ground.
Lvl. 4 Infusion-See Guilt Legion.

Forced Attack-(the only reason they get one less is due to their already very high attack and defense, though their movement is slowed it's still an unfair advantage i'm leveling out.)
Lvl. 1 Two Legionnaires
Lvl. 2 Three Legionnaires
Lvl. 3 Four Legionnaires
Lvl. 4 Five Legionnaires

Assist Attack- Bad Karma
Lvl. 1 Hatred hold off enemies while you attack
Lvl. 2 Hatred holds off enemy and damages at same time
Lvl. 3 Hatred holds of and damages enemy for longer period of time
Lvl. 4 Same as level 3, only extended period of time

Lvl. 1 Breakdown- Increased Strength
Lvl. 2 Breakdown- Increased Health
Lvl. 3 Breakdown- Incinerating attack with kick back, also further increased health.
Lvl. 4 Infusion- See Guilt Legion

Now that the most tedious is finished. I can explain What happens when you use all of your Soul Energy.

Broken Crest-If Sieg's Soul Meter depletes to zero when a Legion is summoned, the legion crest will shatter, rendering the legion unusable. (However, you can still use it's Enchant abilities.) In order to restore a shattered crest, you must fill your Soul Meter to a certain point that varies for every legion, either by attacking enemies and collecting Phantom Soul or using Soul Recovery Gems.

I think That's all about the Game Mechanics and Story that I need to say. Onto the Character sign up sheet.

Weapon of Choice
Secondary Weapons-(up to 3)
Spells-(3 basic only)
Crest-(Note that all crests start at all lvl one and that you'll be keeping track of your character on this thread as the game progresses and you upgrade your legions levels.)
Forced Lvl.-1
Assist Lvl.-1
Enchantment Lvl.-1
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Guest phattmasterdj
Name: Robert Blaskenious (Bob for short)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5"6', slightly muscular, but the blue and silver cloak that he wears hides the size of his biceps. He has long flowing silver hair and a tattoo on his each hand that winds its way up to his shoulders. The tattoos are barbed wire wrapped around a bleeding dragon.
Personality: Bob is mostly quite. If some one makes fun of his name though, he will hold a sword to their neck and make fun of how they squirm and beg for their life. Other then that he is very calm and collected. Bob is very knowledgeable about war tactics, despite his age.
Background: Bob grew up in a small town in England before it was destroyed. Once the village was desecrated, he moved farther in to middle Earth. This is wear he met his master, and it is here that he learned about the power of his crest.
Weapon of Choice: Giant knuckle blades
Secondary Weapons-(up to 3): 6 hand grenades and a short sword.
Spells-(3 basic only):1.Explosion- Bob recites [I]il tuo pugno esploderà sull'impatto[/I] and he has three hits with is knuckle blades that explode when they hit an opponent.
2. Baboon- Bob recites [I]ha lasciato la tua bomba è vera[/I] and when he throws a grenade it will not explode until it is touching an opponent.
3. Single Shot-When Bob recites [I]E sarà inghiottito nelle fiamme[/I] and makes a fist at one of his opponents they are engulfed in flames.
Forced Lvl.-1 Summon 3 Blasphemy legionnaires.
Assist Lvl.-1 Kick a Blasphemy at a group of enemies.
Enchantment Lvl.-1 increased soul energy, which is needed since though they may have the most powerful attacks they do use quite a bit of soul energy.
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